Norman Lee Schaffer

Laura Principato says:

I watched the video "To Love" - good job! I'm creating videos for my songs also, and hope to have them posted on IH soon. God bless!

Larry L Funk says:

Love his music, wife and my mother in law, nice .

Anne Brehm says:

Love your music, you have a great voice!!! GOD Bless You!

Lewanda Fix says:

One of the greatest voices I have ever heard and has written 11 albums totalling 110 songs ...just some of the many songs he has written. His talent does not stop there.

Lewanda Fix says:

Pastor Norman Lee Schaffer is the most unique ,outstanding talent I have ever heard. It does not stop with his beautiful voice, but his his genius in every facit of the Church he Pastors to the props he cleverly constructs to coincide with each service to the message he preaches.

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