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Jeffrey S Brock says:

The Purpose in the Pain God Bless

Jeffrey S Brock says:

Really enjoyed your music. God Bless.

Thomas Sides says:

I love your blog and your bio. Glad to see another artist who loves the Word of God. Hope to meet you someday. God bless!!!

Thommy Sides says:

Hey Bro, Just wanted to say I love your bio, and your blog. You seem to love the Word of God very much. That's a bit rare these days...sadly. I hope someday we can meet on the road. God bless you for your heart, and for sharing your talents to the body of Christ.

Gerald Boulerice says:

Nice Song Keep singning

Keith Mohr- Indieheaven President says:

Matt.. your new song, You Are Here is fantastic!
great job!!

Jo King says:

Great Work Matt! Man I love, I Call On You Jesus. Very soulful, and a blessing unto me. Thanks for sharing, (Where Words Fail, Music Speaks). Jo King

Karen Stephenson says:

Is there sheet music to "When Life Gets Broken." I would love to work it up with another lady at my church.

Becky Wright says:

Hey, Matt! Just discovered your music here on IH-- LOVING it!! No surprise, since you work with other folks in music whom I've loved for years! Also, we're practically neighbors! Well, I'm in OK, but in DFW area often (will be again next week) since family is there, so I schedule events there as often as possible:)) LOVE to collaborate (vocally, writing, recording) with you on a future project! Becky Wright (your IH sister)

Tony McClanahan says:

Can you tell me if and when the accompaniment sountrack "Never Alone" might be available?

Marcus Powell says:

very powerful music
Be Blessed

Bobby Garringer says:

I'd like to have access to your music to use on an Internet radio station.

Anrea for Prayer/Life says:

I'm enjoying the vocals on your Top20 Song, When Life Gets Broken, great work.

Noralee Starr says:

I love the song "When Life Gets Broken", but I am having difficulty finding sheet music. Where can I get it?

Gina Middleton says:

LOVE "Eyes on You" - what a great, catchy tune, lyrics!

Tim Juillet says:

Eyes On You!! Nice song & production. Michael O did a great job on the vocal. Another great job Matt!!

Patty Estep says:

I would love to get this album,but I am old school and would love to get a cd. Is this possible???

Andrea Davis-Griffin says:

Matt, Congratulation on your beautiful harmonies of "Never Alone" making it to the top songs of the Top 20 Chart, great accomplishment given all the great music on IndieHeaven,

for Prayer/Life

Brandon Hixson says:

Thank you for this beautiful music!!!

asbury park angel, Anita Ferrer says:

Pastor MAtt,
WOW, what a great song on FAN FAVES. you sing with such feeling. Don't ya just love R&R? God bless you & keep up teh great work. WE want to get your CD soon:)
be blessed, my precious brother.

Jeff Dessommes says:

"When Life Gets Broken" ....awesome tune man...Just love it... jeff

alicia shannon says:

i heard the song "When Life Gets Broken" today for the first time, and was so blessed by it. is there any way to get the accompaniment trak for this song?

Lynn Wilkerson says:

Is it possible to get an accompaniment track for the song "When Life Gets Broken"?

Ken Tedesco says:

your music and website has been submitted to Christian Radio station K-Love.
Please pray that your music would be chosen to play

Marie Music says:

Hi Matt, When Life gets broken is an absolutely fabulous song! May God bless you richly for you sacrifises and ministry! Warm Greetings, Marie

Billy Mayo says:


Trina Sharpe says:

I have a special needs child (6 1/2 yrs old) and an "average" child(18) who has lost her way and isn't seeing spiritualy clear. When Life Gets Broken has given me strength to go on. Is there a soundtrack available? If not can you make one for me? PLEASE-There's ALOT of hurting people in this world and people who thought that the "Christian" life was going to be "smooth". Reality slaps hard! This song gives strength!

Denise Dovel says:

Beautiful music!

Serge Mwehu says:

Eyes on You. great song I listened to it 4 time the first time.
God bless you Pastor and all TCC bretheren.

Jerry Schroeder says:

Thanks for the kind words. I'm listening to "Eyes on You" right now....great song, great vocals, great job!


hey LOVE the music. know 2009 gonna be playing lot of your cd.
also matt. enjoyed talking with you and about some classic tunes i'll be playing in my kbcu time machine hour THANK YOU.

Jordan says:

I love ur music! That rock song is kickin!

Leah Lanier Gates says:

Great song...Run To His Arms!!! So glad it's on fanfaves. I pray blessings over your ministry and that God opens the doors that you are seeking. When they open, RUN THROUGH THEM!!!!!
In Him,
Leah Lanier Gates

Kip Mack says:

Great song, Run to His Arms, easy and worshipful. I like it. May God bless all that you do.

Danny says:

Welcome (belatedly) to Indieheaven! I'm looking forward to seeing you follow the plan that God has laid out for you.

Many Blessings,
-danny says:

Welcome to Indieheaven, so nice to have you with us!
Can't wait to hear some tunes!

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