Raging Grace

Rev, Exiles MC says:

God has truly bless you guys!
Thank you for helping me raise my hands in praise to the Lord, even in the hard times. May God bless you and keep you always.
Chaplain, Exiles MC
Augusta, Maine

Chris Morris says:

Just wondering if the band was still playing around. A long while ago you played at North River Community Church In Pembroke MA. I am still in the Celebrate Recovery program and I would love to see you guys again.

Scott Smith says:

You guys are a blessing! Such a rare and excellent style in Christian music, with lyrics so biblical and well written. Thanks for the inspiration in my own Christian music recording. Keep on rockin' for the Rock!

Mario de la Torres says:

Great blues music! Really enjoyed your music.

Soapy says:

You guys still are #1 in my book!!! love and miss ya all!! Soapy

Soulfire says:

Love your stuff. Keep on!


wayne wheatcraft says:

Last saw you at the Red Barn in Mass,thank you!!!

Janice says:

I'm so happy I had the opportunity to see you at The Mill Church in Millbury last night. What a FUN time it was! You are an AMAZING group! The range of music from loud and rockin' to slow, quiet, and heart-touching is fabulous. I hope to see you again soon. Congratulations on the release of Spitfire! May God bless you as you continue on this awesome journey of ministry through music for Him.


Your fan from Plymouth

jim chaplin says:

love the band.

Marie says:

I'm really looking forward to seeing you live at the common ground in Fitchburg saturday night...I love the blues and having it made into Christian music is awesome..Your band is the best..
Keep the good work up

Kimberly Smith says:

I finally got to experience Raging Grace! Just loved it so much, beyond words really. Steve-we really value the feedback to gave to all of us in Trophies of Grace.
Many many thanks--until the next time!

Drew Davidsen says:

Nice job boys! I love the blues. You guys rock. Ever listen to Tommy Bolin? You have that sound some in the guitars. Have an awesome day! Drew

Butch says:

Hey, we like your music. We invite you to check out our station, ‘’. We only feature Indie artists. The ol’sharecropper
Email ‘’ for submission guidelines

Luke Austin Daugherty says:

Love the tunes, the jam (and the rockstar beard!) Blessings, Luke Austin Daugherty

Kimberly Smith says:

I keep missin' you guys live around southern New England...but
I'm gonna see you at the One Way Jam IV and can't wait.
Your music is right on!

Dave Spuria says:

Best Christian band in New England-period. Wait til you hear the new stuff!!!

Lisa Boisclair says:

Just voted for my favorite blues guys!! Wonderful men of God, good friends and great musicians!

Mark (Flight Theory) says:

Love the guitar sound, please post on the forums your signal path!!! (Guitar)

Denise Dovel says:

Hey Guys - great stuff! Congrats on your nomination!

Colleen Dattolie says:

Hey guys! My husband loves your band and I'm hoping for a November release of your new disc, too! Excellent Christmas present! Let me know, or I will keep looking for release date. Thanks!

Paul Castiglione says:

Hey Guys! Saw you in Haverhill, MA...Great show as usual. Paul

Rick L says:

I have seen Raging Grace 3 times while I was incarcerated (they volunteer doing prison outreach), and they have helped to bring me from a dark place to share a spot in the light. They rock!

Jon Polson says:

What a great sound! I love the Blues but you guys looove the Blues! Stop by!

Tim Jacobi-Shout120 says:

It's great to see that you guys are continuing to do what you do best. Da Bluze!!! Keep Rocking!!

Ryan Robichaud says:


Nathan Gonczy says:


Celeste Yeakley says:

KNLE FM 88.1 in Austin Texas would love to play Raging Grace's music. This is a GREAT sound! More, more, more!!!

Chris Conti says:

During a recent outreach/concert a Raging Grace CD was playing between bands, and everyone kept asking for more! Great stuff guys !

Donna Cole says:

I always have loved you guys - Donna Cole (previously Fancher....)

