Drew DavidsenLATEST STATUS: Check out "My Guitar" from DREW DAVIDSEN - six string king...

Denise Pass says:

Hey Drew!
Back on Indieheaven finally! Great to see you still here!

Arthur Payne says:

Hello. I just wanted to let you know that I downloaded the free download you provided and would like to play your song on our internet Christian radio station, KBAT Christian Radio. We are not a reporting station but play the music of independent artists to help give them more exposure and promotion. Please advise if this would be ok. Thank you and God Bless,

Darlene Wiktor says:

Hey! I just stumbled upon indie heaven and heard your song Spin Cycle! I just had to tell you that I really enjoyed it very much! You've got such a cool style! Way to go!

Marcus Powell says:

Stopped to say hello, I enjoy your music

Tery Wilkins says:

Drew, love your music and your heart and your "insight" on the NETWORK....I'm praying Heaven's Favor upon you for the awards and BEYOND.....T

Harry Offutt says:

Drew, This is your best yet! People need to rush out and buy Spin Cycle! You and Creative Soul Jazz continue to knock it out of the park!!!

Gina Middleton says:

Drew, What a talent you are! Love Spin Cycle & Don't Delay especially - great chord arrangements and melody lines! Not a jazz lover, but your music is fantastic.

Mike Westendorf says:

Hey Drew, just picked up the Christmas Album, SMOKIN HOT BABY! I heard a few promos on your main page and then listened to a few more and said THAT is something I want on my mp3 player for the Christmas season. Fantastic work. Wanted to let you know my new one "Undefined" is available now too, thought you might get a kick out of a couple of the tracks too. Hope you're going to keep it hot enough to keep the snow away, blessings in your work my friend!

Cindy and Eric says:

Hi Drew, We enjoyed the jazz brunch at Doubletree several weeks ago and can't wait to see you and hear you on the 24th. We are hoping several more of our friends will join us.

Man we are rooting for you and God Bless! Can't wait to hear the new CD. Please give your mom and aunt"s our regards. Eric said please bring the glasstone:)

See you on the 24th!!

Cindy and Eric

Infuse says:

I love your music. It has a soothing touch to it. Glory to God. :)

Anita Dudek says:

I love the new acoustic version of Smile!

Kerensa Gray says:

I just wanted to drop by and say that I am so excited to see how God is opening doors! You are a blessing to me and are a great example to indies of how to walk with God in the pursuit of excellence without compromise!

Alison Stevens says:

Hey Drew! I was in a local coffeeshop here in Franklin today, and they had playing. I heard an instrumental piece that caught my attention...look up on the screen, and it was you! 'Bounce'. Just though I'd share that with ya. Good job getting yourself out there!

Michael Hiskey says:

The acoustic stuff is killer Drew!

Keith Mohr says:

Drew, love your acoustic renditions, very well done!

Angie Shoaf says:

Absolutely LOVE your sound, and can't wait for the Christmas album - looks to be my favorite this year for sure! :) Keep on making beautiful music, and God bless.

David Coleman says:

Wow, Drew!

Absolutely love your song on the Indie Heaven Top 20! Very sweet! Thanks for sharing your gift!

celeste talley says:

I'll buy your Christmas CD after hearing "Angels we have heard...". really enjoyed it very much. Make sure your Angel is spelled right when you go to print these up. I may be able to catch some of your CA dates. Blessings.

Abbie Stands says:

Drew: I love your music. Your soul is evident on all of your songs! God bless your ministry!

Al Hoppe says:

I love your music

Mark Shaker says:

May God continue to bless your ministry and your audiences who hear you! Like the hymn btw.

Kerensa Gray says:

Praying for you as you travel to Seebreeze this weekend. Knock em alive brother!!! I'm so proud of all you do and how you shine for the kingdom. It's a pleasure to call you friend.

Tom Scalmato says:

Happy Birthday may God Bless you and keep you in his arms at all times.
Island Blues is smooth and soothing,love it. Thank the Lord he saves all kinds of people(blues players). Love ya in the Lord enjoy your music. Old blues drummer Tom Scalmato.

Mark Cable says:


The Bass on Island Blues is killing me!!! Wow. Love all the new tunes!!

Mike Miller says:

Congrats, Drew! Just heard "Astro" on Sirius 71 - Watercolors. As always, you always sound great. Blessing to you, -M

Ken Tedesco says:

your music and website has been submitted to Christian Radio station K-Love.
Please pray that your music would be chosen to play

Bruce Danna says:

Just listened to Astro and Bounce.. Most excellent music, bro. So, how do you like working with Eric?

kerensa gray says:

A BIG thanks for sitting in Sat blow me away! Also, it was great just 'hanging' for a while. We should do that more often!

kerensa gray says:

Hey Drew...just wanted to stop by and say Thanks for coming out Sat to the Open Door...Next time you are SO playing! :)

Judith Baker says:

Hey Drew - I am listening to your stuff at work - it blesses me and keeps me calm. You are awesome!

khadijar woodford says:

Drew, I absolutely love your style.Keep doing what you do so well!!!

kerensa gray says:

Congrats to you my Jazz brother on the Momentum Award!! You are indeed HOT!!!

