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eric marquardt says:

Hi, my name is Eric Marquardt, I volunteer for 97.1 in Madison,
Wisconsin. The station wants to work with record labels and
independent artists to obtain new music. The station is wondering if
your company could help us out.
Eric Marquardt

Denise Pass says:

Love the guitar work and groove as well as the message on "Seeker". Nice song!

brotherdaniel says:

love your music debbie, thanks for sharing

Giving Back says:

Have been listening to, and voting for your song, "Healed By Faith". It is such a powerful song. God is still in the miracle business.

We are Giving Back - on Fan Faves with our song "Accept His Gift" - along with your song.

Come and visit

I pray that our Lord will continue to bless all the artists on Indieheaven and the Indieheaven website to His Glory.our music to his glory.


Laura Hollis says:

Wow! Debbie I have goose bumps from head to toe! I love it, I always knew you were an amazing woman and would go places for the Lord. Keep up the good work.

Love you!

Kyle says:

I just found you on IndieHeaven, and I am surprisingly impressed. I am proud to call you cousin.

anita ferrer says:

hi deb,
what a beautiful heavenly classical/praise voice. it really is so ricjh,m soulful ^ annointed. beautiful. just checking out your songs. great meeting you on the boards, my sweet sister.
hugs & love,
anita ferrer

Bonnie & Mike Gardner says:

We listened to have done an awesome thing!! What a beautiful song!! Very Inspirational!!! Keep it up...hugs!

john-more of you says:

I noticed you were next to me on the fanfaves and since I love praise and worship and had never listened to your music I decided to listen. I was super blessed with alleluia. It followed seemlessly with the song I wrote "this song" which is my featured song this month. I invite you to come to check out More of You and soak in God's presence

More of You

Timothy Wayne says:

Thanks SO much Debbie! I am excited about joining IH. There is so much good music out there, Glorifying his Kingdom! You GO Lake Jackson!!!

Becky says:

YEA!!! # ONE !!! I am so proud of you and your band. You know this song has a special meaning for Robert since he too was adopted & after 52 years we found his biological mother. He and his mother listened to it together for the first time the other evening and she got goose bumps and tears came to our eyes. It is a beautiful song and sung beautifully as well. We pray it reaches the hearts of many others, and feel sure it will.

Love you,
Aunt Becky

Godfueled says:

Thanks for all of your help at the OMOV Festival on May 5th! We were able to raise around $6,000.00 this year thanks to people like yourself. I pray that God will continue to bless you and all of your endeavors!

Harry Offutt says:

Debbie(and company),

I really appreciate your passion as a songwriter. Keep it up and keep making a difference in Texas!

Francis Babin says:

All songs very good

Kris says:

I REALLY enjoyed finally getting to hear you "live" at the concert.
Your Mom just sent me the new single "They Chose Me"...I Love it!!
Keep on just keeps getting better and better.

Pat says:

The United In Him Festival was great even with all the bad weather. Its was such a blessing to see all the Church's and Christian people out having fun as one unit. I Love your Faith Refined Group, play earlier next year so more people will know what wonderful blessing your music has.

Becky says:

THE CONCERT WAS GREAT!!! A little chilly and windy, but worth every moment of our trip down there. What a wonderful way for a family to spend a day. Hope there is going to be one next year. Those that missed it missed a good time with all the fellowship that was there.

Shelly Wilson says:

Love the pics girl of the festival. I am so jealous that I didnt make it. I hope you will let me make it up to you next year.. Be blessed!

Candace says:

I just saw Faith Refined at the United In Him Festival and they ROCKED.

I Want to Know You Lord is my favorite song thus far, but I love them all.

Keep worshiping God through music. Lord bless! - Candace

Mike from 7 Ways says:

I will second what Drew said. Love the guitar in that song. I also love all the crosses on your album cover!

Drew Davidsen says:

Nice work. I am enjoying your music. I like the guitars in, "Dear Jesus."

david 0129 says:

shalom Debbie, it is always a blessing 2 both hear form you & hear u. i am waiting 4 the flash file of you and the refined 1ís doing, a blue brothers dance, with a snap of the fingers :-) always glad to hear the words of such a special musical tactician. you know how 2 place the notes, i know that for a fact. i am listening 2 a couple of your songs, and being blessed. i luvd your Jesus is Real, but by the time i am getting to these words, of course, In Your Silence. start to play, which is one of my favs. while reading your bio, i was blessed to hear of your success. that is truely a blessing for me to know all is well. may G-d continue to show his favor in your life, for you are a living blessing and one of the reasons i can say, i am glad to see the goodness of the Lord, in the land of the living. of course a David word. bwell my friend peaceRrock

Linda Queen says:

Great job Debbie! God is truly blessing and anointing you for His work and I'm blessed to call you friend! Keep Writing!

Mark Mireles says:

Yeah Debbie! Keep on writing! Hope to get to play with ya someday. May God Be With you! mark

Debbie Duke says:

Your music touches me every time I hear it. Keep on listening to what God tells you and you will continue to bless others with your gift.

Karen Tate says:

Your music keeps me singing. Way to go!

Wanda Timmons says:

WOW! just love it!

Ashley Tate says:

What a great job!! That will make a cousin proud!

Kresta Sanabria says:

You truely have a gift!! Keep up the GREAT work!!

Pat McCain says:

I feel so blessed to have such God gifted daughters. His love is in felt in your music.

Pete Kruse says:

Very nice music. Pete.

Pam Bieri says:

it just rocks guys!!!!!

dillon parrish says:

its really good great in fact

sherrill white says:

you have captured God's heart! and put His beat to music

Jim Cole says:

Great songs that bring glory to God!

Cleveland McSwain says:

I have listened to several of your songs and find them imspiring. God has really blessed you with a great gift. Wishing you the best in all of your work and career.

Brandon Hixson of Godfueled says:

Thank you for helping us out with the "One Mission, One Voice" festival this past Saturday. You are a very talented lady and I pray that you will continue to glorify God with all you have! Look forward to working with you again!

Lowell Adams says:

In Your Silence, is a beautiful. It has an almost hypnotic, quality to the melody and draws you into the mystery of God's quiet presence.The Celtic feel reminds a bit of Lorenna McKennet.

Glenn Nelson McBride says:

Debbie, "Free" is very fetching to me. "In Your Silence" is very incredible.

Donna Jablecki says:

Your lyrics for "Free" are absolutely beautiful, thank you for sharing your "talks with God"

Tommy Meador says:

I like all of your songs Debbie but "Free" spoke to me the most. I'm also a local musician and love what you are doing. Thanks for representing Christian music with your talents.

Daryl Schulz says:

In Your Silence blew me away. Keep up the great work. You deserve all the best life has to offer.

MyKey K - Gospel piano servant says:

God Bless Sister Debbie'z dancing fingerz in Jesus ALL The Way!!! AMEN

Robert Tate says:

"In your silence has so much to say that you need to listen to it over and over!!! What a message."

David Harper says:

Its nice seeing fellow musicians from Lake Jackson, I wish you all the best with your music!!!

Donna Hargraves says:

I love your music! Your songs are an inspiration to all and I'm glad the Lord equipped you with this gift for all of us to enjoy!

Pat McCain says:

In Your Silence comes to me in the middle of the night! A wonderful message.

Keith@ Indieheaven says:

Debbie, great having you with us! I wish you all the very best!

Reva Scholl says:

Take it to the limit !! Some wonderful songs and so much meaning behind them.

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