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Colleen Aguiree says:

Great song!! Great voice!!

Rachel Leclerc says:

Hi Diana ~ so happy to meet you as the artist of Tuesday!...I visited with you on your website, blogs, bio, news and listened to your music. Wow, you hit those high notes with so much ease. It makes me laugh in a way cause I wish I could go that high; although, when I see a hign note coming, I feel like running away. I am so happy when I listen and someone can soar like that. Great job, Diana. Now, I know you a little more and I wish you success and blessings on your journey. Like your web page also. Thanks for sharing your gift. lots of love, Rachel

anita ferrer says:

Hi diane,
Thank U for sharing your beautiful classic voice on Fan faves and I loved that high note at the end. Beautiful solid & passionate. too bad there's not a great market for great classical singers for you, (and for me either,with my ROCK/JAZZ. lol. I'd love for you to share your music though on my pastors radio station, HIARADIO>COM. please call me, sis. You are beautiful.

Doug Hallock says:

The Holy City is a great song Diana - way to go!

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