dave pettigrewLATEST STATUS: Anchors : An Album of Acoustic Worship - is available NOW here on Indieheaven, order your copy today.

Jeffrey S Brock says:

We can be the love. Cellos are mesmerizing. Awesome. God Bless

Arthur Payne says:

Hello. I just wanted to let you know that I downloaded the free download you provided and would like to play your song on our internet Christian radio station, KBAT Christian Radio. We are not a reporting station but play the music of independent artists to help give them more exposure and promotion. Please advise if this would be ok. Thank you and God Bless,

brotherdaniel says:

loved your music, you are a gifted artist thank you so much for sharing that gift. god bless

Thommy Sides says:

Hey Bro, I really liked your song, "The Love of Jesus" It really ministered to me. I'm an American living in South Africa now, and may soon join Indieheaven myself. Was looking at the artists, and you came up on their radio. I could hear your heart in your singing, and that is rare these day. I hope you keep going for the Lord. Don't get discouraged...keep pressing in there. You can friend me on Facebook bro, if you'd like. Not too many Thommys with an H...ha ha! I decided to do that for that reason...Lol. I use to live in Plainfield years ago, and did some ministry on Rutgers Univ. God Bless You, Thommy Sides

Eric Dowden says:

My name is Eric Dowden and I am a new podcaster and was wanting to know if I could play one of your songs on my podcast as the "song for the week." I really enjoyed listening to all of your songs and was wondering if I could use one my podcast.
The podcast is a free podcast and so I am not making any money form it. Please don't feel any pressure to allow me to use your song if you are ok for me to use a song. I will purchase a single song to use if you are ok with me using any song. If you rather I use a specific song please let me know. Of coarse I will give you credit and will share how they can get a hold of you. If you have a special song with a great story to go along with it let me know. I can use it. I can call you through skype and let you share your story before the song.
Thank you for your time,

Laura Larkins says:

Love of Jesus is indeed a great song! Thanks for writing it and sharing!

Dee Emeigh says:

Congratulations, Dave! Best wishes for continued success!

Stronghold - Mickey Rosenfeld says:

Congrations Dave, may God continue to bless your ministry

Christopher Wright says:

Congrats, brother- God is good! Keep burning bright for the Lord!

Ken Whitson says:

Dave, I LOVE your song, The Love of Jesus. It's so good, it makes my heart ACHE. I looked for it on CCLI, but didn't find it. I'd love for our Saturday Night service to be able to sing it. What would we have to do to make that happen? Thanks, Ken Whitson (Like Minds)

chris carder says:

Hey Dave, I been listening to 'The Love of Jesus' and just wanted to say.... "Great song, great voice, great message." God bless ya brother!

Cameron Pruitt says:

Hey, Dave. I listened to your song on the fan faves pages. Good song. Nice writing.

Michelle Burchett says:

One of the most inspirational 9/11 memorial songs. Not only will it bring hope to those effected 9/11, but by any tragedy.

Keep sowing seeds. The harvest will be greater than you can imagine!


Michelle Burchett says:

One of the most inspirational 9/11 memorial songs available. No doubt it will comfort and encourage not only those who were effected by 9/11, but by any personal tragedy. Blessings.

Keep sowing seeds. Your harvest will be greater than you ever imagined!

VIrginia Dougherty says:

Thanks for allowing the free download of "There is Hope." We played the video at the beginning of our 9/11 memorial service today at the VA hospital in Pittsburgh. The audience was deeply touched by it's life affirming message. One veteran especially was strongly affected by the music and images. Much appreciation. Virginia, Music Therapist

Virginia Dougherty says:

Thanks for allowing me to download "There is Hope." We had a memorial service today at the VA hospital in Pittburgh and opened it with your video. It was life affirming and many were touched by it's message.

Extreme Radio International says:

Hello, happy new year!

Can you send us some music from you to be play at our Radio Station extreme radio International, please?

