9th HourLATEST STATUS: Prodigal Son and Perfect Timing selected as part of the sound track for Christian film - Uphill Battle

Doug Hallock says:

Love this music, love this style!

brotherdaniel says:

love your music, thanks for sharing

ellen bowers says:

your music is so inspiring and uplifting. there is a young man about 16 from trenton who is dying of cancer in the hospital at KC. Your son "I will Sing" keeps going thru my mind, Im so sorry that Justin and his mother Bobbie are going thru all of this pain. Please keep them in your prayers. GOD bless you all and thank you.

Bobby Liightner says:

Great time talking with you and knocked out by your talent truly a blessing to me and others may God bless you in all things

Tanya Johnson says:

Just heard about your music at Church today. You are coming to Elmdale,Kansas in May. I will be there to hear you sing. I love any Christian groups. I'm inspired by the music. I will be trying to get others to come and listin tothe music. Hallilujah! Praise God!

Ronald Wilcox says:

I live in Riverside, Mo. when I seen 9th hour for the first time and I love there music. It has gotten me closer to God everytime I listen to this albume. I want more thanks

Lisa Nelson says:

Is the event in Joplin this Sat. June 18 still being held in Joplin?

Doug Hallock says:

Hey you guys, "Killing Time" is a great song! I like your sound, a lot. Great lead vocal, and awesome female harmony vocal. She reminds me of the Castings Crowns harmony vocal.

mike barragan says:

where can i get ( perfect timing ) i live in independence mo. and i play in a praise band called ( ROCK NOT SAND )...

mike barragan says:

perfect timing..that song is so good its hits home..i play in a praise band and that song would get alot of people to wake up!!!!

Drew Davidsen says:

David, the new CD is coming. Check out the title track. Special thanks to Paul Jackson Jr., and Chuck Loeb for playing on, "We 3 Stringz."

It's on the fan faves as well.


James says:

Thanks for playing tonight at the Freedom Rally First Baptist Raytown! I really appreciate the autographed CD. I hope God blesses you in everything you do! Stay in the zone!

Chris tracy says:

David, This is Chris Tracy from a while back. Chris and Theresa. In case which chris it is. Just wanted to shout out to tell ya everything is well. God bless you and Smithville surounding peeps! E mail me personally, please? god bless!! Music sounds great!

Phillip Martin says:

My wife and I are looking for a Christian event for New Years Eve, and I was unable to find any information about the Worship Service at Shawnee Park Christian Church. Can you confirm the event for New Years?
In Him Phillip Martin

Brandon says:

Just downloaded the album! Sounds great. You all will keep me some company on trip to KC. Look forward to catching up.

Tim Gunning says:

Dave I picked up your groups first CD a few years ago when we met at some training in South Georgia. Its become one of my favorite. Can't wait for the new one. Keep up the good work. Sorry I'm in Orlando and won't be able to attend the new CD release in person, but I will be there in spirit. Have a Merry Christmas!!

Sheryl Shepherd says:

I llike it....looking forward to meeting you at the concert friday....don't leave until I get there hahaha, Last Place pllays last...

Taylor Jordan says:

"In the Ninth Hour". What a powerful praise song testifying to the power and might of God! I love it!

Angelyn "Angel" Lollar says:

I have bought 3 CD's and have given them away. I need to buy another one!! I have a hard time deciding my favorite song because they all peirce the heart. If I had to pick one that I really like it would be Life Abundant. Since 9-11-01 I see on the clock, microwave, watch, etc about 5 times a week 10:10 AM and 10:10 PM. I think that God is wanting me to pray John 10:10. The theif comes to kill, steal, and destroy but Jesus has come to give us life and life more ABUNDANTLY! In ALL areas of our life. God bless you all! I also like 9th Hour. Dee Dee has such a beautiful voice!
Angel Lollar

Sheena Fletchall says:

I enjoyed your songs at the concert at the New Hampton, Missouri Christian School last night (Saturday, April 4, 2009) it was very wonderful!!! I enjoy LOTS of Christian music!!!!

Dennis Hampton says:

Dave Lin is the greatest!


congrads for your momentum nomination. ofcoarse excited for the new tunes coming in 2009
planning to see you soon.

Karen says:

Wanted to let you know GT Spoke will be at Club-D-Mask-US Friday night, Feb. 20. We were hoping to see you there, but good to see you have a Jesus party of your own at WAR Coffee House. Best wishes with that, and GT Spoke hopes to catch up with you soon.

