Sum of OneLATEST STATUS: Well all good things must come to an end and SUM OF ONE was a Good Thing!! Thank you to all friends and fans for your support

Memphis Jones says:

Ripping guitars!!!

Scott + Stephani Walker says:

Hey Ray,
This is the first time I've heard the Resonate music and it's awesome! I haven't listened to you guys since "The Answer" in 99, and it's amazing how much your music and lyrics have matured. The band sounds great, and I like the arrangements. Seems like the Lord is really blessing this band as a ministry! I hope to catch you live this year. God bless all that you do.

Scott + Steph



Butch Watkins says:

I would like your permission to play your music on my internet radio station, ‘ ‘. An e-mail would work, but it would be nice to have a hard copy in the form of a letter sent by ‘snail-mail’.
Please check out our station and our main web-site @
Thanks, Butch Watkins HHM

Mailing add: Hungry Hearts Ministries
P.O.Box 1954
Auburndale, Fl 33823
e-mail ;

Bill Weisel says:

Saw you last Saturday night in Aberdeen. Great show. My son is in a rock band, but plays to the more "earthly" type, meaning the lyrics are not all that interesting. Why the need to sing this type of music hurts me deeply. Please pray for him, and that he will "see the light". He is an excellent musician, quite talented, and I pray that he will see that singing for God is better than anything else.
Also, Sandy Cove Christian Retreat in North East, MD had a youth rally a couple of weeks ago and I went as an adult chaparone. They had a Christian rock band and the director stated that they are looking for additional talent for next year. Thought that you might wish to get in touch with them and try to get scheduled. I know that you would be a hit. God bless and keep up the faith. Have a great day.

Steve Sawyer says:

Would your group be available for an Outreach event on July 28, 2007 in Quarryville, PA.? Your fee? Please reply prompt. Steve.

Karen Knoettner says:

God bless you as you continue to serve Him! I am looking forward to concert in Wilmington, DE on Feb. 3rd.

heather stevens says:

"you're all mine" is just an awesome song. everytime I hear brings me joy and happiness no matter what kind of mood I am in. I am all GOD'S and HE is a loving father.....that's what I think about with that song!



Tony B says:

All of Me - Quite impressed! You should get into NARAS (grammy org) and start making connections - they can help you get it to the right people in Tennessee.

Danny from mile7 says:

Hey guys -I really like the new song. Very cool.

Ron Curtis says:

A 10+ you all are really good and have asound that is just as good as what is being played on the radio today if not BETTER. Keep bringing glory to God. Stay faithful and obedient to Him. Blessings, ron Curtis

Matt Feeney says:

Good stuff! Continue honoring our God!

Stephen Herbein says:


Amy Nerdig says:

Love That's my Jesus and All of me

Dolly Emerson says:

PTL for SOO. Thank you for your music ministry to our youth, young adults and all generations. Each musician is spectacular!

John Whitcombe says:

THIS BAND ROCKS. If anyone thinks different they obviosly don't know good music.

J. Becker says:


Michael Kilbride says:

I have not yet been to a concert yet, but I love your music. And Ryan, I'm glad to know that not only do we have Christians at our school, but christian musicians, God is really allowing us to use out musical talents for His purpose. I was honestly feeling lonely in William Penn until I found out that there were christians in the school. We can deffinitely make a difference in the school. This band can deffinitely make a difference in many lives. I just pray that this band will live on and continue to honor God. Your Brother in Christ, Michael

Nate Morrell says:

good band fun people to be around super cute girl

Suzette Kettenhofen says:

Awesome show recently at NAC - can not wait for your return. Got my 17 year old hooked on you too!

Jason Bretz says:

This is A truly blessed band, I saw them last night@Safe Haven Cafe. You can with out A doubt see there calling. GOD bess, Jason

Danielle Jones says:

Terra & Ryan, my dear cousins, the Godparents of my 2 children, & to the rest of the band,Ryan2,Ray,Rob& John, God has truly blessed y'all w/amazing talents ALL to give GLORY, PRAISE & HONOR to our Almighty Father God, our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ & to our Comforter & Guide our Blessed Holy Spirit! Your music has truly touched my heart, as well the hearts of my 2 children, Anastasia who sings & dances right along w/the music & my 8mos old son, PeterNathanael, who literally dances, bouncing up & down, moving his head back & forth, up & down & pats his left hand on his knee! TOO CUTE! Actually, my son heard your music while he was in my tummy, so its what he knows & understands & enjoys listening to it right along w/Anatastasia & me! I'm happy to hear that your music is downloadable as I will copy to a blank cd so I can listen in my car & share w/other online Christian siblings! I've also encouraged others to purchase your CD's in states all around our country as well as in other countries such as Germany, Scotland & England! Y'all are in my prayers! May the Lord continue to bless, keep & protect you always! Love to everyone~Danielle

Joe kite says:

See you feb!!!

La Shawn Alers says:

I love this band. They are an inspiration to all young Christians. I love the lead singer Terra.

