sean smithLATEST STATUS: Thanks for listening!

Drew Davidsen says:

Sean, the new CD is coming. Check out the title track. Special thanks to Paul Jackson Jr., and Chuck Loeb for playing on, "We 3 Stringz."

It's on the fan faves as well.


Steve Pennamen says:

Great Stuff, Wonderful Voice, Nice Tracks....May your ministry be greatly blessed....

Richard Alan Smith says:

I just purchsed the Real cd New Year's Eve (12.31.09) and just love it. God is speaking volumes with your music. Any chance of getting "In The Morning" as a Track. Blesses my heart and soul. Thanks to God for you and your ministry. God Bless.

Taylor Jordan says:

Mr. Smith,

You have a great voice! it's pretty cool how each of your songs has a uniquely different flavor than the other. No song sounds the same as the last.

chris lucas says:

Mr. Smith - I hope you're doing well, my friend. Be blessed and encouraged this fine day!

Brandi Joy Belinge says:

Wow, Sean! I rememebr singing with you in choral music at HBMS. Your music is beautiful!

Love and Light

Doris Spradlin says:

Sean, keep up the good work. Just listened to your two new songs "Choices" and "Front Row Seats". Loved both of them. Will look forward to lots more in the future.

Benton Stokes says:

Hey bro! Just signed up. Hope you and yours are doing great. Lemme know when you're coming to town. I have time to write and hang these days. Let's have some fun! bks

Janelle Ross says:

So enjoyed meeting your beautiful little family. Thanks for spending breakfast with us. Let us know when you are going to be back in Nashville. I'll be praying the Lord continue to bless your ministry. Janelle

Phil Mehrens says:

Hey Sean,
Just stopped by for a listen.

Carrie Marshall says:

Hey, Sean.

Great to hear you play today at the Rutledge. I really enjoyed your stuff! I'm glad to get to know you a little better. Keep up the great work!


Della says:

Yay Sean! Congrats on the award! Hope unreal things happen for you! Keep pointing to Him!

Kerensa Gray says:

Sean, it was really great seeing you again at the summit. I would love to have a minute or two just to sit down and fellowship some time! Thanks for your willingness to give of yourself and your time and offer tips...It is much appreciated and touches my heart. Many continued blessings on your life and ministry!

Tory Dardar says:

Congrats on your success. Love your heart and how your voice proclaims it. Brother, keep being a "Man of Meaning". God bless.

Mark Cable says:


Great to meet you in person at the Summit!! Enjoyed hearing your songs and just hangin' out!! Listened to your CD on the way home. Very nice! The new stuff sounds great too!!! Keep it up...


Drew Davidsen says:

Sean, Great to see you at the Summit. I really like they direction of the new songs and mixes. Congrats on your Momentum Award. I feel blessed to know you as a friend.

scott riggan says:

Hey Sean, thanks for the note. I've just finished listening to your new demo. Really, really nice. Who will you be working with on this new project? Are you in Nashville or in Atlanta? My band is based in TN even though I live out West... I'll be in Atlanta for a festival in September, and we haven't booked a Sunday morning yet (got any referrals for a brothuh?) ... Anyway, just wanted to say hello...
Grace and peace,

claudia creason says:

I am the mother of Sierra Creason, our angel with a broken wing. Sierra is confined to a hospital bed, whom can nnot walk, talk. Sierra will never dance, walk down the aisle or hold her baby... We love her so much. She is on a ventilator to help her breath, we have her here at home with us. Thank you for your beautiful song "If Sierra Can Smile" It is her life story.

Jerry Schroeder says:

Thanks for the note. It's been too long sinced we've connected - sorry I've been "out of pocket" lately. Saw you've got some new material in '08. Can't wait to hear it. "Who's holding Who" has all the sincerity and meaning all your songs do. It's wonderful!

Lara Marriott says:

Blessings to you Sean. "If Sierra Could Smile" touched me. There is a little boy in our church who was diagnosed with Ostersarcoma recently. It is amazing how brave little ones can be. Shine for God at the Crystal Cathedral! I'm excited for you.

Kate Carroll says:

Hi Sean-
God has done beautiful things with your life! Our mutual friend Carla Crowell turned me on to your upcoming TV spot and I am happy to say that I casted my vote for you as well.
My family and I lived in Roswell many years ago and we knew your precious mom and adore your dad.
You used to give us chills whenever we had the pleasure of hearing you sing way back when you were a young teen. Thanks for allowing God to use you in such a magnificent way! Kate Carroll

Pat Taylor says:

Sean, so glad to hear what you have been doing, we think of you often and pray for your continued success. We miss you at JCBC and hope to see you again soon. Bless you, Pat and Al Taylor P.S. Tristan has taught himself to play the guitar and he is still at GA. Tech.

