Fight The Years

Mooki // JPT says:

Thanks for the props! Really like your lead vocals... ;-)

Pam Jordan says:

Awesome!!! Love music & lyrics!

Topher says:

You guys don't suck.

Michael Hiskey says:

Really diggin' the tunes fellas! Keep it up!

Jeff Harlan says:

You guys rock!! Keep it up, brothers!

Justin Williams says:

Hey guys you sound great. Jason you'll have to get me a cd

David T. Wright says:

Hey guys just dropped by to say hello, and listen a bit. Absolutely love what you guys are doing. Great melodies and sound. Really like what you guys did in "Today". Great tune all the way around. Keep up the awesome work, and see ya on the network.

Peace Brothers

caleb otero and syrup says:

mmmmmmmmmm happy in my ears

doug and amanda thomspon says:

Totally love your guys music need some cd's down here in Kentucky (and yes we do own cd players) maybe you can come to our church? Great job guys keep it up God bless ur all in our prayers

Paul Merritt says:

ok, when can I get you to Chesapeake Ohio?

Felicia Worley says:

good luck you guys! love you!

bradley says:

different than any other music i typically listen to but cant stop playing it. i would pay for a cd with that song on every track

Scott Polley says:

Great job! Great to see something great coming out of Adams County and Winchester CCCU (Mr. Davis). Love the song "Faith Ain't Easy". If possible send me some promotional materials. There is a venue here in West Jefferson for upcoming groups called Mustard Seed. It is a coffee bar that show cases different styles of gospel music.

Lee Nash says:

Hey guys, congratulations on a good project!!! Look forward to seeing you perform live.

asbury park angel, Anita Ferrer says:

Hi Guys, very cool, powerful and soulful singing. Wow. Very nice. Nice to see more rockers here:) Looking forward to hearing more. Great stuff. Stay cool, dudes.

keith Mohr- President/Indieheaven says:

Welcome to Indieheavn guys, really like the songs.. Keep up the excellent faith-work!

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