Nate WhiteLATEST STATUS: Looking for more places to Minister. Sept 29th in Cleona Pa at Water's Edge Community Church!!

Laurie R. Dougherty says:

Love this

Kathryn Hooper says:

Best Wishes to a great singer. Enjoy all your music. Very comforting voice. Kathy

jessie donohoe says:

Great song by Nate

Laurie says:

Love ya

Charlotte Diane McKinley-Williams says:

You hit a homerun on this one, Nate! Your cuz, Charlotte

Frable says:

keep on writing and singing. God has this!

Shirley Dail says:

Great job Nate.

jessica donohoe says:

This song Nate wrote and always brings tears to my eyes

Pastor Bill Ward says:

Nate, I've always loved your music and that amazing voice of yours. In your willingness to continually please God, May He Bless You Constantly in Your musical production and singing. I'm also praying for His blessings on your Family. LOVE YOU GUY'S!! :)

Kevin Michaud says:

I love your sound! Let me know how to purchase your CD. I think my mom would love it for Christmas!

Jessica Donohoe says:

Nate does a GREAT job with this song! Always brings tears to my eyes! Truly he sings its from his heart!

Karen (Segars) Eppler says:

Great song, Nate! Love your music!!

James Miller says:

Thanks this song means alot to me cuz of losing my 2 month old son who i miss alot i am the one i ment you wed night at your chruch i am muriel and jimmy friend i thank you for giving me the web site hope to see you at chruch sunday the song but i know it means alot to me thank you and my god bless you and all he has planned for you

Charlotte D. Williams says:

Nate: Finally got to listen to your music! I love your sound. If you ever want to come to Oklahoma, you could come sing at our church. Our people give pretty generously. And, you and your family could stay with us. We have an extra bedroom that we could put you guys up in if you wish. I'm so happy to find that I have a cousin with the same passion! Love you in the Lord, bro.

Karen Segars Eppler (Cousin) says:

OH Nate! I am so glad I went to this site as you suggested! I truly hear our Father through your words & song! How long I have prayed all these for you & Mark & the families -even though there's been no contact for years! There are a few of us cousins who really Love Jesus & desire only His will in ALL. Charlotte who is Sherman's daughter is a fine Christian & her hubby Steve a Pastor. We have just been in contact a few months. Aunt Dotty is I believe coming to the Lord. Pray for her please. She lives alone in Houston area & going through hard times emotionally, physically too. We live in the Fort Worth area & love Jesus. Daughter, Barbara also strong in the Lord. WoW I have so much to say but will save for another time! GOd Abundantly Bless you as only He can... You are Loved! Love, Karen :))

Carla White says:

I love your worship & praise music! You have such a heart for it and you shine through! Keep up the good work, God bless.

Bill Jones says:

Nate, Just here playing your cd for my summer school students. HAVEN'T LISTENED TO YOU RECENTLY, BUT THE SONGS CAME BACK TO ME QUICKLY. Keep it up!!--Brother Bill

Diane Kay says:

Hello Nate! Thank you so much for the welcome and thank you sooooo much for the prayer! God Bless You!

Diane Kay
Romans 8:28

Dave Evans says:

Hi Nate, Your heart for worship shines through in your voice and songs. God bless you brother, Dave Evans

Sherry Lee says:

Nate, Oh, what comfort and healing I felt listening to your beautiful voice, melodies and lyrics. What a beautiful surprise.

Drew Davidsen says:

Nice organic sound! May God continue to use you for His Glory.

Steffannie Gonzalez says:

Real Praise and Real Worship!!! Thank you for your powerful prayer - I believe God will answer. Keep making music that reaches the throne room.

Wendy Jepsen says:

Nate, what a worshipper's heart you have! And thank you for the very sincere and anointed prayer...bless you in your ministry!

Brandon Hixson of Godfueled says:

Great songs!

Ashley Fluke - Solace says:

Great songs - you have a very nice sound! And thanks so much for the prayer for us you left on the boards! Appreciate it!

Danny from mile7 says:

Nate- I really enjoyed listening to your music. You have a real gift!

Andrea Parker says:

Wow - wonderful songs, I really enjoy them. May God Bless you and enlarge your territory!

Jeff Jaquith says:

Love the acoustic guitar stuff!! -Jeff (White Stone)

Cleveland McSwain says:

Thank You Nate for that inspiring prayer for me and my family. Your music sounds great. God Bless you for your ministry to everyone.

Bill Andersen ( Liz Cox ) says:

Hey Nate, great meeting and praying with you at the Summit. Been enjoying your music today. Very, very nice acoustic guitar finger-picking!!!

Anastasia Pothoven says:

you have a real heart that longs to minister to others. Thank you for praying for me and for the encouragement. May the Lord bless you in all you do.

James Burns says:

Hey Nate, I'm glad I got to meet you at the summit. I will keep you in prayer brother. Keep playing and praying!

James Rearick says:

Very cool. Wasn't that a tinwhistle?

Ryan Van Sickle @ IH says:

Blessings Nate! Keep praising Him.

Taylor D @ IH says:

Just listened to "But I Know" Ok! Let me wipe some tears so I can get to the rest of the music :) Welcome aboard and love the material God has laid upon your heart Nate.

heather murray says:

Great tunes! Glad to see you on the boards.

Tamar and Katrina Pedersen says:

"But I Know"... what an incredible tribute. You cant help but feel the love portrayed in this song.

spencer Sweeting says:

great stuff...your voice is enjoyable, good stuff

tony miles says:

very sweet sounding voice. Join us at the boards when you get a chance

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