Jaime Thietten says:

Hey Sean,
Congrats on the top 5. Great Job! Hope things are going well for you. I totally agree about that whole getting back into the gym thing and I'll pray for you if you pray for me. HA! Hope to see you at the summit again this year. Love your song 'Real'.

Brandon Hixson says:

Hey Sean,

I really enjoy the new demo track. Keep up the great work!


John Gillespie says:

This is a great song! God bless!

chris lucas says:

Just dropping by to soak up some great sounds. Stay under the mercy, dude.

Kenny Foxx says:

Sean, wow jsut listerned to the cd, it was awesome. thanks for sharing and great to see you. God is trruly blessing you in a special way.

Jacque Wallace says:

I would love to do some of your songs in our church. Can I purchase soundtracks to sing with, or do you have sheet music?

kathie turnham says:

Hi Sean! Just wanted to let you know that I shared your music with a customer this week and he was blown away. He wants to schedule you for his church. Hope he contacts you. He bought 2 cd's. I shared your cd with my husband and he thought you sounded like Elton John. He really likes your voice. May God continue to bless you with datings and success. Kathie

Lisa Helder says:

Hi Sean,
I my name is Lisa Helder. I have recently, out of obedience to the Lord and a desire in my heart joined the group called Giving Back. We are new to indie heaven. I saw your name up on artist friends and wanted to say hello. I also listened to some of your music. God has blessed you with a beautiful voice and a heart for Him to match. I also read your bio. It is so cool when God calls us to different things than what we have been doing. Life with Him is the only way, it certainly is never dull. Any how I could go on and on. Bottom line what I really wanted to say is, may God bless you in your walk with Him and in your calling, may you through the work of the Holy Spirit touch many souls for Him. God bless you Sean. Your sister in Christ, Lisa

Chris Carder says:

Hey Shaun,
How's it going brother? When you going to head up to Louisville, KY and share some tunes. James Casto comes up every so often...maybe you guys could share the stage at my small church sometime in the near future. Or just come by yourself. Lemme know what it takes to get you here. God bless you brother. Thanks for your sharing the grace and peace of God in your music and ministry.

Vicki says:

Your lyrics touch the soul. Shut Out The World is a personal favorite. "teach my heart to be still'', is what I'm trying to achieve. I know you've heard it all before, but you are an inspiration.
Blessings in all you do...

Karen Gillespie says:

Hey Sean,

I've been hearing great things about you! I love your music and I am praying for you! Blessings! Karen G.

Marc Smith says:

Ok, I can't stop listening to these songs!!! God has truely blessed you with an amazing talent and minstry. Thank you for your faithfulness to him!

Thanks to Harry O for turning me on to this site. It has sparked my interest in pursuing my music again.

Keep on keeping on Sean, can't wait to hear more from you!!

God bless!!!

Marc Smith says:

Amazing. Simply amazing. My friend Harry Offutt turned me on to this site and I am so Glad he did. Your music is encouraging and uplifting Sean. God is doing a wonderful work through you. Thank you for your dedication.

I have listened to Called Because I Can 3 times now and it is already my favorite song ever! What an amazing truth! You should change it from Called Because I Can to Called Because I AM. A lot of power in that statement. Regardless, it is a marvelously done song. Thank you again!

Harry Offutt says:

You continue to bless me brother!
Thank you for continuing to raise the bar!
Still thinks your tunes are amazing!
(My kids love your stuff too!)

Scott Cyphers, IH artist says:

Hey Sean,
It's so neat to see you & Brad Reynolds teaming up on a variety of music endeavors!! You guys are so gifted...Bluebird Cafe will be blessed to have you both this weekend. I wish you all the best; Keep the SON in your eyes, brother!
In Christ,

Scott Vannatter says:


Great tunes, great vocal!! When are ya comming to Tx?
Scott Vannatter

Bev Herrema says:

Congratulations, Sean, on all the new stuff God has been sending your way...including the tour! We love your CD. (I got it last year at WAJ.)

Continued blessings to you continue to bless others....

Jerry Holman says:

Love your sound but more then that I appreciate how your heart comes through. I find your music very intimate and easy to listen to. Great voice very nice writing. Jerry

Victoria Edwards says:

Listened to you for the first time last night. What a voice God has given you and what a gift that is! Do you by chance have anything scheduled in the Columbus, Ohio area. Would love to hear you in person.


PV2 Kimberley Burgess says:

I recieved this CD from Rocking Ron. During a recent accident while I was serving in the US Army, I listened to this CD over and over again. It was the one thing that kept me going thorugh out the whole ordeal of recovery. I want you to know how much of an inpact that it made on my life and helped me to continue my walk.
Thanks for your faith.;
Yours in Christ
PV2 Kimberley Burgess

Drew Davidsen says:

Sean- You are truly blessed. It was such a blast to play with you in Falson, MD. Thanks for being a great friend. I am so glad you Brad came up. You guys sound great together. I am voting for Noah on the FAN FAVES.

