Al MahanLATEST STATUS: LATEST STATUS: Al Mahan's "That's A Moron" parody of Dean Martin's "That's Amore" closing in on TWO MILLION hits !!!!!

Tara and Mike Krueger says:

we really enjoyed meeting you and loved the music.. Thank you so much for serving or great Lord and spreading His gospel

Donald E Remley says:

We really enjoyed your music at the Marshes in Savannah

Jim Clark says:

Hello, my name is Jim Clark. I am an educator for the U S Dept of Defense schools here in Stuttgart Germany and a tentmaker missionary. I lead a Bible study for international students from Asia and Africa as well as others from Europe here in my home. I found your music on Youtube by accident, or should I say divine providence. I would like to buy and share this music with those I minister to here in Germany. Please let me know how to do this. I am a graduate from BIOLA Univ, Talbot and Masters Seminaries. Hope to hear from you soon. Semper Fi and God Bless, Jim Clark

Leesa Fitch says:

Are you going to be near Goshen Indiana in 2011. Would like to see about booking you again at Waterford Crossing in Goshen

Leesa Fitch

Hallie Parris says:

WE all had A good time. We will see you next year God Bless

Barbara Duckett says:

You were at Dandridge Towers last week and I really enjoyed the show. Waiting to see you on the 30th. Barbara

michaelgammel says:

I hope and pray that you might remember me.I was the house manager of a halfaway house in murfreesboro,tn.The name of the churc h is EMERGE WORSHIP CENTER,I still have the sack cloth u used to hold the 30 peices of silver ,for that same song,by the way is my favorite along with get to the point,what would it take to have u perform for the church i am at know.First baptist counce pickwick,tn.Please contact me at your first availability.731-607-6357 CALL ANYTIME TY SO MUCH AND IT WOULD A TRUE BLESSING TO HAVE YOU AND FAMILY

Rachel says:

Hi dad! I just wanted to say hi! I've been enjoying the "Seasons of LIife"...hope you have a great week!

Rachel Mahan says:

Hey Dad! I just thought I would stop by and enjoy your music...I'm praying for you and hope you have a wonderful day!

Rachel Mahan says:

Just enjoying skywayman. Keep up the great work dad!

Rachel says:

Hey Dad! - just stopped by to say hi! You sound great! I miss you! love ya :-)

Linda Hepworth Bunch says:

Howdy, cuz! I see not only singing talent runs in the family, but humor abounds through the generations!

Robin Writesman says:

I received your email and thanks! Below is what I would like to have so if you could mail it to me and I will send you some money for the stuff.
1.Cash, Corn & a little bit of Cactus
2.Al Mahan Live from Maranatha DVD
3.Can you hear me now
Please send it to the address below. Thanks!
And I will send you a donation ok.

Tom Werkema says:

Hi Al, ran into this site by accident or providence, not sure but glad that I did. Loved the song "Don't Lose It". As the pilot on that flight I can testify to it's accuracy, or not. Thanks again for your help so many ears ago. It is good to see that God has continued to bless you and your ministry. Kathy and I have continued to work with young men and women missionary pilots taking us all over the world. Our oldest daughter Heather and her husband are working at Tennessee Temple University so perhaps we will have to look you on the way to or from. I would love to take you flying again.

God Bess, Tom & Kathy Werkema

Drew Davidsen says:

This is deep stuff. I am listening to "HURT." You are really creative bro! I really like the deep tones in your voice too. Another on I really like is, "I Won't Let Go." I played that 5 times. Hope to see you in the, "NETWORK."

Rob says:

Brother Al has a great talent -- I particularly love his Cash & Elvis impersonation songs. The message in all of his lyrics is a blessing!

Denise Mahan says:

I love your songs, especially the ones about the kids. God chose is one of my favorites. Keep writing and keep singing for the LORD. I LOVE YOU1

Angie & Laurye (DEMASKUS) says:

Hello Al! We are so glad we got a chance to meet you at the Summit! God bless you and your ministry!

Working for God says:

You are using your God given talents to the fullest! Great sound. It always amazes me to see all the artist here on IH spreading God word in so many different ways through so many differnt kinds of music. An artist never knows what type or style of music is going to touch the heart of the non believer. It is good our Creator made us all so unique. Be blessed in your ministry.

