DellaLATEST STATUS: Heavenly races require still places.

Joel says:

Just stopped by to say hi! Hope those sweet melodies are still flying from those fingers of yours. Later!

Mark Cable says:


I am loving your CDs! Your music has become the backdrop for my devotional times the last week or two. Peaceful... inspirational... heavenly.

Thank you...

Keith Morgan says:

Still loving your music. we're practically neighbors you in Cincy and me in Dayton...I have all 8 songs on my profile now...Goodluck on your Yellow Brick road tour through Kansas...

Chris Carder says:

Hey Della,
How are you my friend? Thanks for the encouraging blog on Transition and Trust. Awesome. Happy Thanksgiving, sister.
In Jesus,
Chris Carder

denny denham says:

glad i found you....

anita ferrer says:

hi Della,
your new head shot is gorgeous. You look like a Greek queen, vey photogenic! you should do some modeling with that lovely face and style. Asolutely exquisite music. You're a one of a kind jewel, my dear sister. keep up teh great work. i love the piano classical style. What do you think about Amy Lee's classical piano on Open Door CD?
Stay beautiful.

Joel says:

This is at triumph on so many levels. Bravo.

Della Christian says:

Hello --- just decided to "google" my name, and you came up. I am listening to your music---do not know who you are, but love,love,love your music. You have a pretty nice name, too --(big smile)!!

Della Christian - Phoenix, Arizona (originally from East Texas)

Chenoa Alamu says:

I have GOT to get your new CD!!! WOW!!! We must collaborate!! GOD BLESS Della!!!

Neil Patton says:

Della, The Ceasing is exquisite! Absolutely wonderful. Congratulations on your new CD release. My votes are in there for you at FanFaves!

Have a great week!

Julie Himes says:

In such a busy and hurried world, this music made me slow down and remember the gentle and loving manner of our Lord. Learning to "be still my soul" is exactly what I need. I can't wait to get my own CD!

Mile 7 says:

...breathtaking. Simply beautiful

Sheila Ligan says:

wonderful music! God bless!

Joel says:

What??? No new CD yet!? Come ON Della! ;)

Joel says:

Hi Della! Psalm 61 is a great piece. The quietness at the end speaks as loudly as the moving climax.

Neil Patton says:

Della, I love your music and your playing. What a gift you have! As I considered joining IH, I searched for instrumental artists and found you. Kinda made up my mind after that.

Thanks for sharing your heart with us through your music...

Chris Carder says:

Hey Della! How are you? It was such a blessing getting to know you at the CIA Summit! You rock! Priase God for all you do to draw others into His kingdom. Keep it up sister. I hope our paths cross over and over again!
In Jesus,

Kristyn Leigh says:

Hi Della
It was so good to meet you at the Summitt. I too wish we could have talked longer. CONGRATULATIONS to you also on your award. May God continue to bless you every day! Thank you for sharing your music with the world. It makes this world a more beautiful place!

Kerri Crocker says:

Wow. What a blessing you are!! Your heart shines through your eyes and your mouth speaks life. We need more folks around like you :-) Much favor to you sister ~ Kerri

Kerensa Gray says:

Congrats on the Momentum Award!!! You are truly deserving! It was such a pleasure to geta chance to meet you in person...I will be looking for an opportunity to see you perform live!

Bruce Tithecott says:

Hi Della, I came home late, I was tired. I had a rough day, I was looking for bands to bring to our coffeehouse, i came across your web page ! as i listened, I entered into Gods Throne Room ! Its funny how God can, in a few seconds, download comfort and words into our lives. You are truly a Davids Court Musician. I Pray that God gives you and your family, a Special Annointing, like aarons beard. I purchased one of your cd's, to play at the coffehouse. HOPE YOU DONT MIND ! Yours in Christ, Bruce

scotT says:

What can I say. I loved the music and married the girl!

Joel Rosenberger says:


Denise Dovel says:

Della -
Gorgeous, sweet music. My kiddos take violin, and it is so lovely together, how you have arranged the strings. God bless your ministry!
In His Grace,
Denise Dovel

Ruth Wood says:

Hi Della,

Check out your artist feature on our Coffee Shop Concert page:

Have a wonderful New Year serving the Lord,


Jim Black says:

Your music comes from the heart and soul of God, and leads back to Him...thanks for being willing to use your gift.
Congratulations too for your music being available through Starbucks...very cool!
Jim Black

Chris Carder says:

Wow....I have been listening for like an hour.....what a blessing. Soothes the heart and pours out God's grace on me. Thank you sister! I am a fellow Southerner, born and raised outside of Atlanta. I love you playing. WHat keyboard(s) do you have (from one who is looking). God bless you! I hope we can find a time when you can come to our church.

Becky Wright says:

WOW!! Della... I just discovered your BEAUTIFUL music today! Saw you on the boards (?) but finally went to your page this morning (during my "voting" research for the Momentums)... BEAUTIFUL, HEAVENLY music! I LOVE the cello! You should hear the last song on my album... only piano and cello-- and one voice. You'd love it... SO glad to "know" you, sister! Becky Wright

Harry Offutt says:

Absolutely well done! Thank you for the service of sharing your talent!

nathan Clark George says:

Very nice - this is so refreshingly good. I like the George Winston influences.

MyKey K < > IH Jesus Musicianary says:

AbSOULu†ely Beau†ifuLive Piano i Hear Here Mos† Clearly In Gods Superna†uraLovely Song Of Songs 4:7. . .

All Beau†iful You Are My Key Sis†er Della; †here Is No Flaw In You!!!


<: ))>< IXOYE

MyKey K < > IH Jesus Musicianary says:

AbSOULu†ely Beau†ifuLive Piano i Hear Here Mos† Clearly In God's Superna†uraLovely Song Of Songs 4:7. . .

All Beau†iful You Are My Key Sis†er Della; †here Is No Flaw In You!!!


<: ))>< IXOYE

chris lucas says:

Hi Della - Thanks for seeking me out. It gave me the chance to hear a big-time talent. I've enjoyed letting it run - Love Ps. 91 w/ Cello - Great composition and no predictable formula. This music takes me to places where words can't. I will be back for more.


Bonnie Baughman fellow Indie Artist says:

Your music is sweet, and peaceful.
Thank you sharing your gift .

Isabel McFadden says:

beautiful musical interpretation of the scriptures--brings a spirit of peace to all who hear it

Scott Vannatter says:

Being orig. from WV now in Tx, I used to go to River Front to watch the Reds. Still a true fan. Enjoyed your tunes. Give me a shout sometime. Have a blessed day.

Scott V.

Dr. DV Adams says:

Absolutely Beautiful!!! The most passionate CD I have ever heard. Not since Yanni has anyone captured the beauty of music as Della. With spiritual depth she brings the Psalms alive and resonates them through your soul.

sharon schuesler says:

Enjoyed this album. Very relaxing to listen to. Piano and cello are so lovely together.

Steven Coy Cook says:

Della, Absolutely terrific. I put my headphones on, and just lived your music, and listened to a true musician. God must be pleased with your sound.

Steven Coy Cook

V says:

. . . pure peace . . .

Keith@indieheaven says:

Welcome to Indieheaven!
I wish you the best in your music mission.
Keep up the great faith-work!
Keith Mohr

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