Kerensa GrayLATEST STATUS: VERY few summer dates still open on the calendar! Make sure you get yours booked today. Check for availability.

Julia says:

Really enjoyed your music! Very soothing and relaxing!

Susan West says:

Kerensa, your music fills my heart, takes me away from life for a moment - when it gets hard or drags me down, relaxes and fills my soul. Thank you!

Jenna Eisenhauer says:

Great voice Karensa! You are gifted girl. I think I want to join indie heaven. Don't forget us as Legends Cafe in Lebanon. I listenend to a few of your songs. Beautiful arrangements.May God Prosper you and I love So Far!

Karen says:

Nice, smooth, easy and extremely refreshing. I am bored to death with Christian radio.

Sushant Razopadhyay says:

love you your voice amazing please add me in face book

anita ferrer says:

hey sis,
wow, what wonderful videos. so nice to see you in action. Stay sweet and love to your hubby. Let's do a gig soon. i love those JAZZ chords. SO unique. When are you going to be on the top 20?

Rachel Malcolm says:

You have a beautiful voice Kerensa, and I love the honesty in your songs. God bless you Sister!

laura mcmillan says:

Thank you so much for your kindness in welcoming me. Everyone is so nice here, makes me feel loved :) I am very excited to listen to your music, but just wanted to say thank you first! I hope you take care and Best Wishes, Laura McMillan

David Altenor says:

Hey Kerensa! thanks for the enocouragement! You're music is amazing!! You should def continue making powerful music!

Drew Davidsen says:

Have a smooth day! Drew

Becky Wright says:

Hey, Kerensa! Love your talent, love your heart, and appreciate your friendship and co-labors in the Kingdom!!! Love to see you again! Becky Wright (& family- including two NEW kids now by adoption! Yep... only the Lord knew! We actually met them that summer in 2008 while on tour, stopping through your place! WOW! God is amazing!) Thanks for your kindness to us. We've prayed many times for God to repay you richly...:))


SHINE--- ITS TIME TO SHINE enjoying your songs. beautiful music, beautiful voice. beautiful you KERENSA

shine time to leave this world behind. ITS TIME TO SHINE.

Paulette Jones says:

What a lovely song and beautiful voice.

Tim Donaldson says:

Tim says
I continue to thank God for your beautiful heart

da momma says:

You were such a blessing to our gathering. Did you see your old dad beaming? And me too...bustin' buttons kiddo. Love you!

Keith Mohr- President/Indieheaven says:

Love to Coffee Song! Great job!

anita ivete ferrer says:

Hey girl, VAVOOM! Move over Marlene Dietrich, That sultry, thick voice, like molasses. Great work, girl. sorry I missed your concert. Lisa said it was great. you, Drew & Dave are kickin"
Let me know iif you guys want to do a benefit for a neighbor who has cancer.

Lisa Fenstermacher says:

It was great to have the opportunity to listen to your music this evening at Amazing Grace Coffeehouse! You were great! May God continue to bless you and your husband and band as you minister throughout the land! I will pray for your dad.
Lisa Fenstermacher

Celeste Talley says:

Loved it! Great song, liked the vocals-passionate,especially lingering on the notes. Wonderful blessing to me, Kerensa.

Jenny DuVall Edmonds says:

Hey! I am not sure that you would remember who I am, but you went to school with my brother. (I am Billy DuVall's little sister.) I was home this past weekend and saw in the paper that you won the Billie Holiday vocal competition. I just wanted to say congratulations! It is awesome to see someone from home with such amazing talent doing so well! From one singer to another, Congrats!

Aesha says:

You've got soul!!! Wonderfully unique voice!

diana says:

wow new you could like no other

dave Pettigrew says:


great to meet you as well. hope the trip home was smooth. you sounded great as well & upright bass player & a drummer would have been killer...

talk soon i'm sure... all the best & all for Him,

Keith Mohr/President~Indieheaven says:

Love your new song, "So In Love".. very good! You got's Soul Sista!
I'm a fan!

Roxanne Harris says:

LOve the new songs. You are so talented. Wish Dallas Ft Worth could expereience your sound

Alan Smith says:

Kerensa -
I recently happend upon your music which truly blew me away. Great vocal, phenomenal jazz instrumentals, all to His Glory. I am the Exec Director of your YMCA in Waynesboro, PA and would so much like to meet you and discuss possible ways we can serve Him. E-mail me ASAP. Thanks for sharing your gift.