Sam Gill says:

You guys are great. Very polished album. Nicely done. Great songs, enjoyable to listen to. Keep up the good work, and blessings.

Duane Rod says:

Wow guys, "Perfect Timing" is great. Really appreciate the excellence, the beauty of the lyrics and the awesome performance. PRAISE HIM for His perfect timing!!

Bree Wells says:

Hi Dan!!

Dana Tock says:

Blessings to you all in the name of Jesus.

In Christ - For Christ - Because of Christ,

Sara Struble says:

Dave and 9th Hour
What a blessing it was to hear God's word through your music at the Scout Camp Benefit Concert in Iowa this month. Thank you, Thank you.

Greg Huff says:

Our church has started Saturday Night Alive. It is usually the last Saturday night of each month (excluding scheduled weddings). I would like to see if you guys might be interested in playing at one of our nights. Please email to let me know.



Dewey Fristoe/ from Faith Community Church Oak Grove says:

Thanks so much for sharing your gifts and pop up canopy at our Sunday in the Park. WE had so many positive responses from the Baseball tournament participants. I look forward to crossing paths again.


man great video. look forward to your newton visit in july. looking forward to my smithville visit in september. thats my goal.

Larry Lysse says:

Hey David,

Praise the Lord for 9th Hour ministry Y'all sound great!!

Sherri says:

I played Alive with my local worship team at church for Easter service. Not only did the kids in the church get up and dance, but the adults were unusually "alive" as well. So many comments after church letting me know, that your song was a winner with young and old. They were moved at the message of being alive because Christ lives. Thanks for making Christ focused music.

Mickey Leadingham says:


Jeff Burrow says:

Hi. Jeff with Revolution here. Just took a look at your website to listen to you guys. Good stuff! Excellent voice David and great harmonies. Looking forward to seeing you guys with Zoegirl.

Melissa says:

9th Hour ROCKS OUT!!!! Great Job Guys!!!!

Big bald daddy says:

David and Dee Dee, came across your cd on rocks you guys sound awesome and have come al ong way from your living room in Maryland. Miss jamming with you guy's at church. Think of you often!

By his grace...Andy

Tyler Young says:

Hey David!,
a fellow AZ*U*R'er here. i've heard you, but your band sounds great as well! we need to try to schedule a time for the whole band to come play for us!

Alfred Oke says:

guys we love great work.

rebeca says:

i would like to receive songs from you. be blessed

stormy krona says:

you guys are amazing <3

stormy says:

hey guys i really enjoyed your music when you guys came to Sweet Springs!!!

your friend

Linda Weinmaster says:

congrats! Your song are amazing.

Mike from 7 Ways says:

Ditto what Shawn said! Wonderful music!

Marilyn Hill says:

You know your fans in Olathe KS LOVE you! Your music is fab!

Shawn from 7 Ways says:

great music! Hope to meet you at the CIA Summit!

Peggy Clark says:

their great...

michelle p says:

sounds good to me

nickie Sheen says:

I've only heard some of it but it's pretty good!

Lisa Hallacy says:

My guess is the

Megan Rodriguez says:

You guys are Great 24~ meg

Reverend Rock Todd Price says:

not sure if you were looking for the perfectly timed email or the right numbered guess? If I were to guess it would be 77. b blessed

Amberlie Morgan says:

hey, you guys are really awesome. love the music. and I bet my dad would too:-) -Amberlie

Rebecca Krieger says:

Your music ROCKS! Is your number...hmm....66? Keep rockin' Rebecca

Terry Wright - PLANET RADIO says:

Hey...I PLAYED you guys over at! Love your sound...and your heart for ministry. Let's tell the world! (Matt. 28:19-20)

Eric Holmes says:

I heard your music over at Great sound. God bless the socks off you guys.

Michele Davis says:

This music is a blessing.Keep on making it.

Jake Johnson says:

U guy are awsome

Paula Hylton says:

I don't believe I have left a message yet. My son is the drummer for 9th Hour. I love the music. Keep going!

Stacey Doss says:

Great Music. Keep living for Christ. I choose the number 40. Throughout the Bible number 40 is mentioned.

Chuck Wright says:

Any band with David Lin in it, has got my approval. Keep rockin' for Jesus! You guys are awesome!!

Kim Marshall says:

THis is Wood & Josh's mom. Took your cd to work & loved it! Great jog, thanks for sharing. Enjoy the concert in KC, hope to see you in Gallatin.

