Leslie McKeeLATEST STATUS: Scheduling band tracking days for more excited!

brotherdaniel says:

beautiful voice,love your songs, thanks for sharing.

Ginger Hohm says:

I really like your style and your voice. I trust God is doing great things through your music.

I am a Pastor's wife in California. Please visit my website and give my music a listen. I think you might like it!! : )

Ginger Hohm

Rachel Shetterly says:

Loved listening to your songs! I enjoy your sound, too. The words are meaningful as well. May you have success! :)

Angel Taylor says:

Great job!!! Great Messages. One More is my favorite!!

Gregg Garman says:

I am so proud of you, Leslie! I knew God had given you this amazing gift many years ago. I love all the songs; not sure of my favorite yet! All are awesome fro growing in our walk with the Lord! May God bless you!! Thanks so much!

Gary Taunton says:

Someone to call your own is GREAT!! Love all your songs. God Bless You!

John Bayer says:

Great lyrics that are right on for a growing relationship with our God. It matters how we live all the time. Leslie's lyrics are authentic and sung from her heart - a heart bent toward loving her God. Blessings from Him.

Michael says:

*sniff,sniff* - Real proud of ya, kid! Of these 4, my favorite is probably "Someone" - the words touch me, and I think the song shows off your vocal talent. Love you...

Debbie Bigler says:

I am so proud of you - you have done a wonderful job!!! Love you.

James Contner says:

I found all four songs very uplifting with a good message. Thanks for recording them. I believe your voice makes the music special.

Jerry Finnegan says:

we are proud of you and your accomplishments.Love you

Lisa Pogue says:

Never To Far - Leslie, this song really spoke to my heart! I appreciated it so much. I know that it will touch many people. I could really relate to the story it told. Such truth in the message. Thank you dear one!

Sarah says:

mommy your the best mommy ever in the entire world! luv u!

Frances Drost says:

Congratulations on the completion of your EP! This represents hard work and perseverance and you deserve lots of cheer and encouragement for completing it. It has only just begun! Looking forward to seeing what your journey holds for you. Trust God to lead you and keep you going.

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