You can send them at mp3 at 192kbps or superior quality at this email:


Andrea Davis-Griffin says:

Congratulations on "Big Enough" making it up to the top songs of the Top 20 !! Its a big enough song and concept to do this genre justice, keep it up, Dave.

for Prayer/Life

Drew Davidsen says:

Dave, the new CD is coming. Check out the title track. Special thanks to Paul Jackson Jr., and Chuck Loeb for playing on, "We 3 Stringz."

It's on the fan faves as well.


C Estes says:


Fight The Years says:

Dave - great work as always. This new disc really took the next step for you! Songwriting is stellar, and your voice still holds the same emotional edge.

George Gabriel says:

Hey! - Funny - we are thinking about the miracles that we see everyday in God's grace on us! Great sounding stuff - I saw you are in Ridgewood - I grew up in Ramsey and graduated there went to Ramapo and Rutgers! Have a taylor ham egg and cheese for me - I cant get them out here!!

Bill Fiedler says:

Dave, I have passed your contact info to our pastor at NAC, and Julie Drenning who's in charge of finding the bands for the coffee house. One or both should be able to help you more with your questions than I. I would estimate that anywhere from 80 to 150 people show up. I don't know how much or how the bands are paid. I know a love offering is taken up.

Ken Tedesco says:

your music and website has been submitted to Christian Radio station K-Love.
Please pray that your music would be chosen to play

Kerensa Gray says:

Dave, It was just great to meet you in person Friday night...FINALLY! You were just great and I can't wait to do it again!

Cynthia Melograne says:

Hey Dave,

It was a pleasure to meet you last night in Patchogue. Your music is awesome! Your song "Little Girl" always makes me cry when I listen to it. You have a real gift. I'm looking forward to seeing you perform again next weekend at Samantha's.


Ashley Farrell says:

Hey Dave,

Thanks for stopping by my page. :) I love your music. I'll try to come check you out when you're here in MA. I grew up on Long Island, so it's nice to see you sharing your gifts out there too. Maybe we could gig together in the future. Be blessed.


Happipappy says:

Saw you at Samantha's. Awesome performance!!! World Vision blessed me beyond comprehension. Keep spreading the the truth about World Vision my brother.

Gina Zavalis says:

Hi Dave, just wanted to stop by to say hi to another Jersey artist! I'm loving your music and am looking forward to catching one of your gigs soon. Be Blessed! Gina


love the new christmas stuff. we gotta talk. i want you to be 1 my guests (gotta have those tunes) for my kbcu christmas online party dec 20

Mike Westendorf says:

Enjoying the new Christmas songs Dave - somehow, you and I have to connect for a concert in 09! Blessings this Christmas season!

Jerry Schroeder says:

Thanks for the shout out! You sound AWESOME on the Pass It On track. Thank you so much for making that tune really groove.

Bridget says:

I love your songs and your stage presence! you write inspirational lyrics!

Matt Pitzl says:

Hi Dave, saw you on RockinRons' myspace friends list. Thought i'd drop by and say hello. Great music! Keep up the great work, i'm enjoying it.

Gabriel says:

great sound you have there. really enjoyed your songs.


Joel Buckner says:

I love the music man..Keep it up!! Please lets network!

Bruce Tithecott says:

Come to Lakewood, Ready for Change. Bruce

Evie Haskell says:

I really enjoyed hearing you at the Summit! I'm just sorry I never got a chance to meet you. I always get excited to hear and meet fellow piano-playing songwriters. God bless you and your music.

eddie gilbert says:

thanks for the encouragement. it was good getting to meet you. looking forward to seeing you play in the future.

Tory Dardar says:

Dave, I really love your voice and the song-"Change". Was it inspired by I Cor. 11:1? That verse is what I live by in every aspect of my life and ministry. It is the first verse I taught to my children. Well Bro., praying for you. Keep doing what God has purposed you to do. God bless.