Bob Beckett says:

I do like your music very much. Keep on making it to give praise to our Lord in Heaven...3 nails + 1 cross = 4given...I choose the number 4.

Cody Gonzales says:

I love the new CD, great job.....37

Ryan LaFrancis says:

Hey Everyone, your not suppose to guess a number...the band thinks of a number and if you are the person who posts for the number they are thinking then you win. I think I would be number 6 becasue there are already 5 other posts. Great music 9th hour! I might have to check out your CD sometime. God bless! Ryan

Robyn Fisher says:


Robin Olaik says:

Wonderful Worship I was caught up to Worship. I am thinking of a number 3.

Faryn Etherton says:

Hello. am i suppose to guess the number? 73?

Robert Click says:

maybe 42

Tame Adams says:

Love your music! It's a real blessing. I'm thinking of the number 32

Sandra Edwards says:

I am thinking of the number 56

Robyn Fisher says:

I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!! I'm thinking #21 !!!! hehehhe

Jon Tucker says:

42. The answer is always easy. The question, now that's the hard one.

Edward Sigman says:

You all sound great! As I am new to Christian music this is awsome for me to find some great music that praises our lord..Thanks for following you all's calling! Um lets see number 34

Angel Marrero says:

hmmmmm number 47

Mea Watts says:


Cruz Er says:

Hey...Perfectly Timed!!! This is good stuff!!! Reminds me so much of d band Thirsty Child...cheers...

Drew Davidsen says:

Nice stuff! You guys rock. I really like we are not alone. reminds me of "Heart"

Rick Horn says:

Best band West of the Statue of Liberty.

larry king says:

Perfect Timing... what else can you say!!! Thank you JESUS.

Mark flight theory says:

I really like the chord progressions you use and the arrangements are done very well... try using multiple tracks layering on instruments...Nice vocal tone...gited for sure

Janet Ferrin says:

9th Hour is the best group of all and the members are all great people

Denise Guile says:

I got your Copy right cd in Trenton last spring. I absolutly love the whole Cd. "We Are Not Alone" is awsom and I love Life Abundant. I hope to hear you all again. Soon. Thanks for your ministry

Harry Offutt says:

Very nice sound. I like your current single, "We Are Not Alone". God Bless!

Denise Asgian says:

Dee Dee, Your voice is so beautiful! I can't stop replaying the song "We Are Not Alone". Of course the rest of the band is awesome.

Mike Moloney says:

I wanted to tell you 'We Are Not Alone' is really a wonderful song!

Laura Lake says:

Looking forward to seeing how God's planning to use you guys in the furtherance of His Kingdom...thanks for your passion!!

Joan Zeller says:

Wow! Thanks for sharing great messages through your beautiful music!

Shane Langlois says:

You guys are great, been hinting around that I need to get a copy. hope to have one soon. Keep up the great work

Tony Allen says:

awesome job greg, and to think i once sang with you playing guitar!

Darla Caves says:


Jake Green says:

Helps me get through the rough nights...

Denise Asgian says:

I can listen to your guys all day long. your #1 fan, Denise

Eric Bennett says:

Excellent! your fellow artist, Schmoe

samuel elliott says:

You guys are great!My whole family loves your cd and looks forward to seeing you play again and again

Adam Mast says:

Keep up the incredible music and ministry! You guys have an awesome gift from God!

Chris Conti says:

Caught "Life Abundant" on IH Radio charts, well written and well produced A+

Lois Wilson says:

Brandon & Matt's grandma. They are talent. Even is they are my grandson's

Becky Wright says:

VERY cool and engaging chord progression, LOVE the intensity and EXPLOSION (musically, emotionally) you create early in the song! Good & appropriate (very cool) vocal work, too! (I love harmony!) Becky Wright

Laura Principato says:

I like the guitar work in your songs. Keep on praising God in your music.

Jenny Benson says:

David and Dee Dee, I love it. Send me a CD!

Shakira Fender says:

I have really fallen in love with your music and message! I can't wait to have you guys here in Trenton next month. It will be a blessed evening!

James Peuster says:

The Hour we have all been waiting for! It's Perfect Timing! The 9th hour rocks!

Terry Wilbanks, from The Wilbanks says:

Great stuff, keep it up. Glad to belong to Indie with you guys!

