Glenn GreenLATEST STATUS: Check out my newest release - UNDENIABLY GOD

Rachel Keagy says:

Again ~ such a blessing to share the evening with you last night ministering to God's precious and beloved. I love your talents and skills and your heart shine through the music! can't wait for the next time! :)

Bruce with Six Days says:

How is it going? Curious question for you, approx. what was your recording budget on this CD? I hope you can share some insite.

kerri crocker says:

So glad to have met you at the summit. Your heart for Jesus is evident jut in talking with you!! many blessings and I pray we all get to sing together one day :-)
smiles ~ kerri

Amanda Patrick Etier says:

i like all you music send me more of your songs that i would like to have

Chris Carder says:

Hey Glenn,
Thanks for your heart and songs. Keep pouring out the Love and Grace of the Savior on people! God bless you, brother.


Kari Anne says:

'Let Go and Let God' is beautifully witten and sung by Glen. His best by far!
It should be in the top 10 on the K-Love play list.

kerry skinenr says:

hey glenn srrry i couldnt make the last one mission one voice, but i have moved to the brownsborrow and soo heres my new e-mail

c ya soon i hope and keep in touch


ROCKINRON is looking forward for this cd. --- cant wait . really wondering about big guts. its gotta be good from the man who sang-- "made to praise"
i'll be looking out for your cd glenn. new GLENN GREEN singles soon heard on kbcu 88.1

Jeanette Snyder says:

Love the new CD You Me so much that I bought it. Keep up the good work. Love your work it is so God filled. Wish you would come back to Harvest.

Debbie L. Rice says:

Glenn! LOVED seeing you again in Dawson at the IH festival! And here's hoping Keith can talk you into performing your Bug Guts song at the next CIA Summit!! You are an awesom performer and excellent singer. Keep up the kingdom work! Love ya,

Godfueled says:

Thanks for all of your help at the OMOV Festival on May 5th! We were able to raise around $6,000.00 this year thanks to people like yourself. I pray that God will continue to bless you and all of your endeavors!

Drew Davidsen says:

Hey bro! I love your song, "Let Go, Let God." It's great!!! I found you on the fan faves and just had to drop by your page. Have great day! (IH artists Drew. smooth jazz guitar.)

fan man says:

I love to hear you perform live. By the way, who is the guy on the box. I like him.

Brent Walker says:

Glenn - it was great meeting you this weekend at the Summit. Keep up the good work. Maybe our paths will cross again soon.

Michele Bain says:

Glen, What a blessing you, Sharon and Tyler have been to Marlene and I this year. Thank you for blessing us with the CD's. We listen to them in the morning while the kids come in. Your praises for the Lord are cathing....

Mika Taylor says:

Glenn, love your music!! Glad to have found you again!!! Congratulations!! Hi Sharon!!

Mary Green says:

Great job. Keep up the good work. Mary



April Rider says:

Hey Glenn, I had just gotten this e-mail from Laurie and so i tried voting for you. John and I were looking at it : ) You're doing great Glen! Wow.

Craig Whittaker says:

Great song on the chart (You Know Me)! Words, music, vocals are all top notch! Keep sharing His love!

Judy Johnson says:

God has truly blessed you with your ministry. He is using you in awesome ways. Keep up the good work.

George Siglin says:

should definitely be in the top 10!

Ray Kayanek says:

High five from a fellow WAJ alumni - may God continue to bless your ministry!

Tim Ashmore says:

Great Songwriter, Singer, Performer!

Grace Parry says:

Great music, great heart.

Brad Irons says:

Glenn, it was great meeting you in Dawson! You have a wonderful gifting and a great talent. I really enjoyed your set. Stay in touch!

Preston Cave of Godfueled says:

Glenn, Great having you in BIG "D" this past Saturday! You were a great part of the success! I love your music and I am praying God will open up many, many doors for the great Glenn Green!!! Peace Out!!

Debbie Rice says:

Great meeting you at the Dawson Music Festival! Your music was wonderful, and you can PLAY that guitar! Looking forward to seeing that picture, too! Hope we can play together again soon. Have a Blessed Day!

katie hudson says:

Awsome music, need some new praise. keep up the good work!!

Brandon Hixson of Godfueled says:

Glenn, I love your music and I am looking forward to jamming with you at the "One Mission, One Voice Music Festival" on April 1, 2006! Continued good luck and God bless you and your ministry!

Vickey Eiland says:

Good voice - Great witing and talent! God Bless


love MADE TO PRAISE. cd and your kbcu tune are fantastic. keep singing them loud bro

Kay Hudson says:

"I love your music..."

Ken Hudson says:

Great Job! Best of luck and we're giving you as much support as we can.

Brady Quarles says:

I like your stuff. You are an awesome Youth Band Leader. Rock On!!

Lucy Walker says:

The words to your song are so very inspirational

Jerry Green says:

We are very proud of you Glenn. Your committment to your ministry is outstanding. Keep up the good work and great songs. Dad

Carey Snider says:

We love all of your songs--Keep up the awesome work!

Tiffany Polasek says:

Love your sound. It is great to have you at Grace Bible. Thanks for all you do for everyone there!

Trece Meuth says:

"Two thumbs up!"

Andi Meuth says:


Chad Knibbe says:

Great job Glenn!