Lara Marriott says:

God's TV is so COOL! Great job!!! So original. Thanks for putting in on Fan Faves. 5 all the way!

Robin Rowland says:

Awesome music can't wait to hear you in person.God bless you above and beyond what you you can imagine or desire

Carolyn Albright says:

We are beginning an emerging church group, and need a musician for Sun., March 2, 2008 4-6 P.M. (45 min. set). Please contact us ASAP. What do you charge? This will be a coffeehouse-style opening song time. Thanks and God bless!

Deborah Trabolsi says:

Hi Dave,
My husband Robert & i met you through Marion at your concert at Risen King. Really enjoyed your CD - Love "Change" - Great song!!!!!!

Gleice says:

Hi Dave
I Am very blessed with your song tonigth at the underground cafe. Hackensack.
I know God realy used you to touch in lot life.
Is nice to know you prayer when you drive, I usualy do the same, with my eyes is open too... That is funny.
God has humor rigth... God Bless you and all band with that beautifull "job".


enjoyiong your cd LOTS- convicted with GODS TV. great stuff here. 2008 KBCU is gonna be loving THIS.

also CLOSER TO YOU made the list of kbcu 200 of 2007

Dana M. Tock says:

AWESOME. May many be blessed by God through your music. I'm one. :)

In Christ - For Christ - Because of Christ,

Diane Rizzo says:

Awesome! Great Sound, Dave. We have our first Festival Meeting Nov. 29. for St. Veronica's.

Harry Offutt says:

Dave, you have a great sound! Really love the new tunes! You are way to close to me to not figure out a way to plug you into a show at some point!

Keith@indieheaven says:

Dave.. new song sounds great! Cant wait to hear the rest of your new tunes!
Keith Mohr


ROCKINRON here playing CLOSER TO YOU on kbcu 88.1 still play other tunes from cd that i had as singles. one these days gotta add GOD ON BROADWAY --- hey david, TRULY IS A GREAT CD.

Troy Bourne says:

Hey Dave,
Just wanted to send some encouragement your way... came across your site here... I'm a Berklee College songwriter/arranger... and well I enjoyed your writing, sound and feel. I think you should contemplate adding John Elephante to your 'sounds like' category... (If you haven't heard him... you should.. I think anyone that appreciates John would LOVE your sound.) Just my two cents... If you're ever looking for a co-writer or 'co-laborer' in ministry, let me know. Keep up the great work!
Be Blessed!
Troy Bourne

Sandi Simon says:

Great music!!! I'm a new artist to the site and am enjoying listening to all God is doing in my brothers and sisters!!! Praise be to God for His incredible gifts!! May He continue to bless your ministry as you serve Him.

Rourke A. Dill says:

Dave P. and his band rock the gospel! His music and lyrics are ;inspiring ,teaching,enlightning and truthful. When ever I need a lift I can count on this C.D. "somebody I'm suppose to be" to raise me up and praise our Lord and King. You've got to get this C.D. and come see Dave and the guys play it live. You'll be buying them for all those you love. Truely a disc every worthy collection should have. Buy it !!!!!!!! See them!!!!!! Thank you.

Lou DeVizia, "The Doorway" Coffeehouse (Woodbridge, NJ) says:

Dave and his band gave just the most wonderful performance at our coffeehouse. The quality of the music live is first-rate. Go out of your way, do what you have to do to hear this brother play and sing. And get the CD - every song is a winner ("Teach Me How To Drive" and "I Will Follow" are particularly good!). This is top quality stuff, and the messages in the songs are encouraging and memorable.

Cara Nessman says:

Have seen Dave at Hold Grounds Cafe, and he has performed at my Church. He has been truly blessed with a gift. The song I Will Follow is a very inspirational song for me. The entire CD is phonemenal.

T T says:


Richard Roosa says:

Dave is the best! He always has time to spread the Good News and a smile for everyone. "Strength of Angels" is wy wifes favorite track and I love them all. Check his sax work on "Movin' on".

