anita ferrer / asburyparkangelLATEST STATUS: My songs are now avail for download on I and Indie Heaven. Styles for every taste and music with a message. CHANGE

Frank Cangelosi says:

you look so beautiful, I'm such an idiot, I hope you got my voice mail about the keyboard song I would like you to send me that I gave you love frank

Diana Hetrick says:

His love is a healilng power.
Love you,

Joseph says:

Hey Anita!! :-)

I sent you a message on YT and on your other homepage!

Just wanted to try and get in touch with you via this site as well!

God Bless you Sis..... You are in my prayers!!

Keep strong, keep our Faith burning, & our Hope alive and well!!!

-Your Brother :-)

Diana Hetrick says:

This song was good. Keep up the faith!

Diana Hetrick

Ashley Farrell says:

Love the new songs! It reminds me of the Cranberries. Awesome! Hope all is well.


John Gibson (Sparrow) says:

Hi Anita,
I hear you have a new book coming! Looking forward to the read when it becomes available. You give God a very special Glory...

Dee Emeigh says:

Thanks for your comments, Anita - You have a very unique style! Stay with it! I'm "right there with you" on the chart this month! Hope to see more of that!

diana hetrick says:

Every song is great.

Diana Stimmler Winkler says:

Thanks so much for your kind words, Anita. I will give you a call this week. Your music is so original and unique! Don't ever lose that. I read your bio and your blog, and I was in awe of all that you've gone through, and what a great person you are. I can relate to the domestic violence. I used to live in SOuth Jersey. If I ever go back to visit, we should get together! God bless.

Diana Hetrick says:

I like her new song that came out in March.
Keep the faith in Jesus!

Genesis7 of 4 Da Love Productions says:

Love the energy you bring to your music with the carefully crafted message to match! Keep doing what you do!

Samuel Bowen says:

The only reason Anita Ferrer will not be in the top 20 of the christian CCM charts is because her music does'nt fit the role of a woman in the christian music mainstream. She rocks musically with an abandon passion, and her Lyrics are the real thing from the depth of this God lovers heart. After all, how many real rockers are woman in the mainstream christain rock top 20?
Thank God for Anita!

Diana Hetrick says:

Make love your aim. I agree with peace.

Diana Hetrick says:

Always enjoy your music. We always pray for you and will always be there spiritually for you. All those years we helped one another through thick and thin. Friends stay together and speak truth in love.

Diana Hetrick says:

Keep up the good work. Well I'm voting.

Diana Hetrick says:

Very inspiring song Siren Song of the Jungle. Needs a chance to be exposed for the Glory of God.

Diana Hetrick says:

What a wonderful song to sing. Your blog on Oct.4 was great. I and Ed felt the same way at church that day. Thanks for the encouragement.

deb capece says:

HI, Anita,
You have a wonderful, expressive voice and your lyrics have great depth. Thanks for your encouragement and kind words, sister.

Drew Davidsen says:

Anita I am coming to NY for a special benefit concert on Sept. 17. More new soon. My new CD is coming. Check out the title track. Special thanks to Paul Jackson Jr., and Chuck Loeb for playing on, "We 3 Stringz."

It's on the fan faves as well.


Gary Armstrong says:

Hey Anita! Of course, love yur stuff.
Wish i'd hear from you again...

Ashley Farrell says:

Hey girl! It's me again. I was just stopping by your page and listening to more of your music. Once again, I'm so thankful for what the Lord is doing through you. You are a blessing (and a rock star at the same time). Keep on rockin' sister! Love & Hugs to you!!!




David T. Wright says:

Nita you are awesome!! Thank you so much for everything. You are a one of a kind lady, and I am so lucky to know you. Your encouragement means so very much! I hope everything on your end is going well for you, and I hope you have many opportunites to minister with your wonderful and awesome music, words, heart, and prayer.

Love Yas & Bless Ya !!!

Ashley Farrell says:

Hey Anita!

I always see your posts on the network, so I just checked out your music. You rock girl! I love it. Keep it up!


Carmel Rorke says:

Love the new stuff Anita! Dry Bones Live is beautiful and haunting; the spoken lines transform the song into a well told and thoughtful story.Your voice does justice to both singing and speaking God's Word...God bless your mission.

Gary LeMaster says:


Just wanted to let you know that I'm really enjoying listening to and reviewing your music! Keep up the great work!

Sarina Muleavey says:

Thank you for inviting me to your home for some holiday cheer. God blesses you and Mark every day!