Michael Eshom says:

This is awesome! Keep up the good work. Great to see you know ApologetiX :)

Michael Arnold says:

Al, your website is great! We look forward to opening some doors for you. In Christ, Michael and Barbara Arnold

Shirley Wise says:

Karl (my son) was right! Al is BETTER than Johnny cash.

Chuck Hurst says:

Saw you lastnight with the Apologtix. WOW what a show. Thanks for comming.Hope to having you back again soon. I hope that God continues to bless your ministry.

Art Tillman says:

"I've Been Everywhere" is great. I really like this style of music with a Christian message.

Ellen Loomis says:

Al... you have a special gift from the Lord! God does have a sense of humor! He obviously uses you for those hearts that are changed through humor! Bless you for claiming songs for the Kingdom!


Wow! "Have A Little Talk With Jesus" to C.C. Rider is amazing! Your music is powerful and inspiring- I believe that Elvis would appreciate it!

Bonnie Baughman says:

Very Very Nice Job! I've Been Everywhere, paints a wondeful picture of Paul's devotion and service to our Lord! It also gave me a cute little chuckle, as the song is sung with the familiar "Johnny Cash" sound and style. Thanks for your ministry!

Sonya DeBerte says:

Very talented! Love the "Can You Hear Me Now?"

Autumn Calvert says:

Love "everywhere"...reminds me of my childhood...I learned the original song when I was about 5. Love this version!

Randy Crocker says:

Al, Like the song Thirty Silver Pieces. Well put together and tells a great story that keeps you in tune. You do sound like Johnny, I won't say the last name. I'm sure you've heard it enough...randy

Denyce Finch says:

What a great show! Al was here at Go Ye Village for our Thanksgiving banquet. The entertainment was so inspiring and certainly different than anything we had seen and heard before. The show builds to an awesome climax with pictures on the overhead projector and compelling lyrics. He got a standing ovation from the audience and many bought CDs. I wholeheartedly recommend Al for any age group!

Larry Olmsted says:

Love this song !!!

John Roark says:

Al has a great memory for the details of the biblical characters. It comes out so well in his songs that you could easily use some of his songs for lessons in geneology of bible events and the linage of characters in many of his songs. " I've been everywhere man " is not just a fun song but it's accurate in the details of Paul's Travels. Our family also has enjoyed "The Israel Bunch" Which is a good song for the geneology of Isreal or Jacob , Can't remember the 12 tribes of Isreal , Listen to this song. I hope it's available. God bless your hard work over the years Al ! John and Family

Virginia Oaks says:

This guy is GREAT! I have had the chance to hear him in concert. He is definietly one of my favorites!! Keep on keeping on!! God Bless!!

nick derpack says:

10...thanx for your thank you note sure hope & pray you can come back....everyone here loved it...if you have an ongoing newsletter would dearly love to receive it.... Was the Go-Ye village concert profitable ?

Wendy Jepsen says:

Welcome to Indieheaven Al! Great impersonations! Bless you as you minister the love of God.

Laura Principato says:

Hi Al! Great songs! "What a Loser" just goes to show how backward this world is. Thanks for sharing your music. God bless your ministry.

Rachel ~ says:

What incredible talent. I am impressed with your ability to sing everything from Elvis to Johnny Cash - what a natural!

danny from mile7 says:

Great to have you here Al! I love the impersonations! May God continue to bless you in all that you do.

Christina Mahan says:

Dad, your music is so inspiring and God has used many of your songs to touch my heart and grow me closer to Himself. Thank you for being a vessel for God to pour through to shower others with Himself. Presently, my favorite song is "My Boy" because it reminds me of what it took for God to give His Son so I could be His child. For anyone reading this comment, I highly recommend listening to "My Boy" on the CD "Al's Impersonated Elvis/Jonny Cash songs and sounds."

chris lucas says:

Hey Al - Tremendous ideas for ministry - great fresh approach! Love your impersonations! - Now I can truthfully say, "I've heard everything, man!"

Connie Scott says:

Greetings & welcome to the IH family. Praying God will bless you, as you walk out your calling!

Rick LaRocca says:

Welcome to our little piece of heaven, Al! I love your bio and am anxious to hear your music soon. Perhaps we'll get to meet at the Summit in Franklin in March. Glad to have ya with us!

Keith@ Indieheaven says:

Welcome to Indieheaven Al. Looking forward to getting to know you better and hear your music!

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