Tracy DiGiacomo says:

You can see Dave Pettigrew live at the CUP Christian Coffee House in West Creek, NJ. Dave will performing this Saturday night, Feb. 3rd For more info, call 609-660-5736

Renee Zinn says:

This was my first visit to this site & my first listen to your music - I'm hooked. They need to start playing your songs on Star 99.1 FM, the NY/NJ major Christian radio station around here. We are in Essex County so I'd like to know when you'll be playing in the area. Don't know why you shouldn't be heading up your own tour! I'm going to buy this CD now.

Kelly Ramsden says:

Dave, I remember first listening to you last year with Father Mike at Sacred Heart Church and then seeing you almost a year later at "Holy Grounds". Finally got the CD- INCREDIBLE!!! You have to get on 99.1

Anastasia Pothoven says:

You are a class act Dave. I have been impressed with your stuff for almost a year now but have never taken the time to post a rating. It is real 10!!! Blessings

Shawn from 7 Ways says:

I just bought this disc. My wife and I both love it! Dave, you should be on everyone's favorite Christian radio station!

Ray Zarcone (LifeSongs Productions) says:

Dave: Your music is absolutely incredible! You have an incredible voice. God Bless your ministry.

Wendy Jepsen says:

Dave, I love your voice! Great songwriting and cool sound. I've been voting for you on the IH chart...bless you!

courtney spears (IH) says:

Awesome voice, great songs Sounds really great!!!

Glenn Hagen(Seventh from Adam) says:

Great Stuff! I'm greatly impressed.

Matt Earle says:

I was impressed when I heard your song on the IH Charts. Keep it up man.

Diane Rizzo says:

Dave You have been Bless with wonderful talent. Thanks for Sharing at the St. Veronica's Festival in June. I am looking forward to seeing you play in West Creek. God Bless You!

Jim Massey says:

Dave, really enjoy your music and the song "Movin' On". Keep sharing the message..

Jeff Jaquith - (White Stone) says:

Dave, great meeting you yesterday at Souled Out. You've got a great sound and great music. Thoroughly enjoyable!

Liz Filoramo says:

Really like your music, my husband is a Christian singer and songwriter from New Jersey for 20 years so its nice to see a fellow New Jerseyite from Bergen County doing the same. Great Job!

Carolyn Cavanagh says:

Hi Dave! It was really fun to meet you and to hear your music at JesusFest!!!! You were absolutely awesome as a live performer. Great music, great messages and WHAT A VOICE! Very inspiring :)

nancy brock says:

Wow! I love your sound, your creative song ideas, and your voice!

Ken Perry says:

Dave- you guys had an awesome set and it was great meeting you - love the CD! God Bless, Ken

Mike Westendorf says:

Hi Dave, Got a great voice for praising God. Blessings as you reach people - to His glory!

Becky Wright says:

Hey, Dave! Cool new song on the chart!! Love the music, your vocal perfomance (very nice job), and the bluesy/gospel feel. Enjoyed it. Blessings! Becky

Chris Higginbottom says:

Dave, your music is great. AWESOME JOB! Thanks for letting God use you for His glory.

John Martin Keith says:

You rock my face off!!! Great sound man!

Bryan Bailey says:

Dave, I love your sound. I love your passion for Jesus. May God continue to bless you and use you.

Jason Schaarschmidt says:

Wow - it sounds great. I love it.

Dave Johnson says:

Great songs, great hooks, and most of all great passion.

Marcia Unger says:

Thanks for putting t the words of your heart to music and sharing with us the gifts God has given you!!

D. Hooper says:

Dude...GREAT JOB! Nice vocals, melody, music and hook...I want to hear more!

Hans and Carrie Franzen says:

Go Dave! The songs rock! Nice to hear from you.

