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Sandra Kinnaman says:

Just wanted to let you know what a true blessing your worship was this past weekend at the Real Refreshment Retreat in Baltimore. The song that spoke to me so much was Living Water. I see it is not available for purchase right now...will it be soon? May God richly bless you as you have blessed me.

Alice S says:

Hi Anne!
I was blessed to hear you sing at the Homeschool Moms Refreshment Retreat in Atlanta a week ago. How can I get Living Water downloaded? I wish I had had enough money to go ahead and buy all of your Cd's at the time but alas, homeschool moms budget restraints. You have the voice of an angel.

SandyOsborne says:

I knew your name rang a bell, but it was not until Michael told me you have an amazing voice that I started putting things together...I went home and looked in my cds and there you were,Live Through cool is that :)
Sandy (from LHS zumba )

Jeff Aslesen says:

Hi Anne,
It sure was a blessing to meet you and tour with you. Your tunes are great! Down to the Ground has some powerful emotion and was a blast to perform. (Thanks Jess, for letting her go!) In Christ, Jeff

Michael Hiskey says:

This is some really good stuff,... take time to give a listen and maybe then some,...

Sarah Sheffield says:

loved it! sending from yours! Always a fan! Thanks!

Tim Truel says:

Great stuff, God bless you.

Travis Vaad says:

Really feel the Holy Spirit coming thru your music--Wow--Bravo!! Keep being a song bird for Jesus. Travis Vaad

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