Terri ShamarLATEST STATUS: Excited to be working on new material for a new cd again which is long overdue!!

Denise Pass says:

Terri -
I Love your song, "Holy, Holy is the Lord"! Back on Indieheaven - hope all is well with you!

Anne Brehm says:

Great voice and music, GOD Bless You!

Jim Conti (Smithville South) says:

I really enjoy your music! Very smooth voice and style!

Hanne says:

I truely believe that your new song "HOLY HOLY is the LORD" will be number one, very soon! Im sure of it!!! Loveyou lots TERRI

Hanne Westcott says:

To my dearest friend! Your song is going to be number one, I just know it! "HOLY HOLY is the LORD" and "YESHUA" is close behind, I wish you ALL the Blessings and Love for a AWESOME future. Your voice is so beautiful! WE love you LOts!

Hanne Westcott says:

Terri, This song is my favorite , then comes Yeshua, Child after my own heart! WE LOVE YOU!

Hanne Westcott says:

Dearest Terri! Im really in love with this song, it touches me deep in my soul! This song is a winner! NO doubt in my mind.

Hanne Westcott says:

Terri has a spiritual voice, and "HOLY HOLY IS THE LORD" as far as I am concerned this song will go to the top of the charts! What a AWESOME worship song!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!

lisa says:

Were can I buy your cs's?

Loren O Criss says:

Terri is a unique, beautiful, young lady who loves our Father in Heaven. She composes her music, her words, and plays the guitar. Her music exudes her love of our Father and His Son, our Savior, Yeshua. I would recommend her albums to anyone who appreciates true songs of praise and worship. I have personally talked with Terri and heard her sing and play. May our Father bless and protect Terri and her husband as she proclaims the good news in music and praise.

Pastor Tariq Sylvester says:

Hi Sister Terri,

How are there? This is Pastor Tariq Sylvester, Do you remeber that when were here in Pakistan in 2007 i was with you. At the time of Worship i sprincle like snow on you.

How is brother Randy Benham?

Pastor tariq Sylvester

Dorrie says:

Terri has a voice that only God can gift. She inspires the very soul to dance!

anita ivette ferrer says:

Wow, terri you've done alot of work. Saw that gorgeous smile and had to tell you so. Thanks for your wonderful songs. I hope to buy some when I get over this horrible Lyme symptoms. Beautiful songbird. What a angelic voic, sounds so ethereal and classic. Love it. I love "Were you There. NIce work. LOVE and hugs.

Greg Dahl says:

Love your music!!! We are here in Grants Pass also! Good to see another Grants Passer with indie heaven.
Six Foot Love


im loving LOSE THIS WORLD --you would be a great new artistfor my show. keep up the great work. I LIKE WHAT IM HEARING.

Bruce Danna says:

Hey Terri,

Nice to see (hear) you on Fan Faves. Great song. Looking forward to hearing some new stuff too ; )

Rabbi John says:

I love the song makes you feel that G-D will make you into his likeness as time goes by..GREAT SONG..B'shalom Terri..

Mona Buckland says:

Great Singing Terri! If I'm not listening and singing with KAPL, I'm singing my heart out with you! Love you!

Jim Jones says:

Love your music. It's a great blend of rock and praise.

Kelly Jones says:

Like a canary a canary. Your voice always touches my heart. Well done +A

Denise Dovel says:

Hey Terri -
I so enjoyed getting to meet with you at the CIA Summit. You have beautiful music, and I pray God's blessings on you!
All For Jesus,
Denise Dovel

Harry Offutt says:

It was nice meeting you at the Summit!
You have some nice tunes and a nice voice.

Keep in touch!


Julie Lehnhardt says:

Beautiful work Terri! You pour out your soul into your music, and God is using it powerfully! You are an inspiration to me and so many others as well. Keep it up!

Scott Cloud says:

There are not many songs out there that you can feel the artist's passion for Christ and the word of God. Good job! Thanks for listening to the Spirit!

Jim Jones says:

Wonderful! I love music where you can feel the artist's heart for worship. I see and hear that in Terri.


I like the has alot to say...need more music like it out there...keep up the great work...

Jim Taylor says:

Thank you Terri for listening to the Lord and sharing this wonderful song with us. It has ministered to my wife and I and will be a blessing to others in the future.

Andy Grossman says:

Terri is a great singer and has a wonderful heart for God. We have had the privilege of having her in our church a number of times and each time she is an awesome blessing.

Shari\' Schroeder says:

Terri Shamar's music is like no other. She rocks my soul with her own God given sound and lyrics. I'm surprised a big lable hasn't signed her yet. Where are you guys???

John Trujillo says:

I was lucky enough to play bass on several tracks on Terri's record. She is a real pro and a pleasure to work. I'm looking forward to her next record!

Christine Powell says:

Beautiful Song! The lyrics were personally inspiring to me and with a clear message. I felt the Spirit of God touch my soul. Her voice is angelic and I would never tire of listening to it

Brian Fuller says:

Great music & lyrics. Beautiful voice and the passion is contagious.

Harry Offutt(IH) says:

Nice voice, nice energy. Love your passion. Welcome!

Rabbi John Jensen says:

The songs are a comfort for a lonely soul...B'shalom...

Jeff Reynolds says:

WOW!!! I am very impressed with your biography, and would love to learn more about your ministry.

Kim McKinney says:

Your songs are truly a blessing. I love how the Word of God is threaded througout. And your voice is like an angel. Truly encouraging and inspiring.

Linda Riley says:

Terri you have a gifted voice of an angel.Your songs are annointed with the word of God.He has used your trials and pain truely for his Glory!

sara driskill says:

hay terrie it sara vals daughter

Shari\' Schroeder says:

I "LOVE" your music! It speaks to my heart as well as to our Lords. A truly new sound of praise!!!

debi h says:

These songs are a true blessing from the Lord. Very inspired lyrics and awesome music!

Mike A says:

Kewl music .. Good luck :o)



Bonnie Benham says:

Good luck and God Bless

Joy Hiler says:

I love your voice Terri, It is truly a gift from God.

Chris Dubuc says:

I love all your cd's! I already have one, I guess you can consider me your best fan! I didn't know sites like this existed- what a blessing you and indieheaven are!

Michelle Bolas says:


Kelly Jones says:

Have seen Terri in Concert at the Grants Pass "Concert In the Park". She is just as great on stage as on record. Keep serving the Lord in all you do friend. Kelly

James Cates says:

Glad to see you here at Indieheaven also!! Blessings on you and your music. You ROCK for Jesus! James Fools Forgiven

Keith@ Indieheaven says:

Terri, welcome to Indieheaven! I wish you the very best in your music mission!

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