The next time you come to the East Coast call me. I would love to jam again. God Bless, Drew

Paul Miller says:


I love "Shut Out the World." I play it probably 15 times every day. It's a great message that we need today. God bless you.

Paul Miller

Paul Miller says:


I love "Shut Out the World." I listen to it many times every day. God has also blessed you with a wonderful voice. I pray you always use it for Him.

In Christ,


Alison Stevens says:

Hey Sean! So great to finally actually MEET you yesterday! :) I'm going to try to catch you & Brad at the Bluebird in May, but if you're in town before that, be sure to let me know!

Ken Lang IH says:

What a wonderful gift God has given you in songwriting! Don't put the pen down...

Ruth 1:16 Ministry 4 Teens says:

Excellent! Love it! God Bless your ministry.

Jeff Jaquith (whitestone) says:

Sean - didn't get to meet you at the summit (the line was to long- lol) but thought I'd share with you that when we (The North-East Party Bus) were dropping off Dale Campbell, in Chemung, NY,we heard one of your songs on The Family Life Network w/ John and Denny in the morning. You rock, dude! Congrats and blessings.

Steve Calvert says:

Sean, It was great meeting you at Summit. You have amazing talent and a such a kind spirit.

Renee McCannon says:

What a blessing!!! God uses your voice, lyrics, melody, etc to really touch hearts for Him! I am so impressed by your God given talent, but I am so much more impressed by the life you live everyday! You and your family are in our prayers!

Brent Walker says:

Congrats on the award! It was great meeting you at the Summit. Hopefully we'll meet up again soon.

Chris Carder says:

Great songs brother. Look forward in meeting you at the CIA Summit! God bless you.

Ron Lane says:

You have an excellent voice and I can understand the word. They have a real heartfelt message. Keep singing the truth.

Sandra Ward says:

We love your CD "Real" Wonderfully healing to the soul lyrics. It was a real pleasure meeting you. You are a true blessing.

James Goforth says:

some of the best music/lyrics/vocals/emotion I have ever heard. Wow what bar you have set for us at IH. Your ministry be blessed, and I know lives are being changed, priase God!! I'm going to enjoy watching your ministry grow!!

Heather Hardesty says:

You Rock.. the songs: called because I can, shut out the world, and a lifetime's worth. hit home for me. I gave my life and everything I had to serve Jesus 33 months ago for the first time. thank you for showing me things through your music. keep doing the great work for Jesus and He will take you far behond your dreams. Your sister in Christ Heather

Carolyn Stewart says:

Strong voice, smooth writing, melodically captivating...pleasure to listen to again and again!

Bill Reichart says:

Great songs, Shut out the world, and Man of Meaning. Thanks for bring us to Jesus last night at Big Creek Church. Your worship leading and songs set the tone and mood for the time and was a tremendous blessing for us. Thanks so much bro!

Michael Smith says:

WOW! Great songwriting... great worship! I feel you, man. God's best to you.

Dana Tock says:

Wow..... I was totally amazed with your song "Shut Out the World". The LORD led me to it today on the Indieheaven radio station and I played it several times in a row! I can relate to the song idea which you've put together beautifully, both lyrically and musically. Your voice is incredible. Thank You, Jesus!!! May the LORD bless you and this music ministry He's called you to do.

Ed Thompson says:

Sean, I'm thoroughly enjoying your music. Wonderful voice, production, and message. God bless you! Ed Thompson

Karl Stein says:

Far superior production. God bless you!

cipta sembiring says:

praise the lord...!!! worship them haleluyah...!!! id llike tosay this is a very very god song thanks to you and to god couse he gave you a big talen's amen

Denise Dovel says:

Hey brother - You have an awesome ministry. Congrats for being a finalist in several categories! God bless your music in 2007!

Alisha Neese says:

Sean your CD is awesome! God has blessed you with great talent and I know that He will use you in a great and mighty way!

Anne Perkins says:

Great to find out about you. You have my votes. We have a home in Cumming and our son lives in Alpharetta. We haven't moved into it yet. Who knows maybe we are neighbors! God bless you and your wife.

Susan anderson says:

Great music!

Brent Walker says:

Congrats to you too! Ditto what Brian Jones said - I'm in good company. Looking forward to meeting you in March.

Kerri Crocker says:

Congrats on your nominations!! Commit your work to the Lord and it will succeed! Live out the promise :-) Blessings and Favor.

Autumn Calvert says:

Great Music! You have a most excellent voice, dude. Keep it up! Look forward to seeing you at CIA!

