Laura PrincipatoLATEST STATUS: Can't wait to see what God is doing in this new year.

Elizabeth Vasquez says:

I am so proud of you. You have always been a wonderful role model. I love you!

Jean Winslow says:

Lovely album - soft, inspirational singing.

Eddie Cavazos says:

Hi Laura,

Don't know if we ever got to thank you for your comment on our site. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words! We are also being blessed by your music! May God continue to do wonderful things with your ministry!

Laura & Eddie Cavazos

Chris Carder says:

Thanks for serving Jesus. Keep going!

Jeff Reynolds says:

I love your bio. My mother lived in San Diego when she passed away; her sister still lives there, and is a music teacher (her name is Joyce Johnston). My wife and I also have other friends in San Diego, who attend Calvary Chapel. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry.

Stacy Kinkard says:

Hey Laura. I know your new to the music buisness but I want to tell you that your my inspriation for what i'm doing and hopefully me and you will soon be the chart-breakers. Well, hope to hear from you. Nice Music, btw. Love, Stacii

Neil P. Kovac says:

This is great. I really like your voice.

Diane Gillaspy says:

Beautiful voice! I love your singing and you keep it going. God Bless!

Simon Garth says:

Nice tunes you have there Laura. Keep you eyes fixed in Jesus......

Glenn Hall says:

Thanks for your kind words Laura, keep singing and good luck on your album,glenn

Mitch Winden says:

Hey Laura; Hope all's well for you...keep up the good words and work... Peace

Jennifer Thompson says:

My favorite is call out to God

Robert Miguel says:

Well done, my favorite is the "Fruits of the Spirit". Great vocals and very cool guitar fills! Peace & Love in Christ

Andrea Parker says:

Thanks for the comments on my page! It is so great to meet songwriters and singers with such amazing hearts! May God bless your ministry!

Bryan Moore says:

Thanks for the Welcome! I still enjoy the Gospel style music. One of our keyboard players can't help but play a couple each time he's hanging out in the studio... Sweet Music!

Nathan Jey says:

Thanks so much for the comment! I really like "Lord Rescue Me". God Bless your ministry!


Excellent songs, especially "fruits of the Spirit" -enjoyed it very much

Philip John says:

Great voice. Great music. Love all the songs and look forward to hearing more from this artist.

Bill Mallia says:

Great interview!

Eva Moore says:

Truly inspirational. A joy to listen and share with my family.

Elizabeth McCarron says:

Great songs, great voice! Praise God always!

Linda Queen says:

Love "Lord Rescue Me" Keep Blessing!

Bob Jacobs says:

"Love your use of Scripture! Sounds like a heart of gold behind that silvery voice."

Lesa Hudson says:

Enjoyed meeting you at CIA this year! Your music sounds GREAT! Annointed and beautiful!

L P says:

Sweet songs of praise and love for the King.

Jacqueline Aaker says:

My favorites are Lord Rescue Me, Pearl of Great Price and Go the Distance....Awesome songs

Sal Sardo says:

Outstanding gospel music, outstanding female vocalist!I especially like \\\"Always worship you\\\"!!

Fran Fieser says:

Absolutely Beautiful!! I'm sooo proud of you, Laura!!! ~ Fran

Kristy Lazenby says:

Hey Laura! Love the picture. The cd is fabulous...just waiting for #2 now!

Luz F. Mendoza says:

You look great and you sing great. I am proud of you. Your ever friend, Luz :)

Laura says:

Hi Laura My name is laura too and i think ur song is amazing

keith@ indieheaven says:

Great having you with us Laura! I wish you all the very best!

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