Erica Dean

Doug Hallock says:

Hey Erica - really nice music. Very tight. Particularly like God In A Box -it's got some grit!
Doug Hallock

Ken Tedesco says:

your music and website has been submitted to Christian Radio station K-Love.
Please pray that your music would be chosen to play

Ken T Bird ASCAP # 1773567 says:

Great songs .I would like to forward your music on to my contacts at some major Chrisyian ;labels.Please let me know I have you permission.God Bless as ypu seek to worship Jesus with your gift.

Divine Order/ Karen Othon says:

Love "Pour out my oil" ...just beautiful!

Bryan Vanderhill says:

Well.......I would love to have mp3 and chord chart for "Remember." : ) I lead the praise team at our church and I'm pretty sure they'd be excited to hear it. Thanks!

Bryan Vanderhill says:

Hi Erica. I just listened to "Remember" on Fan Faves. What an awesome song! You write some great stuff and your recordings are high quality. Our congregation has been singing "I Rejoice" for awhile now. They love it! God bless you and your ministry.

craig gus says:

erica's music leads me into deep worship that reveals a tremendous God who loves.

Sylvia Heinzelmann says:

Your CD gets better each time I hear it.

Alawn - Newcree says:

hiya, you have a beautiful voice, very audiophile! very good songs as well, quite a nice wide range of genres, great variety. stay blessed!

beverly says:

hello i would like to request you full/ all song of your album TURN TO HIM. thanks i like all your song Ms. Erica. thanks

Ken Verheecke says:

Erica!!! How are you???

Becky Carey says:

Hey your music. Great songwriting. Keep lifting Him up with the wonderful gifts He has given you!

Brent and Rosie says:

The new cd sounds great - we miss you - have a very Merry Christmas.

Keith@indieheaven says:

Congratulations on your new CD!! Your new music is excellent! We're so impressed here at the IH office, we love it when we see an artist so committed to excellence and passion. We pray you see a huge return on your investment of your talents. We're sure you will!
Keith Mohr

Harry Offutt says:

Erica I really like How Excellent is Your Name. Congrats on the new CD! Way to go!

Scott Davis says:

I have been blessed by your music, i was wanting to buy your new release

Sylvia Lange says:

Please send link when "Devoted" is ready so we can order it!

Jeremiah Savage (2PRAISE) says:

I heard your song "Jesus, What A Friend for Sinners" on Fan Faves, and loved it! It sounds so beautiful! Thanks for sharing it. Great arrangement!

Mary Naman says:

Erica-your CD is so awesome! You are truly anointed - keep it up! mary

Nadine Fulton says:

Anna told me about your music. Your voice is very soothing.

Linda Phillabaum says:

Very nice, moving,beautiful, nice job

Becky Wright says:

Erica, GREAT to have your beautiful new song, Master's Hand, on the chart! Your voice is SO angelic! Becky

c o r b e t t a says:

keep doing what you're doing -- great work! be sure to let me know when you're playing in l.a. so we can hook up!

Mike Rogers says:

"The God Who Sings" is inspirational as it is a wonderful melody and praise to our awesome God!

Noah K says:

'Summon Your Power' is the one for me and my dad mykey! Keep Loving Jesus!!!

Joni Stallings says:

I heard your new album Turn To Him this weekend at my Dad's house, Dr. Dean had given him a copy of it. I thought it was awesome and the words hit home. They really made me think and brought me peace. I went on line and bought both of your albums. Thank you for your songs of praise and meaning. Joni (Maschmeier) Sallings. God Bless You

Rick Phillips says:

great message and vocals!

Pastor Jeff says:

Hi Erica. You bless us with your wonderful music and generous spirit!

MyKey K says:

Sister Erica singing: Jesus, what a friend is good medicine for a cheerful heart! (Proverbs 17:22)

Brenda @ says:

Erica, Love your voice, love your music. Blessings in your ministry.

Kelby Bruno says:

HI Erica! Thanks for chiming into my site. I live in Redondo Beach, it would be fun to connect sometime! Blessings on you! Kelby Bruno

Leah Clark @ IH says:

Erica - just love the groove on Summon Your Power! I loved hearing you on the IH Radio Show! says:

Hi Erica! It was a joy to meet you in Nashville! Continued blessings in your life and ministry!

Andrea Oldmixon says:

I'm so glad we meet at the Summit. I love your music. Your heart for the Lord and your humble desire to follow only the path He sets before you are so very encouraging. Keep up the good work and please keep in touch.

Lisa Gustafson says:

You are our favorite music artist! You have gained quite a following in Asia!

John Voelz says:

Hi Erica! I see your comments (and picture) all the time on the boards. Had to come check the music out. I can see Jesus in your countenance and hear your passion for Him in your music. Beautiful!

Alan Kisaka says:

Hey Erica This neighbor just discovered you! Thanks for your post on our site.. Alan Kisaka.."The Strangers" I love the R&B flavor of Summon your Go Girl! Blessings to you and your ministry.

Ken Verheecke says:

Hey Erica!!! The new album sounds awesome :-).

Carly Hill says:

HEY i'm heathers girl i can't wait to meet you this sunday .

Patty Mossing says:

Awesome voice and music. God has truly gifted you. May God use you in mighty ways to challenge us all to enter into presence every moment of each day.

Max & Marian Vowel says:

Very professional. You have worked hard for this. God's blessings on your success.

Maria Burleson says:

Erika, Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift of music with all of us. May God bless you. You are such a talented woman.

Terry Sue Crawford says:

You go girl! Love the songs and the photos look great. Praying for God's protection of you and your ministry.

Steve Jacob says:

God inspired worship!! Buy this CD!!

Robin Robins says:

Awesome!!! I am so proud to have known you. You are absolutely fantastic!

Dr. Richard Heinzelmann says:

What a pleasure tohear this fine worshipful CD. It is a treasure.

Chelsea says:

Mom, you're the best !!!!

Gram ( Out Of Ruin) says:

Erica, your music is really good. You have such a beautiful voice, keep praising God!!

J ay says:

Erica, Your songs are such a blessing. The words are truly anointed. And like the voice of an angel may God continue to bless and open doors for you in the future.

kenneth says:

I'm not easily impressed, and less often blessed. These are more than just well written, worshipfull songs, they are anointed. To God be the glory, Amen ! Keep abiding.

Ken Verheecke says:

Hey Erica... my word, I wish I had a voice as good as yours! Your song "Pour out my all" is a wonderful song and recording. Your voice and the instrumentation communicates wonderfully... well done!!! A new fan... Ken Verheecke

Steve Parnell says:

Erica ... greetings from "the heartland" I love your sound ... we can hear your love for God in your voice as well as in the words and music.

Sylvia says:

Spirit-filled words and God given music - what a blessing.

Terry Sue Crawford says:

Hi Neighbor, Beautiful voice, I love "Master's Hand." Hope our paths cross outside of cyberspace.

Terrie says:

Your music is very uplifting and worshipful! What a blessing!

Margie says:

God has gifted you, Erica. Your songs really minister to me.

Lauren says:

Great singing! Great music!

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