Ryan Hirschy says:

Excellent Sound!! Excellent message..May God continue to bless your Ministry!!

Brian Jones says:

You too bro. It is cool to be in such great company for the Momentum Awards nominations. I cant wait to meet you in Franklin. Take care, Brian Jones

Mark Coker says:

Sean, everyone is talking about you. Your music and ministry are powerful forces. You are very blessed and a blessing to others. I will be praying for you.

Larry Newsom says:

wonderful melodies and such a warm and rich voice. Please continue to live out your purpose on the earth for Jesus.

Steffannie Gonzalez says:

I cannot believe you are actually Indie - what a great sound, like polished glass - crisp, clean, and reflecting Christ. I\\\'m a fan!

Csilla Elam says:


Stephen Bautista says:

Sean, you and you're music are an inspiration to me. Thanks for taking your music to such a high level and inspiring me to do the same with my music.

Karen G says:

Great Message...I agree...we are standing on the edge of forever...Great song...many blessings!!!

Dean Harder says:

Congratulations Sean on the latest news! Praise God for your humble heart!!

Lisa Goodale says:

Hi Sean, I love your clear voice,keep up great work. Have a blessed day

Connie Scott says:

No wonder you're #2 in the IH ranks - what a voice! Keep honoring Him with all you are!

Bryan Bone says:

What we are is God's gift to us, what we become is our gift to God! Lets keep spreading the Good News! Remember, the best is yet to come... Bryan Bone Georgetown, SC

Beth Bucklin says:

This is like my heart singing. Thank you!

Terry McCann says:

"Edge of Forever" - Nice stretch with this cut. Powerful vocals and great lyric!

Mark Holmes says:

Excellent album! Wonderful words and emotion. Thank you for giving us this music that points us in the right direction.

Matt Vanoy says:

a definite blessing of God. the music is great. keep it up!

Troy Behrens says:

Great song Sean, as well as your voice. Doesn't mean much comming from me, but i hope it encourages you.

Phoenix Offutt says:

I really like your song "A Lifetimes Worth"... It's my favorite. You ROCK!!!

Martyn Casserly (Glass Darkly) says:

Great stuff mate! And congratulations on 10 years!

Joe of Crimson Clay says:

Beautiful music. Awesome. I rated "A Lifetime's Worth" with 5 Stars. God Bless!!

patty hayes says:

I am so exited to have found this website, I'm encouraged to hear so many great independant Christian artists! Your music is beautiful and heartfelt. the production values on the Cd are exellent, the words have good conviction and your voice is a gift. Blessings, Patty

Drew Davidsen says:

Great job! I love real. You are truly blessed. Thanks for sharing the gift. Check out my new tunes. Please visit my page and let me know what you like. God Bless!

Harry Offutt says:

Sean, I'm a new IndieHeaven Artist. You are one of the people setting the bar in this place. I love your song choices, passion, and professionalism. Thank you for setting a high standard for the rest of us.

Melaney Brakefield says:

Enjoyed the service last night at FBC Clover... Learning why you wrote each song and the inspiration behind each made it so much better. It was good enough to go looking you up this morning! Shut Out The World was my favorite.. that is me! Mind always racing.. and I need to shut it out and be with JESUS.

Ceige Jackson says:

you are really gifted sean! keep making the world smile with your outstanding music!

Van Keys says:

Cound not happen to a better guy/person! Our prayers are with you and your family!

Jennifer Shaw says:

I loved hearing you music tonight. You keep singing for the kingdom - it's beautiful.

nancy brock says:

love your voice and style...

Ray Zarcone says:

Sean...Your music is truly inspiring! Keep lifting His name!!

Toni Talton says:

You have an amazing gift! This is a beatuiful song!

AH Perry says:

What a beautiful song!

Shawn Rhoades says:

You Rock man!! A TRUE soldier for Christ. Your music is powerful and I pray that God will continue to use you for His Glory. There is Greatness on you. God Bless you!!

Linda Queen says:

Sean...You did great at the summit! I love your smooth voice...Hey, I used to go to live in Cumming, I miss it, I live in Ohio now. Georgia is awesome!

Tiffany Yates says:

Awesome songs and beautiful lyrics... can't wait to hear more of your music!

Andrea Mathews says:

I love your music. It has a great message and wonderful voice!

Brandy Hankinson says:

Your songs are beautiful and your words are inspiring. Enjoyed watching you a few weeks ago sing as part of the North Point worship team! Hopefully we will get to see singing solo soon!

Tom Goodwin says:

great CD--ordered it and have listened to it often! Can't wait to hear you on the radio too, Santa.

Tonnie Glover says:

Great music...I voted for your song...God bless and keep moving forward.

Jackie Meadows says:

I feel God speaking directly to me when I listen to your music. You are way more than amazing!!