Lisa Fenstermacher says:

I love your music! It rocks! again your boldness to be real and transparent with your artistry and lyrics,for Him is an incredible testimony to me today! I pray you do great at the two festivals! God be with you! May many souls be saved through your life and music!

Lisa Fenstermacher says:

Anita, thank you for being real! I pray many blessings for your music and ministry to the broken.

Zach Bridges says:

MOd pRoPhet rocks!

diana hetrick says:

Hello. I left an email on you hotmail email. Lets get together soon. We can come to NJ and meet you and Mark soon.

Miss you much.


Call me or email me. 856-577-3901 My new phone number.

Thanks. Hello to Mark.

Scott Ray says:

Anna you have a awesome sound.

Diana Hetrick says:

Blessed are you who serve the Lord.
I miss hearing from you. I am glad your career is starting to blossom.
In due season, we shall reap if we do not lose heart.

My career with child care/education is working out even more. God does answers prayers. All we have to do is listen to his voice.

Love you.

Neal Cowan says:

I hope you are feeling better. Turn it over to the Holy Spirit and he will fix it.
Scarlett Snow Dad.

Janelle Ross says:

Hey girl! Beautiful as always!

A.J. says:

Anita is true to herself . A great inspiration to us who don't want to fit into the cold worlds mold and put on its assembly line. Thank you Anita!

Rickey Stardust says:

Wow ! Why aren't you our touring the country with this stuff. It's fabulous !

Terry Stowell says:

Stumbled here...God may have just used you to save a friend's life. She's got MANY unexplained illness. (probably some caused by medications)

Thanks you for your log. I'm asking God for clarity for my friend, Darlene, s dtrong believer. I sent her a link to look at your log. Ask God for revelation. Thanks. May God make you whole and healthy. You may be a beacon to others as well. Tonight you ARE!

Bless you

Terry Stowell

Dave J. says:

Hi Anita... Surprise! Just stopping by so you'll know I care..... :-)

God Song Studio says:

I LOVE "Coup D'Etat"

God Bless~

Kerensa says:

just droppin in to say Hi and let you know that I've been thinking about you...and yes, I think about that nasty chip too ;) -- but since I know the end of the book.....Praying for you my sister. Much love.

Sushant says:

wish you all the best through this new year 2009 and God bless you.


Ron Spatafore says:

Hi Anita, I really enjoyed the songs. I belong to a band in south jersey. Gerizim is the name of the band. Check us out if you get a chance. If there is ever an opportunity to work togeather, call or email. we have sound equipment to play for 10,000 Thanks and God Bless you and your ministry. Ron

nick says:


D.T.Wright says:

Hey Nita,
Wanted to start off the day with some great music, and what better place to start than here. Love what you do! Awesome my sister!!

Hope you have a blessed day, and an awesome New Year!

Peace to You, God Bless Ya, and See ya on the Network,


Sushant says:

nice voice best of luck


Gods Song Studio says:


Gosh Anitia, you're really good.

I'll record you anytime.

TCC Worship Band says:


Great to hear from ya!! LOOOVE the new song!!

Your stuff is wonderful... and my kids LOVE IT!!

Keep Rockin'!


Mark Drummond says:

Wow, Anita. AMEN!

Wesley Mark says:

Hi Anita,
I see that you are the featured artist, 11-11-08. That is such a nice photo of you. You have a sweet smile. Haven't seen it on your other pics. Keep up the Godwork. says:

Your new song Coup DeTat? RAWKS!
Way to go! I love the message and your vocal.. WOW... Powerful!
great production too, the guitarwork is awesome.. Bring back the lead guitar, woohoo!
Proud of ya, like a Papa!
Keith Mohr

C'wick Yates says:

God bless you my multi-talented sister-in-Christ!! I enjoy your wide range of art and music very much and look forward to seeing you continue to glorify the Lord through these talents!! Be blessed. -C'wick

yshwa4life says:

Hey Anita!

i'm LOVIN Changes All Around (vers II), what a cool song! KEEP ROCKIN!

Thanks so much for your heart!

Neal Cowan says:

You are one of our darlings.

scarlett snow dad

Janelle Ross says:

Hey Anita! Thanks for being so open with the way you worked through such a time of loss and greif! I will be praying for you and further healing in your life through the love of Jesus. Thank you for being such a good online friend to me, your words of encouragment always make me smile! Thanks again for being you!


Love the music!! Keep rockin'!