John Carlson says:

Congrats on the Momentum nomination! Your tracks sound wonderful. Love everything and that it's "real" jazz. Bless you! :-)

- John Carlson
2007 Jazz Artist Of The Year

Frances Drost says:

Congrats on your Momentum Award Nomination! You deserve it!

Daryl Lehman says:

Another winner Kerensa! As alwasy, I love your style and spirit!

Frances Drost says:

Way to go Kerensa on another song! Congratulations. Nice jazz tune!

Mom says:

You always wow, and make us all so proud.

Keith Mohr says:

Kerensa, Really love your new song! What soul you have in your vocal., wow!
Keep up the excellent faith-work!

Sharon says:

Happt Holidays, I'm still playing your Cd's. Still enjoying your songs. Sharon from Howell, coffe house.

Drew Davidsen smooth jaz guitar says:

Nice picture girl! Stay cool! Drew

Trish Leigh Crane says:

Wonderful, simply pure wonderful spirited music girl! You are truly blessed by the Lord. Keep singing in the spirit and God will succeed in you............


Nancy Rondeau says:

Hi Kerensa,
Thank you again for including me in the concert to benefit the homeless shelter in Waynesboro. We had a great time and as always I am amazed at your incredible songs, voice and style! Your love and transparent honesty make it easy for everyone to see that Jesus is truly "workin' you"! I loved getting to know you a little better and of course I am looking forward to gigging with you again!
God's love and peace,

Frances Drost says:

Hey Kerensa,

Thanks again for putting together such a beautiful evening for the New Hope Homeless Shelter. It was fun to work together as IH artists. Tom and I enjoyed the time together and the meal afterwards also. You are doing a beautiful thing with your talented voice and personality. Keep it up!

Alyce Metallo says:

Kerensa, love your style! congrats on an incredible sound! Hugs, A-

Just Joyce says:

Listened for hours to exerps.Beyond beautiful.You came along way in a decade...full circ round .God surely has blessed you.,as your now so blessing Him.It's been a pleasure ...

Frances Drost says:

Hey Kerensa,

What a treat to hear you at the Corner Coffee House in Ship. PA! Your voice is as great in person as it is here on IH - and your heart and passion for ministry is very evident! I'm so glad we could take in some of your show. God bless you! Looking forward to getting to know you better......

scott riggan says:

Hey Kerensa, thanks so much for your encouragement and prayers. I'm just now listening to your music some more - love it! :-) Grace and peace, Scott

Sandie Dickey says:

Been seeing you on the network, and came to check you out. Girl - ohhh what a blessing! So in love - in the rough? Whatever? Girl that is smooth, good stuff. I'm sitting here totally loving it. Can't wait to hear the rest of it! Keep up the God work! Bless ya!

Kristyn Leigh says:

Hi Kerensa!

You are such a sweetheart! I enjoyed talking with you at the concert Sunday. Thank you for making me feel so welcome. You have a special gift in that area. Your music was wonderful. The jazz was so different. I love Child of God. I hope we can do a gig again together!

Kristyn Leigh

Terri (from mothers day) says:

Kerensa, I just wanted you to know how much your presence, your voice, your words, your smiling face, made an otherwise disappointing day, a day of thanks and joy. None of us could have predicted the "intimacy" of this concert today, but when you took the stage and I heard your voice and your words, I knew that todays event was not held in vain, You sang to my heart with words from God, and I just wanted you to know that I believe you have been given a very unique gift. Before today, I had never heard of you or the other artists, but am glad I have now. You all have such big hearts and a good and clear message to spread.. God is here and he will be with us always now and forever right by our side no matter what and willl accept us and help us thru our journey here on his earth. Thank you for your generosity not just of your time and talents but for your spirit of life. May God Bless you with a wonderfully full Calendar of events and may all of your future endeavors be fruitful !!!!

Becky Carey says:

Hey Kerensa! It was great meeting you and your hubby at the Summit. You have such a gentle spirit. Wish we could have had more time to share and get to know each other better. I'll be in PA in July as I head up the east coast to NJ where my husband will be coaching baseball all summer. Perhaps we could get some singing together????

Sharon Bielski says:

I enjoyed your words of praise. I love the message you sang to are hearths. You are blessed and we are thankfull God gave you the voice . I'm happy I came out to Holy Grounds to hear you. You lifted me up when I needed it. God Bless you . Sharon.

Carrie Marshall says:

Oooh, I love your voice! Wow! So nice to hear those jazz influences come through. Sweet!

