Alexandra CelanoLATEST STATUS: CD SALE!!!! "I'm Overcome" is now only $9.99 for the physical CD and $7.00 for the digital album!!

Bob De Carlo says:

I'm the Music Director at St. Timothy church in Laguna Niguel and we had a member of our music ministry (Erik Przytulski) do an arrangement of Alex Celano's song; "A Child is Born". We are going to sing this arrangement with our large Christmas Choir. The song is truly annointed and the choir has had a lot of fun putting the arrangement together. Alex is a gifted song writer and this song has a lot going for it. Above all, there is great Christmas joy here that is truly needed at this time of the year. I am very blessed to have Alex and her husband Bryan ministering at St. Timothy's. The entire album has something for everyone and I think anyone listening to this music will be uplifted and blessed. Thank you Alex!!

Gary says:

I really enjoyed your "Grandpa" song. Especially since I am a grandpa and my dad was like your grandpa to my children. He passed away a few months ago but he was our rock. Thanks! Gary

JLP says:

You have such an exquisite voice! It's so melodious and I love your songs and lyrics! You'll go far!!

Gail Medeiros says:

Need comfort. Wrap yourself in "Sanctuary"

Gail Medeiros says:

Your spirit shine bright through your singing and your deep faith brings us into the spirit of the Lord with the words you have written in your songs. I am moved and all that I play this CD for come away moved. You have done an awesome work of God. Love it.

Keith Mohr/President~Indieheaven says:

Alexandra, Welcome to Indieheaven! Really enjoyed your songs, nicely done! keep up the excellent faith-work.

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