Barbara says:

Hey Anita,
Just dropping by to say "Hi" and to thank you for your inspiration!
Keep Rocking On!!!!

Harry Offutt says:

Anita! It was nice finally meeting you in person! I hope you are feeling better. Sorry we didn't get the picture with Keith! Everytime I found him, I lost you!

We will do something together soon!

kerensa says:

just read your blog...some really great info there girl! I believe that for every malady on this earth our creator has provided an equal curative. Keep fightin' the good fight and seeking his will, especially in your body! Love ya!

Kerensa Gray says:

Hey Angel! Just wanted to stop by and let you know how much it meant to me that you and Mark came out Sat night. What a blessing you are! C U again soon.

Debbie Rice says:

Hi Anita! Thanks for your sweet comment, but I do have to clarify that the wonderfully talented Jennifer Barber is the vocalist for "Alleluia". She is one of several singers I use as my voice to the world, and I am so blessed to have her give life to my songs! I have enjoyed getting to know you on the boards, and I'm listening now to your songs and wondering why it took me so long to get here. You have a story to tell, girl, and an audience to reach! You are real, passionate and honest, and it comes through in your songs. Thank you for your gift of music!
Stay Blessed,

Eric Phillippi says:

Hello Anita, I am listening to your tunes right now, you've definitly got some groove,and thanks for having changes in your songs instead of the same three chords over and over! Also, beliving in nothing is beliving in something, unless the "atheist" can describe how they belive in nothing, without describing something. So atheism itself is the best way I can describe non-existence as it cannot. I'm hearing now in your lyrics a bit of prophetic understanding and I am with you on that. I'll just say, we're in it now. Anyway, thanks for being real, Eric Phillippi.

Geoff Ziegler says:

You've got some awesome music girl! You do a wide variety of styles too! May the Lord continue to bless you in all you endevor to do for Him!

Geoff Ziegler

della says:

nice to meet ya, anita. thanks for your lovely words--so encouraging. you are one of a kind! love your originality. keep that heart for ministering to the broken--that's all of us at some point!

soli deo gloria,

Denise Dovel says:

Cool sound - thanks for your compassionate heart and for using your prophetic gifting here at Indieheaven!

MyKey K < > Jesus Musicianary <: ))>< says:

God bless you dear sis†er Ani†a and your music minis†ry in Jesus name.

WOW!!! Grea† Music with a †rue Uplif†ing Message Here i Hear you!!!!!!!!!!

Grace and peace be un†o you from God our Fa†her and †he Lord Jesus Chris† who suffered, died and rose again for †he forgiveness of our sins.

"Sing †o him a new song; play skillfully, and shou† for joy.
For †he word of †he Lord is righ† and †rue; He is fai†hful in all he does."
- Psalm 33:3-4




Only by His amazing saving grace
w/ foReaLove in Jesus All †he Way!!!

"For no one can lay any founda†ion o†her †han †he one already laid, which is Jesus Chris†."
- 1 Corin†hians 3:11

Jesus ~ Savior ~ Lord ~ Mas†er King of Kings of †he Universe ~ Love ~ Peace ~ Joy ~ Vic†ory ~ God.



AMEN. <: ))>< IXOYE

Tami Fick says:

Hi Anita -
Thank you so much for your generous and kind words..I'm glad you enjoyed what you read. Sounds like you are tracking there too! Your kitties are adorable. The one you saw in my pics is actually a friend of mines. I was at her house playing on her piano and he was so cute listening. I have two beautiful tabbies. One orange and one tortoise. Braveheart and Squirt are their names. You can see their pics on my myspace page. I also have a wonderful dog named Raleigh. All the best to your music. I am enjoying listening as I am writing back. Blessings- Tami

Pastor Mike Kropman/Sabba says:

I listened and was blessed by your music and I read your bio, under Miracle I wanted to say that your are a role model, anyone that lives for Jesus Christ in this world is a role model, thanks for taking a stand for our Jesus. I believe that music is a way for us to minister to those in need, thanks

Brad Irons says:

Hey Anita,
Thanks for stop by the page and your great comments. I'm playing your music and I think I have a new favorite artist. I love your style! I have a song of a similar style on the new CD, but it's not posted. I'll throw it up there and let you know when its up. Did I mention that I love your music? Let me say it again!!!!

Janelle Ross says:

Thanks for the kind words my new found friend -they were sweet as sugar- just like you! I saw your name on the daily charts - you keep doing what you do, the Lord will do the rest!

