LoralieLATEST STATUS: Finally finished a song that has been waiting 5 years for a better chorus!!

Roger Lambson says:

Very Nice Indeed! "My Mother's Hands" evoked strong emotions and nostalgia. "I Do Love You" suggested a bit of country-western and "Troubled Heart" was enriched by the mixing.

maryann bettis says:

I just listened to "Hold Me Together" for the first time. That needs to be my daily prayer. Thanks for sharing through music, Loralie. Mary Ann Bettis

Ken Cogley says:

Wow, Your CD came in the mail Friday, I took the family on a weekend road trip and we all enjoyed your expression of God's gift. Thank you.

Mary V Tangen says:

I am so proud of you!. You have a lovely voice and "My Mother's Hands" always make me think of my mother who long ago did many of the things your mother did. Keep sharing your faith in your music. You are a blessing.

Emalie Edmisten says:

I heard Loralie sing at a prayer retreat and her music was beautiful! The woman next to me really liked MY MOTHER’S HANDS. Her comments were: “What a powerful image of God” – referring to feeding, clothing and loving us; and “I was thinking of the Beatitudes through the whole song.” Loralie, your music truly enriched our retreat.

Tim Juillet says:

I enjoyed your song, Faces of Jesus. Very nice melody, & I really liked the piano work..

Fred Shirley says:

Very nice. Really enjoyed it.

Randy Webb says:


Jeanne Mackay says:

Such a beautiful, steady, comforting voice! Evokes peace and a restfulness within me.

David from 9th Hour (IH) says:

Greetings and welcome to IH! We are based in the Kansas City area...maybe our paths will cross sometime soon. God bless and keep it vertical!

In His grip,


Keith Mohr says:

Hello Loralie,
Welcome to Indieheaven! So nice to have you with us. I enjoyed your song very much, you have a beautiful voice! Keep up the excellent faith-work!
Keith Mohr

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