Kindred Fire

Henry Staggers says:

Kindred Fire all i can say is you have a very nice sound i'm really grooving
on River of Mercy great song thanks for sharing , I can't wait to here more from ya, thanks again you got my vote God Bless

brotherdaniel says:

love your music keep up the good work,very inspiring thanks for sharing. jesus loves you & so do i

Karen Conard says:

What a phenomenal project. The river is so beautiful and so effective! The melodies lilting quality just lulls you into love for our Savior!

Beverly Brock says:

I loved this musical selection. The young lady singing Trinese Lee simply smooth and wonderful. Her voice pulls you in along with her. The music is wonderful. About the middle of the song I found myself singing in harmony along with her and moving to the music. GREAT JOB KINDRED FIRE May God lead and guide you into your DESTINY.

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