Flee says:

Whoohoo, Anita!!!!
You rock! I absolutely LOVE that you sang your marriage vows. You're keepin' it real, girl!
Also love the old black truck pic. :)
Thanks for all the lovely comments you left. We've got some new stuff comin' soon. ;)

phil long says:

Hi Anita!!I hope your music takes off on this site,...I still can't seem to find how to vote on this site, but I will find out!,but its s agreat page!& you got my support!..i hope you & mark have a special Christmas... talk soon!!!...Phil

Alice says:

Great stuff, very eclectic mix of styles !

Larry Wolf says:

Hi All ,,I was here for a vist,,,and am very impressed...great Tunes,style and feel...Take Care and Have a great holiday season....Riverwolf from soundclick

Omega Sevyn says:

Hey Angel! Great music, great voice, powerful message, unique sound! Keep it up! Joe

A.J. says:

Nice Job Anita!

John Caringi says:

I love the 80's bop feel of the song and the tight guitar chording ala Neil Geraldo! And of course the message is timeless and very pertinent now especially as our youth are being bombarded with reprobate propaganda. God bless you and your ministry! JohnnyC

Jeff Pallay says:

Anita's music sings for itself......Her message is even deeper.......I believe the given the proper opportunities, Anita can make a change in the worlds youth, which is so troubled in these times.....I'm a Drum teacher, and Boy, have I seen a significant change over the last 2 decades in the attitude of today’s youth, as opposed to 20 years ago....They need a voice, backed by strong melody and rhythm to help guide them in the right direction.....And Anita has both......God Bless!!....JP!...

annie schull says:

Love love love Anita.............anita, the person and anita, the singer and
anita, the wonderful christian lady!!!

chrislucas says:

Wow, sister, I'm a basket case for this music!



Mr. David Cotto says:

Anita Ferrer sound excellent. I do hope to see her in a show and some more songs. Her voice is one of the best that I have heard. If her voice was on the song Titanic it would be the best song ever.

Kerensa Gray says:

Lovin' the punk feel, but lovin' your heart more! As I read your bio your heart for the broken was evident. Keep fighting and STAND!

Harry Offutt says:

I really love your sound. You have completely recreated your sound musically from what is was before! I like the folk sound too. God makes us new creations and that allows us to find new creativeness!

Drew Davidsen says:

WOW! great sound! Very fresh ideas! I love the chords in, "basket Case" This music is HOT! have an awesome day, Drew!

Anthony Mazza says:

Keep fighting the good fight Anita!
Peace, Tony

laurie says:

Anita..thanks be to God for your continued reading your bio I am amazed at your giving heart!! I need a sit down with you sister !!! and I LOVE your music, particularly "devotion"...Your "freedom" encourages me to continue the pathway to my own with our Jesus!!

don s says:


Andrew says:

You hath been votified.

Barry Fraley says:

Great Stuff

edy varentz says:

hi i discover your cd, I like the sound, voice, bass, and arrangements. excuse my english cordially

Luke /This Is Luke says:

I like "Moment by Moment"... really jazzy. The vox make me want to listen to my "Flemming & John" collection again, or just hit play all again! Actually I am gonna listen to Recieve... thanks for the good music.

Michael Presti (Return to Damascus) says:

Anita...WOW...such powerful, emotional writing...The voice of an angel...smooth...soulful...looking forward to sharing a stage with you again...Cant wait to be talking with you soon...Go NJ.....God Bless!

george emmanuel sottiriou says:

please tell me how i could get your latest cd....very nice

Brandon Hixson of Godfueled says:

Wow - I love the arrangements! Absolutely beautiful!

Sy (its just Sy) says:

Well...what can one say? I am amazed! I have worked with both bands and solo artists on their cover art and I have never heard THIS much talent in my life! Your voice is smooth and wonderful. Keep doing what you're doing. You've got it JUST RIGHT!

Carolyn Eyerman says:

Thank you for hanging in there and recording to give glory to God!!

Becky Wright says:

Hey, Anita, what a talent and STYLE! Welcome to IH!! Your sister in Oklahoma, Becky Wright



ian jones says:

Awesome Angel!!

Bill Barnes says:

You go girl. Hope to hear one of our tracks up here soon. YBIC Bill

harry bigelow says:

Great to see you here..sounds wonderful..brings a smile to my soul...

Laura Principato says:

Hi Anita, you have a nice voice and a refreshing sound. God bless your ministry.

Keith@ Indieheaven says:

Great having you with us!! Wishing you all the very best..

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