Sam ScalesLATEST STATUS: The sum total of your life are your thoughts....

Adrielle says:

"No even is too big or too small for Sam. She handles herself and her audience professionally and humbly and is always very well received. She is a truly gifted artist/musician/songwriter and a joy to work with! I would definitely recommend her!"

Lynda says:

Hi Sam, You are on the verge of something great! Wisdom & peace to you in all you do. You totally rock!

Sheila Drury says:

Hi Sam,
Just wanted to touch base with you following your performance at our church last week. You did an AMAZING job...loved your music! You are truly gifted and we were so blessed to have you share your talents with us.
Thanks again for your beautiful performance with us!
Sheila Drury,
Office Coordinator, Christ United Methodist Church

Doug Hallock says:

Hey Sam, I really like the groove on the song "Eyes On The Road." Like the edgy style a lot. Great job.

Tiffany Daniels says:

Awesome job yesterday at City Builders!! We were truly blessed by your ministry! Thank you!!...and Warren too!

Cat Jones says:

Sam is a wonderful writer. Her music is unique and uplifting. I really want her to come sing in oklahoma! This is your year girl!!

Cheryl Sngleterry says:

You ROCK!!!!! Love your music!!

Winston Dunbar says:

Awesome, Sam! Congrats on being Artist of the Week! I hope your music reaches lots and lots of people and thereby save some souls. Good work. Keep it up. :)

Pam Sandness says:

Hi! Or should I say, you betcha! (o: Glad to meet another Minnesotian here! I like your guitar playing! Blessings!

Rob pugh says:

You said to stop by and say hello. So hello!
Sam, thanks for being my friend. I know that good things are going to come your way soon.

Jill Oliver says:

Hi Sam your awesome...congrats with being featured.
Keep your eyes on the Road. I love it.... glad you are feeling better.
I pray you are in God's Timing. Love You Sisiter!

Pastor Carol Brandl says:

Awesome anointed music!! You are truly a blessing to the Body of Christ. And a blessing to the Kingdom of God!!! Be blessed and continue to destroy the works of the devil in Jesus name!!!

lorri johnson says:

Hey Sam, I was sitting here and noticed on cheryl's facebook you had gotten to the #2 spot with "Blessed" so I stopped to give the new album a listen, and really enjoyed it. It ministered me in its truth and simplicity...Keep your eyes on the Son...Much love &prayer, lorri

Tawana Albert says:

Okay, the event is over & I've gotten back from Okla. And Christa's napping. So, I decided to "finally" listen to your new songs on your project. Looks like you transitioned over to a P & W artist:). Sounds really good:). Always, annointed:).

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