Bree Noble says:

Hey Sean, Now I know why you were so acclaimed at the Momentum Awards! "Real" is in my top 10 favorite songs on IH. Great bit of songwriting sung by a great voice.

Stephanie Henderson says:

Josh Groban-esque voice. Beautiful. And as a songwriter, I have to commend you on your very thoughtful lyrics.

Kevin Cook says:

I have family in Cumming, GA. Brother, I can barely keep it together as I listen to you listening to gOd in "Shut Out the World." I'd love to visit with you; as a worship leader, moments of creativity seldom capture me, but you have spent some great time with Him. Keep on listening... Blessings.

louis musco says:

the songs and artists are AWSOME Jobwell done. God Bless U All...Amen.

Linda Peterson says:

The Wachovia email address may not let your information come through so copy me at my home address too. Now that we have been aquired by the bank they block most everything that comes through the email.

Chris Higginbottom says:

WOW!!!! WOW!! WOW!! I prayed with "Shut Out The World". Great song man. From fellow IH member thanks for leading the way for us. Keep up the good work!

Monica (Wilbanks) Mathews says:

Thumbs up from a fellow Indie band member. Great sound!! Keep up the good work.

Terry Wilbanks from The Wilbanks says:

Great singer, great lyrics! God bless you Sean. (I know He is! Keep on!

Jonathan Elgart says:

First time on the website. Yours was the first bio/music chosen. Glad God directed me your way. I was blessed by what I heard.

Christy Sluyter says:

This guy has an excellent voice! And his music is very inspirational. Keep up the great work!!

Casey Huffman says:

I LOVE your music! Keep up the amazing work! =) God bless!

Jeff Morrison says:

Thanks for your note, and it's AWESOME to see what God is doing through your great heart and music. I look forward to staying connected, brother.

David E White says:

Sean, I'm enjoying "Real", and I'd wish you luck...but you don't need it when your eyes are fixed on the's to being real.

Todd Day singer/songwriter says:

Love your sound....God Bless!

Eric Rafoth says:

Sean, congratulations on your well-deserved success at the summit. I totally enjoyed your song and love your music. May God continue to bless your music and your ministry.

Mike Callan says:

Sean, great music!!! GOD is singing along with you.

CJ Jackson says:

Congratulations Sean... you deserve this honor!

Mark Mireles - ADORA says:

Hey bro! Great meeting you. it was great to get to talk with you after the Phil Keaggey Concert. You have an incredible heart for God. May he continue to bless you!

Steve Thaemert (Precious Red) says:

Awesome... Very inspiring stuff!

L Diane Johnson says:

Awesome testimony to the Lord. Thank you Sean for commiting your voice to God and congratulations on your recent huge collection of awards. As an artist myself (painter) you have been now been placed in a unique position here in the world. May God bless but also give you His wisdom as you continue to the next level. All the Best, Diane

Pastor Michael Kropman says:

Wish I was going to the summit to meet you and all the other artists I fell like I'm meeting a new family thanks.

Kerri Crocker says:

Awesome worship to the KING...You ever need BGV's... I'm there!! :)

Lisa McCullar says:

God is truly working through your music. I love the new CD, and so does Jake.

Sharian Floyd Montford IH says:

Enjoyed your song "Real", great voice. You are from my hometown."Real"ministered to me. God bless you in ministry for the Kingdom.

Debbie Rice says:

Your work and ministry are both awesome! Can't wait to meet you at the Summit, Christopher....send me that newsletter!!

Christopher Ames says:

Looking forward to meeting you at the CIA Summit!! ...and getting your newsletter :-)

Brandon Hixson of Godfueled says:

Sean, I am a huge fan of your work! It is so evident that God is at work! God bless you and your ministry.

Rich Eason says:

I am so glad we were able to come to the party on friday night. Todd and Christina have told us so much. Good luck with the Momentum Awards. I was able use your CD Sunday in a message to HS Seniors about hearing and responding to the calling of God. Thank you for your ministry and good luck. We will be praying for you.

Brenda Hall says:

I still have goosebumps from the concert!!One cd in the car - 1 in the house - we LOVE it! Congratulations, Sean!

Carl Tolbert says:

There hasn't been another CD in my CD player in my car for a month. I've not heard a better singer anywhere!!! Thanks for sharing your heart, your soul and your God with us.

Brandon Camphor says:

HEY SEAN! Just wanted to show you some love. Nice song on the charts. Great meeting ya at the GMA Academy! keep in touch!

Mindy Dowdy says:

Great concert! Your music is amazing!

Noelle Davids says:

Your music is very soul filled, and a blessing to many. Thank you for sharing your voice!

Norman Parker says:

Sean you are wonderful. You are an inspiration in your daily life and your music. Keep on singing. God bless.

