Lisa FenstermacherLATEST STATUS: Planted and rooted in Him!

Rachel Leclerc says:

Hi Lisa ~ I heard about on on Indieheaven group. Liked you sharing your thoughts. You have done so much. When I visited your website, I recognized that you enjoy butterflies as well. I like butterflies too. In fact my first CD is entitled Free as a Butterfly. Thanks for sharing your music with us. God's blessings on your journey and lots of love.

Drew Davidsen says:

Liisa, the new CD is coming. Check out the title track. Special thanks to Paul Jackson Jr., and Chuck Loeb for playing on, "We 3 Stringz."

It's on the fan faves as well.


Drew Davidsen says:

Hope you are having a great day. See you soon. D

anita ivete ferrer says:

My beautiful sister, I think about you a lot. Call me anytime. You are God's masterpiece! I love "living Waters". You sound like a lovely Amy Grant:)

Kerensa Gray says:

Lisa, It was so great to meet you and your charming husband in person at Amazing Grace in Columbia. I can't wait until I get a chance to hang out at one of your shows....I'll be watching!

Celeste Talley says:

Thank you Lisa for all your compliments. I am just so thrilled to hear that you are OK and that you can start getting back on your feet slowly but surely. The Lord is so wonderful and He protects us from so many illnesses and diseases that we could get. He knows our needs and already sets things in motion for our protection and sustains us when we need His assistance. You remind me a lot of Ashley Cleveland and I've always wanted to have a more contemporary sound which you have beautifully. Take time to recuperate and know if you ever need prayer I will gladly lift you up.

Harry Offutt says:

So good to see you on IH!
I hope to see you live angain soon!

Keith Mohr/President~Indieheaven says:

Lisa, Welcome to Indieheaven! I enjoyed listening to your songs, they are very nice! Keep up the excellent faith-work!

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