Roxie Baird says:

Glenn, You performed at our ladies' retreat in the Fall of 2004. I also saw you sing the National Anthem at the Big 12 Championship tournament. I wish you all the success in the world. By the way, I think you sounded better when the microphone went out at the Big 12 Tournament! Your voice was so strong and pure it sounded great! Good luck in all you do!

Kaye Daughtry says:

Great sound, both musically and vocally!

Natalie Clay says:


Rebecca Sheffield says:

"Your talent is God Given. Thank you God For the Gift you have given me thru His Music........

James Eiland says:

This artist seems to have a perfect blend of sincere love for the Lord, musical talent and great production. These are the indicators I use in rating the songs.

Keith Fox says:

There is no doubt you were made to praise and we love it.

Steve Reynolds says:

I have always loved your music, Glenn. God has blessed you with an amazing talent. I can't wait to hear the next album.

Doug Hester says:

Great Song!

Jeanette Snyder says:

Your music moves me to sing and praise the Lord!!!!

Frank Hergert says:

He's great!

David Kastner says:

God has given you a gift Glenn...keep on keepin' on doing his work through the power of praise!

the wellings says:

we love your music glenn

Karl & Ingrid Stengel says:

Very good Voice,keep up the good work.

Laurie Cheves says:

You go Glenn!!! Our family has been so blessed by you!!

Ed Gelsone says:

Keep going Glenn, you are doing great!

Angie Barnes says:

Love him!Love him! Love him! Love him!

Marian Green says:

God has definitely given you a gift. Continue to sing God's praises!

Jack Davis says:

All of your songs are great. "How Great You Are" is another winner

Jay Paul Roy says:

I have had the privelage to share the stage with Glenn as well as get to know him. His heart is huge,and his music "anointed". This album must be heard by everyone. Glenn, You Rock! There is no one out there like you.

Robert Comer, Jr. says:

Great Stuff. Praise God for all that Glenn does in HIS NAME!

Olivia Barr says:

Yout Music is AWESOME!!!:)

evans george says:

i can't believe his music isn't all over the radio.maybe this will help.

kelly chavez says:

your great glenn

Barry Noonan says:

Glen, I just heard "Made to Praise" on the indieheaven radio. I love your sound. Keep doing what your doing to lift His name.

Kelly Kastner says: and Sharon both know that words can never express the feelings I have for you both and the success I know you will have with your music. You know that my work in this is only a small way to say "thank you" for your love, support and friendship over the years we have spent together... Love you always, my brother, my friends. Gotta go more jammin, to this guy named Glenn Green, to do!

Denise-y-oh-so Garza says:

How great you are to write a song called How Great You Are! And I just listened to the rough cut and it couldn't get much greater than it already is! Praise God! Love you and Sharon and T-man.

Gwen Smith says:

Hey Glenn! I just listened to your new song! What a wonderful offering to our GREAT God! The sound is fantastic and your writing skills are just getting better and better!! Well done, my brotha-from-anotha-motha!! ;)

Alyson Kastner says:

Glenn,you are off the hook.You are the greatest and i love u!!!!!!!

Mary Green says:

Great job Glenn. Love to hear you sing your songs and see you perform.

Kara Smith says:

Glenn, it's so fun to watch God grow you and your ministry. All the way from WAJ!

Stephen Green says:

You rock....i love your songs and the way that you sing them, so keep it up ^_^.

Kristin Lipscomb says:

So blessed with your music and friendship!! Go Glenn, Go!!

jane wanke says:

Glenn is an awesome Christian witness! St. Paul Lutheran Church was fortunate to call him "theirs" when he were their youth/music minister. God speed in all you do, Glenn. jane wanke

Carol Davis says:

Great Guy....... Great Talent Go for it, Glenn

Andrea Parker says:

You are AWESOME!

Sharon Green says:

You rock - and you're cute, too!

John Kublank says:

I Love this CD i know every word!

Sean Smith says:

Glenn - I appreciate your friendship and your music. You're great!

Christian Jones says:

Great friend, great voice, great album sharing a great message of praise!

bill green says:

I just can't help it! You're Great Man!!

Jake Fain says:

Beautiful voice.

Norma O\'Connell says:

Hi Glenn! I love all your music but "Made to Praise" is one of my favorites. God has blessed you with a wonderful talent. Thank you for sharing with us. I can't wait for the new album. Love, Norma Glenn Green Fan Club Vice President (Assistant to Sharon Green)

Autumn West says:

Mr. Glenn, you have truly been an inspration with ur music and when I listen to it I just feel that it brightens my day even more. I love you Sharon and my lil man Tyler, I hope that God blesses you with many more oppurtunitys in your life. Love your #1 fan Autumn

Jeff Roussin says:

God does great things through your music.

Jo Perez says:

Your love for God is so evident in your music. Thanks for being His instrument and for sharing your giftings with others.

James Jensen says:

Amazing music, all the way around!

Mike Daniel says:

Howdy, Glenn! Your heart really shines through your music! Thanks for sharing your gift!

Mike Callan says:

Great Sound and Message!

Eric Biggins says:

Great Stuff! Keep on worshiping!

Keith@ Indieheaven says:

Great having you with us Glenn! Looking forward to working with you!

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