Kevin Stokes says:

Sean, I really like your project. Your writing just keeps getting better. I'm glad to see your record is connecting with so many. Rock on, bro.

Joann McCrea says:

I really love your music... your heart shines for Jesus... Keep singing.

Michael Pierce says:

Your work is a blessing.

CJ Jackson says:

we are behind you Sean 100%! Keep making music!

Cindy Huser says:


Cindy Huser says:


Travis Roberts says:

Great sound Sean! God bless your ministry!

stacey stancil says:

You are so blessed with a voice. God has blessed you with a great ministry and may your new year joyfulness.

Barry Noonan says:

I just listen to "Called Because I Can" on the indieHeaven Radio. Awesome job. Great vocals. You definitely have what it takes. I pray Gods blessing on this music ministry he has placed you in.

Sonia Hankins says:

Great music! Thanks for sharing your very special talent with the world! God Bless You! Sonia & Kevin Hankins

Susan Gilbert says:

You are such a blessing to all of us that have been watching your ministry grow! Our prayer for 2006 for you is to be God's vessel as His love pours from your voice. God Bless You! Susan

Katharine Crosthwait says:

What an awesome ministry you have before you! So blessed to know you and your heart for our Lord! "Shut out the World" has become part of my morning quiet time. Thank you for helping prepare my heart for worship!

Tim Ray says:

Great stuff, Good music, good vocals, great message.

Myrna Warren says:

Love the album! Thank you for sharing your love for our Lord!

Wayner Dickert says:

That's a REAL great sound and message you have Sean!

Chester Jones says:

Excellent! Keep up the great sound!

Susan Jones says:

Wow! So glad a friend told me about Sean's recording. What a find.

Brian Neese says:

Sean, you inspire me more and more when I hear your message.

Alisha Neese says:

Sean is incredible. Thanks for the witness.

Chuck Neese says:


Dan Stockum says:

Sean, the CD is rocking my face off!! You have led me into deeper worship!! Praise God for you.

Zachary Hoechstetter says:

Mr.Sean, thanks for your song about childhood cancer, "If Sierra Can Smile". Hopefully other kids and adults will realize what a gift Life is, and do something great with their lives like you are. Your cd is so cool!

cj jackson says:

Sean, I ALWAYS knew you were # 1!

Dean Harder says:

An Awesome God is being glorified and honored! Way to be faithful to God's leading Sean! Wonder what God has in store next!!

Becky Ferrell says:

Sean - You're at number ONE!! What a wonderful, wonderful achievement! Real is such an awesome song and I'm so glad that the Indieheaven community agrees. Keep up the amazing work!

Matt Nightingale says:

Nice work, Sean... Way to jump ahead of me! :) Congrats on your #1... And let's BOTH end up on that compilation, OK?? Maybe we'll tour together one day. La la la la...

Jessica Stone says:

Sean, ive been voting on this song everyday on 3 different computers for like 3 months now. What a jump from number 48 to number 2! Thats something to be proud of! Oh and the church christmas show sounded as amazing as ever! merry christmas and happy new year!

debbie debartola says:

The CD sounds great! I love it!

Doris Spradlin says:

Have heard you sing lots of times at John Creeks Baptist. Awesome! Can't wait to hear my newly purchased CD "Real".

Nancy Rentz says:

Awesome CD! Your music is such a blessing and inspiration to us all.

Beth Self says:

WHat an amazing song! I look forward to hearing the whole cd. God has truly blessed you.

Terry Prevatte says:

Sean, your music continues to bless me. Congratulations on this fantastic offering to the Lord. God bless you in your ministry!!

Bob Clark says:

Sean: Although you know my feelings, just for the written comment-Love the cd and the messages the songs deliver. I've given over 20 cds as Christmas gifts so far this season. Probably more will be needed. Best wishes to you and your Family this Christmas and Happy New Year! Bob

MaryKay Richardson says:

I love it!!

Rebekah Jones says:

"Real" is amazing! Sean has an great gift as a songwirter and performer.

Mark Adent says:

Nothing but the very best - well done! Mark

Chris Driggers says:

I don't think I have ever heard a more powerful voice in my life! Sean is destined to sell more albums than Elvis, the Beatles and Slim Whitman COMBINED!

Dave Coon says:

We received Real today and listened to it several times. This is a great collection of inspirational music, well-written and nicely crafted.

Christe B says:

Great music and lyrics, Sean! Enjoyed listening to your interview with RockinRON, and chatting. Looking forward to hearing more! God Bless you and your family, and music ministry ! ~Peace~~

Chris Pullaro says:

Oustanding! The entire album is fantastic. I cannot wait until the public hears the rest of the CD tracks. They will be blown away. You have a special gift.

