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  Stevvi AlexanderLATEST STATUS: So excited to present the music video to my first single "Bigger Than Me" Hope you enjoy it and if so....share the message!!

Avril Kennedy says:

I love "The Truth" the melody works great.

thomas martus says:

I like your music keep it up girl, puts me in a great mood and gets you thinking

Taylor Jordan says:

Ms. Alexander,

You have a great voice and I love the beats that you use. They sound very fresh and new. Keep it up!

Berwin Bravo says:

My next door neighbor :) I used to live in Brooklyn, NY as well. I was born and raised in the Bedford Stuyvesant area - Tompkins and Park Ave. Where in B'klyn were you raised?

Sharon says:

I love her music! It's refreshing!


i added your third kbcu single-- my all
another great stevvi song. look forward to see you sing live soon.

Cathy Reynolds says:

You are amazing. I don't know how else to describe such an annointing. GOD bless you and your ministry.
In HIS Precious Love,

Lane from Severely Yours says:

Stevvi, I'm digging your work... Keep rockin! BTW, how long ago did you tour with Jessica Simpson? Our former guitarist plays guitar for her now..

Mai-Gemu Johnson says:

Love your music!


Satari says:

Your music is great. Keep up the good work.

dorian holley says:

stevvi music is a treasure. open your heart. let it in.
don't it feel good?

David M. Milliner says:

I enjoyed listening to a true star! Great sound and presence... Very impressed... See you soon!

Becky Wright says:

Hey, Stevvi, I enjoyed your interterview on Extreme Dream Blog Radio! That's when I learned that YOU were on Indie Heaven, too! (We're practically neighbors, haha!) I enjoy the music, the voice, the inspiration! Your "sister" here on IH, Becky Wright

anita ivette ferrer says:

hi stevi,
am enjoying your live video, very pretty. you remind me of me alot, fargile, yet confident in Him. Is that a Martin you're playing?
I love your musical influences, many of my faves on your list. Are you mixed? What's your cultural heritage? seal is awesome...what a voice!
you are very beautiful. It's nice to see some beautiful bi-cultural gals here. Most here are gringos/gringas, LOL.

Drew Davidsen smooth jazz guitar says:

This music has great soul and it's very smooth too. Have a great day! Drew

Jason Elkins says:

Looking forward to digging into your music Stevvi! Good to hear your heart on KBCU tonight!


Harry Offutt says:

Stevvi, Great interview on KBCU tonight! Incredible music! Thanks for what you do!

Sara A. Hayes says:

Superman! YES ! ! !

Pastor James Benjamin Young says:

Love it.

Robert Rivera says:

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your song Resting Place and Remedy.
The reality of these songs reveal a hunger and thirst for more. All that last comes from the lord Jesus. I believe the lord will put an anointing on you to reach millions out there searching for him. May it happen soon for you.

Donna Peal says:

Very nice song Steph, my favorite is Resting Place. I love and miss you much...Donna

Margaret Hardaway says:

Stevvi, i really love your music. I really love 'Not Anymore' for it's pure
flow and strong lyrics. Keep doing it the way you do!

Betty J. Farris says:

Congrats Stevvi! I'm proud to say I knew you way back when! Nice sound!

Becky Carey says:

Love your soulful pop sound. Very nice project. We have many of the same influences....which is probably why I feel at home in your music. May God pour favor all over your endeavors to bless Him and others through your gifts!

Errica Martin says:

What a pure and angelic voice! I LOVE IT!

Amber Hoch says:

Finally, lyrics that soothe the sorrowful heart, and the cool, smoothe sound of a rich voice that baits me for more. Stevvi is a Godsend.

Courtney says:

"Bigger Than Me" shows just how great God is when we submit to His will! I love the presentation and spirt behind this song. This song is truly "bigger" than anything out there right now. With God's blessing, you are on your way! Congrats...

ILSykes says:

What a winner !!! God is good.

Don M. King says:

I'm listening to Resting Place right now....ahhh...sounds a lot like Jaci Valasquez and a little bit like Crystal Lewis at times. "I could get lost in your music..." Thanks for the blessing today! I'm a member of the IH Network, but I don't have any music posted there. I'm mainly a writer. You can find some of what I do at You'll find demo versions of my songs on there, nothing fully produced like your wonderful music. Keep doing what you do for the Lord! Your voice is soothing and very current! May God bless you deeply! Don M. King (songwriter)
In His Love,
Don M. King

Richard Sykes says:

beautiful voice, wonderful song

Zee Hayes says:

Not Anymore! -- reaches ME!

Irma Sykes says:

Very Good !!!!!

Sh Proud of You! says:

Love Your Music, Girl!

Bill Clarick says:

YOU ROCK! christian music desprately needs more hip contemporary artists like you! you're a breath of fresh air. ill be telling my family and friends about you and looking forward to you making some big waves.

God Bless


Bishop HBA says:

Stevvi's music is sincere, imaginative, creative and anointed. It addresses heartfelt issues of those who are seeking to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ.

katya kuporosova says:

you rock babe!!!!! love your tunes :)

Angela says:


Your greatest days lie ahead...


anita ferrer says:

hey girl, stevvi,
great to see another girl with a cool hybrid vibe like me:) Spanish/latino/native american/german...very cool video. nice jazzy chords! welcome to indie heaven! be blessed and don't be a stranger on the forum..
luv,angel says:

Hi Stevvi!
Welcome to Indieheaven.. I LOVE your music and I think its great you are shining your light in the world! Keep up the excellent faith-work!
Keith Mohr

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