Shawn Vascellaro says:

Great band...great sound.

Steve Datz says:

Best Christian rock group I've ever heard. There are some serious jams on this CD. They also put on a great show. Keep it real dawgs.

Don Rogers says:

One Of the best bands around! Love their ministry. Love their hearts for the Lord. If you havn't seen them live yet...your missing out.

Jennifer Kohlhafer says:

You guys are totally awesome and this is just the beginning for you guys. Just make sure that when your big you don't forget me. God Bless your ministry and keep it going to save more souls!! :)

Donavan Harper says:

Music like this can turn anyone Christian Jerry you Rock!!!

Priscilla P says:

Continue on witnessing through your music. Wonderful music and great website.

john mesesan says:

dude, u guys r like awsome. u should play in the christian harvest crusades next year or something cause u guys rock on. :)

Peter Säll says:

God Bless You Guys!!GREAT!!!!!

Rick Phillips says:

Cool sound!

Jimmie Davis says:

Excellent message... high energy band...Two thumbs up!

Julia Menei says:

One of the best christian bands out there. Sum of One's music really gets me excited about worshiping God!

Jacob Thompson says:

Blends modern day music with worship. Sure to get anyones attention.

steve lovergine says:


Maegan Richards says:

You guys rock my sox!!! I love RelientK Man and Guitar Dude!! And John!! Can't wait to see you again.

Ryan McLaughlin says:

Good sound. Almost retro feel. I like the guitar riffs!

MyKey K <: ))>< X 88 says:

That's my Jesus is my personal Sum Of One #1!!! i Love You Family!!!

Dale Campbell @ SoulFlight says:

I love the sound, guys! Very impressive! "All Of Me" is a real blessing of a song! Keep up the great work for the kingdom!

Grace McKnight says:

You guys did an amazing job at your concert at the Everette! Keep up the good work!

Sarah McKnight says:

You guys totaly ROCKED at the Everett. Keep doing it all for HIM. Thanks for the impact you've had on my life!!

Mary Ellen McKnight says:

Your concert was awesome, Saturday night! I am so glad you packed the house! Keep on keeping on!!!!

Adam Mitchell says:

Great music, great message and a great heart, what more can you ask for? BTW, love the new demo song. Keep up the good work!

Josh Woods says:

I love the new stuff, can't wait to see you live.

Jason Oakes says:

Good Stuff!!! I really like your All of Me song. You guys are sounding great and have grown big time! Keep up the great work. Miss hanging out before and after shows! Special Hello to RAY! God bless you! You are a great friend!

Rick Emerson says: see them live is to buy their music! If you're not careful, you just may learn something! Keep it up Sum of One.

Terry & Bob Williams says:

We listen to them all the time, In the car,home and at our cooffee house, and we go see them has much has we can when they are playing close to home.

Becky Wolford says:

Sum of Ones awesome! They played our youth retreat and I've seen them twice since [last night being one day], They're the friendliest band! Me and my friends never went back to our quarters and hung out with them 'till 1 AM.. totally awesome guys! They have such awesome stage presence and interact w/ the audience, and they'll take the time to get to know you, their SO cool. I love you guys!! Come abck to manassas SOON!

erin marica says:

you guys rock!

Heather Lumb says:

This band is completely rocking out this side of the East Coast. Can't wait to hear more and to see more of that cute rythym guitarist!

Todd Zeisloft says:

Great Stuff! Clear Message with top notch music. Keep it coming. Can't wait to see you at the EVERETT Theater in Middletown.

Phil Meekins says:

i had this band play for our youth rally this past october and they were great!!

Treneka Gross says:

You guys rock!!! I hope to see yall in concert soon!! Kepp up the good work!!

Dave Smith says:

You guys and girl rock!!! I love seeing you guys play and helping out!!!

Jason Lottmann says:

Great Job! I really like "I shoulda known"! I've heard alot of bands, and I'm honest when I say this band is rather good. Way to go!

David Readyoff says:

Welcome to IH! Keep rockin', guys and hope to see you soon!

Kevin Bentley says:

Great stuff! Look forward to seeing you guys again soon!

Nick Alexander says:

Great job guys, i always enjoy your shows.

Rick @ Wezowicz says:

Great music!!! I highly recommend it ... the new single "That's My Jesus" is the lead of song of the ICM-Raw podcast for the week of 1/9/05!!

Gary Jump II says:

These wonderful artists truely have the Holy Spirit in them.I highly recomend buying thier CD you wont be sorry.There is no doubt that God is being glorified by Sum of One.Keep it up Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Mike PURPOSE Anthony says:

Love IT... Keep Rockin"

Theresa French says:

AWESOME! Great havin you here! Join us on the boards as soon as you can, get plugged in and join the family! The BB IS THE HEART of IH- come see why! Blessings!

Keith@ indieheaven says:

Another great band joins Indieheaven! We wish you all the very best in your mission..

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