Steve Reynolds says:

Love it!!

elisa otwell-coon says:

moved to joy as well as tears. what a gifted singer. Sean transfers talent and deep passion and emotion

Lois Cook says:

Just don't know what to say except "Wow". Looking forward to getting the cd to add to my collection. Great interview with RockinRon last night and thanks for the coming to the chat room. The listeners loved you.

Timothy Coyle says:

Great Song! You are the man.



Sean Smith says:

Hey, I'm a friend of Nate's at Mizzou, and we have the same name. I really like your stuff. Keep making music

Bobby Granger says:

what an amazing musician

Nathaniel Ballance says:

"I made some calls and sent some emails to my inside people at the FISH, luck, but I love the music!

CJ Jackson says:

Sean- you are amazing! The fish needs to start playing your music, because you are better than a lot of those artists!

Joel Seibel (Beth\'s Friend) says:

You did some sweet studio work, I'm quite impressed. The lyrics and heart you show through the music are also amazing.

Phillip Lawerence says:

Sean dude, your amazing

Nathaniel Ballance says:

#1 on my list

Beth Burch says:

Truly Blown Away Sean! I can't believe how much God has blessed you with such amazing talent!

Tim Coyle says:

Can't wait to own my own "REAL" CD!!!

George Williams says:

Simply Satisfying.

Jackie White says:

Amazing job, Sean!

Judi Thietten says:

Your music is a gift of God. Thank you.

Zach Miller says:

It's awesome!!

Alyssa Hanson says:


Jason Michaels says:

Way to go sean!

Brenda Turpin says:

What a blessing!! Can't wait for your CD

Anne Bell says:

Waiting for the CDs

Laurie Clarke says:


Julia Nelson says:

Sean, Thank You for sharing our Lord through your Wonderful Music!

Jacqueline Royal-Bryant says:

Sean, you are an awesome brother. Your ministry in song is truly a blessing. Keep lifting your voice in praise to the Lord! and he will honor you and bless you and your family.

Zachary Ballance says:

Way to go Sean! Hope you do awesome! I know you will!

erika moreno says:


Vanessa Madrigal says:

i love how raw it is...

Andrea Parker says:

Sue Smith said you are a WAJ-er! Way to go! Really like your song!

Lisa Hamilton says:

We all knew you'd be here one day! The song is FABULOUS and so are you and your family!!!!

Meredith Smith says:

You're simply WONDERFUL Sean! I pray that you continue to touch people with your music! God bless!

Roy Ballance says:

The measure of a man is when the rubber meets the road. In Sean's case, his passion and commitment burn for God's calling. This project will go MAD (make a differnece) for HIM!

Justin Petty says:

Great song. Can't wait to hear the others on the CD.

Anna Bernstein says:


CJ Jackson says:

yeck yes Sean! you are amazing! your church family is praying your through! the release is november what?

Nathaniel Ballance says:

I'm glad to utilize all the email addresses I have to vote for the best voice in Christian music.

Nathaniel Ballance says:

I can't wait for the CD so I can play every song, every day!

Nathaniel Ballance says:

REAL is what's been playing in Mizzou's dorms lately...and it's a big hit!

Jeff Crowell says:


Eddie Bugg says:

Pure vocals with a heart to match. Sean's going to go where God takes him.

Charlene Eubank says:

I've been waiting for the CD!

Bob Born says:

Wonderful! Our prayers are for your continued success!

Becky Raitt says:

Your sweet voice just makes me feel!!!!What a true gift Our Father has given you to share with us---cannot wait to get your CD.

Randy Layton says:

Sean, PK stage one day!! cant wait for the cd! Todd's been doin his gorilla marketing for ya!

Todd Burkhalter says:

Great sound! I am looking forward to the entire CD.

ellen griffin says:


Carolyn Tolbert says:


Taylor Clark says:

Sean: My dad turned me on to your tune. He was right. The sound and message is "BOSS". Looking forward to hearing the cd.

J.C. Layton says:

Great vocals and message!

Randy Cox says:

What a superb voice and great music!!

Mike Anderson says:

Man, this guy is pretty kickin'

Bobby Turner says:


Perry McCain says:

Sean's as great a singer live as he is on this CD.

Todd Anderson says:

Great stuff!

Jim Walls says:

I've been waiting for this day!

Stephen Bunn says:

We are blessed b/c you are following His leading.

Jennifer Hunter says:

This is great!

Paul Dardo says:

Great music, I look forward to getting this CD.

Jon Smith says:

Jesus reveals Himself through Sean's life and experiences, thus we get....."REAL"

Glen Sloan says:

You're the best Sean! May God continue to bless you, your family, and the talent He has given you!

Robin Petty says:

This is great!!!

Missy Padgett says:

Can't wait to hear more!!

Danny Henderson says:

Great job!! Looking forward to hearing many more!