Thanks for welcoming me to IH.

Della says:

Hey Kerensa, So nice to meet you and your hubby and the Summit! Thanks for your words of encouragement! I am blessed. I love your voice---what a unique quality! Hang in there for next year's awards, girl! Be blessed in your ministry for Him!

Ken Lang says:

It was a joy to finally meet you at the CIASummit after hearing so much about you! What a wonderful gift you have... I'm really enjoying your music! Keep walking the walk, God is certainly annointing your steps!

Nancy Rondeau says:

I am so glad to have met you at the summit! I love your songs and your beautiful voice! Thank you so much for sharing your music and message with me. It is a wonderful breath of fresh blessed air! God bless you! Remember to keep a date open for us to work together!
God's love and peace~
Nancy Rondeau

Marq-Paul J. LaRose says:

So nice to meet you at the Summit. I love your soulful voice! We'll have to get together real soon.

Drew Davidsen says:

I like the new song. Keep up the great faith work. When we gonna cut one together?

diana Turner says:

enjoyed the songs very good way to go kerensa

Gloria Iser says:

I love anything you do honey. This one is the best yet!!!!

Pastor Sandy says:

Ella would be proud of you! You know I am...and you know that you are blessed to be offering your gift to the great I AM.
You make us smile...beam even! Love you!

devi hetz says:

this is my favorite song to date, love the jazziness!!! cant wait to hear what 's next. looking forward to the cece concert, hope everyone has their tickets! c ya there!! jazz on sister!!!!!

Sal Arico says:

Bless you Kerensa..... thanks for stopping by to say hi..... just getting started with IH and getting to know all the wonderful saints here. Loved Never too late!
IN His Grace,

T Hill says:

you go girl

Erica Dean says:

Just stopping by to say thanks for your kind words! Wow, you are busy girlfriend! You have a lovely voice. I pray huge blessings on your music ministry!

Drew Davidsen says:

Great music. I love Hold On. Have an awesome day!

devi hetz says:

awesome! this is music that sends chills thru u, and makes u realize that u CAN get thrugh whatever today brings. god bless u kerensa

Nancy Rondeau says:

Beautiful! I love your sound!

Linda Kint says:

I moved to Maryland from Pa. 3 months ago and I always read the record Herald on line and I saw your story and wanted to say I love your music. You have a very unique and soothing voice.

Greg Henderson says:

met you at choosen 300 last friday. your music was trully a blessing to me. definitely buying the cd and spreading your good news.

anita angel says:

kerensa, my sweet sister,
thanks for the blog. what a joy to serve food with a smile & share a song. lotsa love and hugs.

Big street m.p. says:

Thanks for the words! I like your sound. Especially the jazzy ones. Blessings!

Once More says:

Kerensa-great sound! Really enjoy the song Never too Late. It was great meeting you the other evening at the concert. Pray God will continue to light your path as you seek His will in all things...

Evie Haskell says:

I'm enjoying your music and I love your voice---thanks for blessing me today!

Brenda davis says:

i like ur songs

Luther B says:

Waz up Kerensa. Thank you for responding to my welcome. I'm listening to your song Hold On, good stuff. Powerful voice. Keep the music going. Your blessed.

Luther B

Brandon Hixson says:

Hey there!

I just wanted you to know that I reviewed one of your songs under the September Reviews Forum. Please read it and tell me what you think!

PS Please review one of my songs in return!!!


Bonnie Boyce says:

Is there sheet music to Hold On?

Brad Irons says:

Hey Kerensa! A friend of mine just told me that he thought Christian music had lost its soul vibe. So I took him to your site and Bryan Duncan's! He loved it and so do I! Keep up the great work. Thanks for delivering the music the way the Lord gives it to you!

Debra Merritt says:


Pastor Sandy says:

I'm nearly as excited about the new CD as you guys! Kerensa, sweetie, you sure do make a mother proud. Love!

Evelyn Ford says:

I love you guys.


Neal Cowan says:

Great voices. I loved your songs. God Bless
Neal (Scarlett Snow Dad)

Paul (ION) says:

Hey ladies, thanks for the nice comment.
Beautiful vocals and lots a' soul!
God Bless!

Drew Davidsen says:

Have a great day! Just stopping by to hear some beautiful harmonies.

Ty Herron says:

This is a great song.

Thelma Nolan says:

Soul`d, you blessed my soul at the retreat this weekend. You guys are awesome! I`ll keep you and your ministry in music in my prayers. Look forward to seeing you soon.