Jimmie King says:

Good job, nice sound. God bless

Matthew Gutierrez says:


Mark Paulson says:

"It's awesome to see how the Lord is working in your life and is using your gifts to bring glory to Himself! We should get you in concert at Nissi's out here in Colorado...I'll bring tons of people :)

Lynn Gorman says:

I love hearing you play at Bedford Pres. Church. I hope you get the award.

Roe Kraitz says:

What a voice. What a production. The lord is definitely speaking through you. I'm screamin' from happiness.

Barbara Augugliaro says:

I must confess that I'm not a big fam of ccm, but this album blew me away. The songs are better than just about anything on radio today, and the production is very professional. Keep on rockin'

Lynda Crowley says:

Your music makes me smile. Thank you!

kirk campion says:

A must have CD, Dave and his band have put together a fantastic Album. Frank DiMinno did a terrific job producing this album. Flawless!

Tamara Wilson says:

FANTASTIC music...helps me keep life in perspective. A must have CD for everyone.

Lisa Montalbano says:

I own the album and it is fantastic. I can't stop listening to it. It is very uplifting and calming at the same time. This album is a keeper!

Dale Denio says:

an absolute talent,my hats off to Dave and his band!!!!!!


got your cd --- getting ready to add "moving " to our currents on kbcu 88.1 great cd. welcome to kbcu saturday nights heard on

Kaylyn Keane says:

I highly recommend this CD for any music fan. Rock on, Dave Pettigrew!

rosie ferrara says:

i love this CD, the writing & the production is stellar, buy this music!!!!!

Jason Lottmann says:

I really like "Closer To You". Great song, great voice!

Rick LaRocca says:

Daggoneit! Somebody help me here. I'm trying to manipulate this rating system code so I can rank Dave a 10++++. Dave, the Lord is with you, inside and out. The Holy Spirit shines through strong and clear here. I see you're in NJ, not too long a drive from Columbia, MD. Let's be in touch about a summer booking for you, if you're interested.

Tim Huntington says:

You NEED to buy this CD! From the 1st track to the last, listening to this CD is pure joy. The songs are well written and it's very well produced. Dave Pettigrew's vocals captures you from the first note. Do yourself a favor and buy 'Somebody I'm Supposed To Be' TODAY! DO IT!

Craig Benelli says:

The perfect combination of a great singer with a great song.

Matt Suppa says:

Two words "Wow!" Have you heard these folks live? Every time I listen to the record and hear them live I am even more enamored with the lyrics and intelligence of the writing. Yeah GOD!

Rourke Dill says:

Dave Pettigrew and the entire band are magical and annointing. There music reaches beyond your ears and touches your soul and Gods spirit. From the first time I heard him sing I knew they 're music would be apart of my worship life. God bless you.

Bruce Thompson says:

"This is the best . . . words, music & production!". . . hope you're up at the top of chart where you belong . . . soon!

wendy bertsekas says:

what a beautiful song and message

jon cobert says:

wow! excellent vocals, great songs, and stellar production. i could listen to this cd all day.

Laura Berman says:

Dave is one of the BEST singers around! "I Will Follow" makes me tear up every time I hear it. He's so inspiring in a very accessible way.

Nick Holmes says:

Great talent! Wonderful production! Love it!

Danny Flowe says:

Sounds great Dave! You've got a great, highly-marketable sound. I love it!

Michael Tamer says:

An Incredible offering that deserves to be on main stream radio!! God Bless! Well Done ! Mike Tamer

Alison Stevens@IH says:

Nice Sound! Welcome to IH - looking forward to getting to know you on the forums!

Jerry Schroeder says:

Glad you're with us, Dave! The music is awesome and your CD is the best CD I have purchased all year! Track after track is filled with solid hooks, strong grooves, excellent vocals, and a heart toward the Lord. I think you've found out who 'you're supposed to be' so keep 'Movin' on' with this music!

Nathan Friend says:

Dave,this is great music you have what it takes in my opinion!!!

Keith@ Indieheaven says:

Dave, great having you with us! I wish you all the very best!

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