Ryan Fletcher says:

Hey David and 9th Hour, Thank you for your amazing comments and we too look so forward to playing at your venue. Thank you for all the help you have offered also. Praise God for what He is doing through our ministries. In Christ, Standing Small

Nancy Lewis says:

I had asked you to send me the words so I could sing along, but I can hear them clearly in your song. I love that--now I can sing along. Your concert 4/30/06 at the Besonia Baptist Church was an inspiration that I badly needed. Thank you.

Ken Myers says:

Your sound is soooo tight! You guys have it together. Love you music. May you continue to do Gods work and be blessed by it, Ken.

Tonya Glass says:

I have only listened to "I Believe" so far and can't wait to listen to the other songs here...but I am loving it! God Bless!

Jody Yearwood says:

Terrific! Loved the lyrics and the music. Job well done! I'm so very touched and proud to hear David and Dee Dee leading worship on a CD, cause we miss having them lead worship for our homegroup in Maryland!

ChristianGal 4God says:

Likin\\\' your music! if you need a booking or want a new place to check out to play. call back2life.


still hoping to get your tunes for my radio show. i like alot. ROCKINRON/kbcu 520 west 5th street newton ks 67114

Jamie Lin says:

Those are my parents...I'm so proud.

Becky Kunard says:

Your heart for serving God shines through in your music! AWESOME sound and ministry!

Tony Allen says:

Love the sound guys, glad to see you're still playing Greg

Daniel Williams says:

This music is not only good, but is God-inspired and everyone should own the CD!

Bryant Babbitt says:

I'm awestruck!

Mark Jones says:

A wonderful and inspirational manifestation of His word. Nice axe work too!

Ben Richards says:

You should buy the CD when it comes out the first of the year.

Brandon Hylton says:

It's a blessing to play with these guys.

Kelly Vescovo says:

Wow your music and songs are simply amazing and inspiring ... hearing you at Neighbors on 12/9 was the highlight of my month!! God Bless and best of luck to each of you in everything you seek in life, you are all very blessed:)

Cheryl Green says:

God gifted talent. Brought tears to my eyes.

Joe Quinn says:

Truly AWESOME Dave!! Sounds amazing! We can't wait to play at Neighbors again in January! ( Your ministry is truly inspiring!

Steven Wilson says:

Great overall sound. Enjoyed them very much

Adam Mast says:

Songs sound great!! Keep up the work for God!!

Brandon Porter says:

Great lyrics and sound! Keep it up!

Vicki Saunders says:

Awesome. Very uplifting.

Rolleen Carcioppolo says:

True professionals! I'm very impressed!! Great vocal & instruments!!

Bryant Babbitt says:

That bass playing is amazing!

Jim Clarkson says:

Very good, keep up the good work. we need good Christian songs.

Kathleen Erps says:

They are awesome and sing about their dedication to the Lord!

Penny Curtis says:

This is the music we need to hear. It is great!

Susan Couch says:

I can't wait for the CD!

Lisa Johnston says:

Wonderful music..Thank you for sharing it!!

Brenda Penn says:

Go 9th Hour!

Rhonda Myers says:

it's time for music that speaks so much!

Preston Babbitt says:

I love this brother is the bass guitarist!

Denise Bryant says:

I love 9th Hour!

Marty Michael says:

Great music. Please make sure to see me links to any more music you release. Awesome.

donna jones says:

very good blend of style and tempo, I really enjoyed it

Stan Pollmann says:

Hey David... you guys have done it again! Can't wait for the final product!!

Kathy Cheek says:

Very beautiful song.

Joyce Klein says:

Love the music this band plays!

Jo Gardner says:

To God be the Glory!! Terrific sound!!

Betty Underwood says:

Sounds great! May God continue to bless your ministry.

Mary Newcomb says:

Kent and I can't wait for the CD! Awesome music!

Larry Gardner says:

Really terrific and very moving. God bless you my friend

Barbara Caldwell says:

Super Awesome

Gayle Lin says:

Papa is rejoicing in heaven at the sound of your voice.

DeAnne Arnold says:

Hey, 9th Hour, sounds wonderful! I'm excited to see what God has in store for you!

Randy O\'Dell says:

Glad to see this talent getting around finally, very nice Dave and 9th Hour.

Stan Pollmann says: cool to see you hear on IH!! It's about time that you shared that incredible gift with the world...they'll be richly blessed!! And... yes... we will gig together for the BOSS!! Jesus!!

Christopher Ames says:

Hey David and 9th Hour!!! Welcome to IH, come join us on the boards!!

Keith@ Indieheaven says:

Great having you with us guys! We wish you all the very best!

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