Nathaniel Ballance says:

I can't get enough Sean Smith music!

Bob Raitt says:

Fantastic !!!

Janet Aleman says:

What a blessing you are! Your music is totally AWESOME!!

Michael Smith says:

Proud of you Brother! Romans 828

J Cummings says:

We are big fans of your music and your ministry. Keep it up!

Erin Raitt says:

Keep it up!

Angie Blanchard says:

"You have found your calling and an inspiration to us all"

erik bomboy says:

Sean, you always inspire me to be a better Christian.

Tim Coyle says:

Why aren't you on the radio everyday?????You are great!

Louise Wiley says:

The most amazing (and handsome) young man to hit the Christian Music scene in a long time.

Nathaniel Ballance says:

Still amazing Sean. Let's shoot Sean into the Top 10 by next week.

Alexis Ingram says:

Way to go Sean!

Karen Kirby says:

Sean, your music is touching hearts and changing lives. God bless you!

Ansley Denihan says:

I can't wait to hear more from this artist.

Nate Ballance says:

What a great song and a great voice and a great God.

suzanne rosenwasser says:

Soothing and mellow; a gifted poet with a finely tuned vocal instrument.

Alice Hackney says:

Sean, GREAT song for a truly great talent. God bless you for using the talent for Him that He gave you.

Erik Bomboy says:

Sean, your talents are trully inspiring!

Dar Sery says:

Thanks for sharing your gift of song!

Sean O\'Brien says:

Sean, what an awesome song, i can't wait to hear more.

judy shaw says:

What an inspiration!

Lisa Marohnic says:


Michele Gates says:


Kurt Hoechstetter says:

Sean: Incredibly moving sound and lyrics. You are #1 with our family!

Craig Johnson says:


Glenn Green says:

Sean...can't wait to get my copy of this CD - phenomenol sound my friend!



Bob Clark says:

Sean: I don't have all the words to express the power I've heard and seen in your desire to express God's presence. Your gift of song is true. "Real" is over the top! Go-the world is waiting to hear your message.

Pat Appleton-Cordell says:

You deserve a 10 on this one ! Excellent !

Alan McKnight says:

Go Sean Go! May God Bless Your Ministry!

pam wall says:

"the Lord is shining through you Sean...your incredible voice is so filled with love for Him"

Nate Ballance says:

Dude, you are truly the man! Your music makes me feel right next to God. If I send you lyrics would you write music for them? Cause I can't do music...

Jonna Blount says:

Beautiful voice!

Pamela Moore says:

What an uplifting experience. It is soothing and easy to listen to! Way to go, Sean!

angela dennis says:

sean is a stud! go red elephants!

Becky Ferrell says:

SEAN!! Wow. Your song is truly amazing! I am so happy and proud of you!

MaryKay Richardson says:

The song is great! I can't wait to buy the CD! Keep up the great work Sean. God obviously has His hand on this.

William V. McBride says:

The Lord is shining down on Sean Smith!!!

aly driggers says:

Sean, you rock!

Kerry Rickman says:

What an amazing voice... thank you for sharing your gift with us.

Ryan Richardson says:

What a great start to what I know will be a great album. Can't wait for the CD release concert.

Rosanne Patton says:

It is so exciting to see how God is blessing your ministry!

Ron Barnes says:

Wonderful song. Words have such meaning and what a great voice!

Peggy Smith says:

You are truly singing and making melody to the Lord!

Donna Smith says:

heartfelt, authentic message through powerful voice and music!

Jo Lyons says:

Sean, so glad to witness your wonderful ministry.

Abe Smith says:

Keep doing your thing! He's blessing it!

Don Davis says:

I love Sean's writing and music. He'll be a talent for many years to come.

Christian Rossetti says:

Easily one of the best voices I've heard in a long time. I'll pray for your ministry!

Lisa Bunn says:

Awesome! I can't wait to have my own copy!

Steve Prevatte says:

Sean, thou art the man! Can't wait to hear the rest of it!

Suzanne Feeney says:

It is so beautiful. Love it!!

Charlie Darwin says:

This CD is just the beginning of great things for Sean and his ministry! Great work!

Carol Bailey says:

What a talent! Glad He's on God's side! Your heart shines through.

Joyce Grimsley says:

Sean, you sound wonderful, as usual. I'm so happy that your ministry is growing.

Linda Coyle says:

Love it! Can't stop singing it today!

Kyle Lyons says:


Lauren Miller says:

Wow, it sounds great!! I can't wait until the CD comes out. I'm praying for you.

Kathy Davis says:

Thrilled to hear more of the samples from your CD. Can't wait til it's out. We're praying for you and your ministry, Sean. You're the best.

Keith@ Indieheaven says:

Welcome to Indieheaven! I wish you all the best!

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