Jeramy SossamanLATEST STATUS: Check out my new song 'Father of all'

Kristen says:

Hi Jeremy, I love your music!

I am looking for free or affordable royalty-free music to use on my very first Christian workout/worship DVD for home use.

I have a very small, local ministry in Florida where I teach five free mind-body-spirit fitness classes per week to contemporary Christian music.

The ministry is donations only, and I do not take any salary.

The closest thing you may have seen in dance worship, but we include in every class: scripture, prayer and meditation on the Gospel.

Please let me know if you would consider allowing me to use one or two of your songs on my DVD.

I plan to make 200-500 copies and offer them for donations only. There will be no sales or price. 100% of the proceeds will go to reimburse the ministry for the video production, or toward the creation of the second video.

If you could partner with me on this project, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks so much for your kind consideration.


--Kristen Johnson
BodyInUnity Inc.
phone: BiU 291 SSCG (Strong Stretched Centered on God)

Vicki says:

Jeramy..listened again after a few years..and was reminded how much God gifted you..iArms is still my favorite...thanks for your friendship @ Myspace and Facebook..

scott riggan says:

Hey Jeramy, I'm looking forward to our show together on Nov 15th! Love your tunes...

christie says:

Just heard See Me Through when I was going thru FanFaves voting. My hubby Mitchell David is on there too right now with Bread. You guys have a similar style and heart. I really like it and hope you move up the charts even more! Keep praising Him. I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of your songs! Will you be selling your songs as MP3's soon? GOD BLESS YOU!

Rodney New says:

You See Me Through is a very nice peice of worship Jeremy.

Dustin Samuel says:

Just bought your CD today. I'm still voting for your Fan Faves song (you're catching up to me way too fast!) and I appreciate your votes too. Still diggin "You See Me Through." Thanks.

Vicki says:

It's been a while. myspace/vfisherwriting. I've been offline for while going through treatments and such and am so glad the spring/summer is here in Ohio. I hope you and the family are well. I love your music still. I will check in from time to time and may check my site soon. God Bless, V

Dustin Samuel says:

Jeramy - Found your song (You See Me Thru) on the Fan Faves and really enjoyed it. Really, really nice! Hope my vote helps in a much deserved move up to the top of the charts! I'm anxious to come back to your page and listen to all your songs again. I even added you to my list of Top 10 Artist Friends to bookmark your page for my listening enjoyment & edification. God's best!


Duane Rod says:

Jeramy, Gracious God is a great upbeat worship tune, nice job. Really like the vocals too. Keep it up, you're doing a great work for the kingdom.


Stan Carlock says:

Your songs have blessed me tremendously, as I am positive they have already blessed the Father's heart. Keep up the awesome work. If you're ever in Denver, look me up. I lead worship at my church and would love to talk with you or have you minister in song at our church. God bless! Stan

Virginia King says:

Hi, Jeramy!

I found your music on IndieHeaven and think it's great! Catching the Sun and Arms of my Father are two of my favorites, but I like so many...... Keep it up!

God bless you and your ministry!

Mike Kleeman says:

your music is God sent

Andrea C Parker says:

Jeramy! It was great meeting you on RockinRon's Chat! Love your music! Pray that God BLESSES you abundantly this year!!!

haziel may n says:

Awesome. Cool and mellow voice

greg natorilla says:

great songs

Betty OVerstreet says:

Keep on keepin" on--I am proud of you!

Vicki says:

Hi Jeramy:
I've voted for everything, twice over. Listening during my quiet time. Arms Of My Father as I said on your page is dear to my heart. Okay, I'm energized to go and write some more. :)

Vicki says:

Listening to All of my Heart. The lyrics really speak to the heart. Love it, beautiful. Great Worship song!


Jesse Shuster says:

Hey bro,

Great to see you on IH. Your music is inspiring. Love to write with you sometime. Blessings

David from 9th Hour says:


Keep lifting Him up! Great sounds brother! God bless you and your music.

In His grip,

David from 9th Hour

Cathy Sanders- Fellow IH member says:

Hey there Jeremy, I was just listening to your song " now is the Time" on the Fan Fave radio chart, I really like it. Thanks for your ministry, you have a great voice!

If you have time, take a peek at my IH profile

Cathy Sanders

Amanda says:

Jeramy Sossamans' CD is so awesome, everyone should buy it!

Monika Griffin says:

Jeramy Sossaman is hugely talented!! I had him on our Candle 89.9FM Morning Show and he was off the hook!! The next Chris Tomlin, he is. You go, Jeramy!!

linda forse says:

Thank you for sharing this fantistic music...


arent you that great artist that sings "gracious" on kbcu 88.1 ? thats a great cd i am glad you joined INDIEHEAVEN you already are part of the KBCU family. onlookers CHECK OUT HIS CD. i recomend.

Kelly says:

Hey Man,

Just wanted to welcome you and let you know that you did a great job the cd!


steven coy cook says:

Love your sound. God bless you and your music.

Fellow IH Member
Steven Coy Cook

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