Kathy McFarland says:

Soul'd, you BLESSED us at the retreat this weekend! I'm looking forward to your new CD. In the meantime, I'll have to settle for listening to these two tracks while I'm at work. ;o) I'll be keeping you and your ministry in prayer! Hope to see you again soon..........Kathy

Charlene gomez says:

Ladies you have been blessed with a powerful gift of worship. I listened to your cd in the car on the way home from the retreat and this morning on the way to work. I was soooooooooooo blessed by you ladies! Thank you for sharing.

Helen says:

Stay A while...i love that song.
You blessed me at the womens conf..Thank you!

Ty Herron says:

Congratulations ladies... I love the sound and know that god will continue to bless you ... I love you and can't wait for the CD

Brandie Goss says:

Hey Kerenza and Lea, Sounds awesome. Love your music. Can't wait til you come back to LifeGate!!!!!

Drew Davidsen says:

Nice stuff! I like "Never too Late." Welcome to IH. I just did a gosple fest with Keran Clrak. You remind me of her. Keep up the good work!

Harry Offutt (IH) says:

Keep it up ladies! May God continue to bless your efforts!

Laurye & Angie - Demaskus says:

Hey ladies! We pray that God continues to open doors for you and your ministry!

Chris Conti says:

Smooth soulful sound with clean vocals, tight harmonies, and a great sound and message. - A treat for the ears

Captain Richie says:

Keep singing for HIM.

"It's Never Too Late". I like it.

Mark Phillips-IH says:

Hey you two! Just wanted to let you know you're in my prayers as you minister.

God Bless!

Vini Contreas says:

Hi Kerenza, Thanks for your encouragement. You guys are smokin'. Both of
your voices are beautiful. Look forward to the masters . . . Blessings, Vini

Tricia Kreps says:

Great job girls!!!!!!!!! Plus I want the cd since my daughter won the t-shirt. Thank you and God bless!!!

Daryl Lehman says:

The foundational standard for evaluating or judging music must exceed preference. The Truth, The Living Word, in the lyrics must be the standard of measurement and your lyrics clearly reflect that/Him. The second measurement has much more to do with individual preference and I truly enjoy R&B and jazz. You guys birng the Truth and my preference together!
We appreciate your hearts and your ministry!

Tamara Horsey says:

Lia, I truly am proud of yuo cuz!! I really can't wait for your CD to come out. We will definetly get a copy!!!

Shirley Novotnik says:

great voices and wonderful lyrics!! You guys are awesome, can't wait to see you again

Emily Hall says:

Saw these gals in Arlington, VA, at our church last fall and they were AMAZING. Their energy is contagious and we were so blessed by their performance!

Brett & Dar\' Scott (Heirborn Promise) says:

OK ... We'll try not to write a book, although we feel like "proud parents." We personally know these LADIES, and have watched their ministry grow. They will bless you musically and spiritually. You go girls!

Daryl Lehman says:

Always inspire by your spirit and music. We need to schedule another time to have you at LifeGate!

Aretha Grant says:

I'm very proud of you young ladies. God is using you in a mighty way. Continue to lift up the name of Jesus!!

Chris Carder says:

Great name for your band. Great lyrics! Thanks for the welcome. God bless.

Drew Davidsen says:

Nice tracks. Tight grooves. Deep words. They made me really think. Welcome to IH!

danny from mile7 says:

Great name and great music. Blessings to you and your music ministry

Venus Laney says:

Powerful vocals! Can't wait to hear more!

Kelly Eldridge says:

Great voices!

David Allen says:

God's gifts being used God's way. Tremendous talent. May He bless you beyond measure for your faithfulness.

Tari Long says:


Roy Justice says:

2 hearts committed in God's direction! What a Blessing!! Looking forward to hearing so much more!!! Something fresh is brewing....good news!

Bobbi Miller says:


Jenn DeWalt says:

Fabulous!! God has blessed you with voices of praise. I'm so proud to say I used to sing with Kerensa...and proud to see you've continued using your gift over the years! Can't wait to get together again! Love to Lee!

Sandy Hetz says:

Awesome annointed music, reaching across age and social barriers, powerfully touching and encouraging faith on so many different levels. Having heard Soul'd live many times, I have to say that this is a gift that has touched hearts. Be blessed a double portion!

Keith@ Indieheaven says:

Great having you with us! I wish you the very best in your music mission!

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