Bruce Andrews says:

RE.Ninevah Nice Vocal.Good blues atmosphere-nice feel;guitar solos not over played(like so many other white-boy blues tries) God's Peace 2 yall- Bruce A. aka-2BLU

Robbie Hunt_one of ten says:

Very cool!! Some of the best I've heard. May God bless you!!

Sister Christian says:

I've seen Raging Grace perform a couple of times and I know their music is an anointed ministry from our Lord. We give out their music at events where we minister to bikers and everyone loves their music. Bikers For Christ loves Raging Grace. They are such humble servants of the Lord who are totally submitted to Jesus. They rock too! I love Stephen Bell's special rendition of Amazing Grace where he uses his own name. Now I sing it that way myself with my name. We are all wretches without Jesus. God bless you Raging Grace and I thank the Lord for blessing us all with you. From your Brethren in Arizona!

MyKey K - Piano Servant @ IH says:

Thank You Jesus for three brothers that claim no more fear in 'Nineveh!!!' -Revelation 3:20

Joe Rivers says:

ROCK ‘N ROLL!!! You guys do it. This is the best Blues/Blues-Rock/Southern-Rock/Classic-Rock anywhere. This album, heavy on the blues side, is your best yet. Awesome.

Scott Durant says:

I must say as a former R.G. member and longtime fan, this album could be the best one. "Flying to the Foot" is something all Christians should remember that they can do.

Suzanne Sickler says:

Just found out about Raging Grace from my sister, Sherry who is playig the music for me over the phone. How fantastic...really good...excellent blues with good rifts,runs and words. Makes me happy to hear about Jesus in the blues. Love it. Thank you, God.

Tim (Kleen'd) says:

OOOOO Yeah!!! I'm totally loving the tunes guys!! Great blues and excellent tone. Keep it up!! says:

Great music guys... saw you on the CCM ad so I thought I would take a listen. Keep up the good work. God Bless

Vinster/Worcester says:

Steve and the boys are hot and I can't get enough of an of them. I have known steve,rich ,brian,Dean for many years and play myself the axe and regular axe and enjoy playing thier tunes. I'll catch you all on the flipside.

dan ballou says:

you Bro's are singing some awesome blues for JESUS...heard you up in Belfast, Me....thanks for a great time!!...Peace & LOve in JESUS!

Mark of New Beginnings says:

"Raging Grace, you Brothers make the difference in Love for JESUS CHRIST...I Thank the LORD for your ministry and inspirations. I first heard you Brothers a few years ago at the train station in Mansfield a couple of times and at Holyground coffee house as well, I have all your CD's but, LIVE in CHRIST is the best way to hear your music...PRAISE to Our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ!"

Julie says:

At that point in time in my Christianity I thought the only way to worship the Lord, was to sit in Church in listen to the music that would on sway the dead. Then I went to these Guys, who reminded me of ZZ Top & then realized God didn't care what we looked like or beat we marching to another beat other than His!! This tape got me through a many of things, besides just opening my eyes to His Love. If only I could share it with the world, and they to could feel the love of God ~ then they to will see they way into a more peaceful & serenine life. Thank you for your musical blessing with many more hearts to be touched. Julie

Ron Janelle says:

This is what I have been waitn' for,for a long time a REAL Blues Band. This is the way Blues is suppose to be played.

Jim & Carol says:

Love the Bluses and Love being a christian. This is heaven.

Danny says:

FINALLY!!!!!! A christian Blues band. great blues guys keep it up.

Joe says:

Smokin' riffs! Loved "Heads Up." Keep it hot boys.

Vinny says:

I think man that R&G are cool man. I have been a pesonal friend of steve and dean for like ten years man and I dig them bigtime. I make sure that when there in the worcester mass area I go and check them out. May Jesus continue to bless the brothers and anoint there ministry. Vinny/FRom Worcester Mass.

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