Rick says:

Drew, I was at the Summit Friday night with my wife Kithy and really enjoyed your performance. You and the band sounded great, keep up the good work.

khadijar woodford says:


Jack Slammer says:

Your vid frm the radio is fantstik...

Tina, Zachary Allen and Christian says:

Hey Drew, We love Astro!! Christian added some cool words, while dancing around the room! We had to listen to it many times. Can't wait for the whole album. Christian reminded Zach that he still owes you a song. See you at the Summit

Tina, Zachary Allen and Christian

Joe Rivers says:

Just Listened to "Bounce", man that's HOT!

TCC Worship Band says:


Wow... what a gift!


Kevin M. Dingle says:

Drew digging the funky guitar playing love your music.

frederic tepper says:

You have inspired me and look forward to your producing/songwriting collaborations. Great new traks that warm the heart and take a lot of the edge off of this present life. God Bless! frederic tepper. says:

Thats a great song Drew! Love Bounce.. Im calling the Weather Channel and demanding they play it! Cant wait to hear more of your new music!

Janelle Ross says:

Hey Drew- thanks for the email updates so happy for your success and the new look is smokin!~I will continue to pray for you!

Anita Dudek says:

Cool new font too!

craig whittaker says:

Nice picture DUDE! I recognize the guitar but who's that guy? :^) Keep up the great work my friend. Really excited for you and looking forward to hearing all the new smooth sounds you've been creating!

Dan Henderson says:

Hey Drew! Happy belated b-day 38 year young. Thanks for the great deal on your CD I couldn't pass that up.

Smooth Groovers says:

Happy Birthday Drew!

All the very Best from Dr Groove & Professor Smooth

Arron says:

Happy 38th Birthday! I will be turning 42 on the 16th as well. I am on my way back to the Gulf. I just got orders to the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72). It will be my first assigment on a carrier and I am stoked. Hopefully I will pick up Senior Chief. Well see.

I like the name Drew Davidson and the Wave. Your music has a sense of relaxation and water.
Keep on smoothin' , Arron

Maggie Neely says:

Happy Birthday Drew!!!!! Thanks for keeping us updated with all your events. It is alwasys good to hear what you are doing. Hopefully I can come hear you on the 23rd at Peabody Court.

Mihyon Chong Ellis says:

Hi Drew,

I hear from Anita that wonderful things are happening in your music world. That's great! I really happy or you. Keep up the good stuff.

Happy Birthday! May the Lord bless you richly!


Leonard Glover Program Director Cruisenjazz/WPMJ says:

first and foremost i would like to wish you a very jazzy happy birthday and being a program director and station engineer i know that rhythm and rhyme goes together, so my vote for the group's name is " THE DREW CREW" cool right! lol hope to see you soon and keep the jazz flowing your friend Leonard

Karen Kennedy says:

Hey Drew! Happy Birthday and congratulations on the new project!
I'll be your age in about 4 months! Hee hee!

Stan Pollmann says:

Hey Drew... found you over at ShoutLife... what an awesome gifting you have!!! God has been really good to you!! My wife and I love smooth jazz and you are definitely up with the greats in my opinion... Be blessed brother... and I hope that we get to see you live someday...on this side!
In Him ...Stan Pollmann

J Sannes says:

So it's about time I got on and listened... wow, you've really come a long way! Please come out to Minneapolis and show these yankees how it's done!

jay a. smith says:

I listened to your entire catalog and enjoyed it, and I don't like jazz. I enjoy your style and sound.


BandChi Tickets says:

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Please post the BandChi Banner to your page and let's make this season the best ever!

Austin Davidesn says:

Man... ther songs is pretty sweet! I'm excited about the future for you! BUT I guess there's no hope of resurrecting Scripture Sounds?!?

Scott Riggan says:

Drew - just stopping by to check out your music. SuhWEET!!! Really great stuff, man. Keep up the great work, Scott

TedtheRabbi says:

this is my friend, DREW DAVIDSEN, about whom I have recently written to you. I believe that when you hear Drew play his SMOOTH JAZZ, you will see the HOLY SPIRIT manifest in his beautiful gift from GOD! Drew is a rising star who I believe will bring much GLORY to GOD in the coming years. Please leave a comment here and remember to mention my name, TEDtheRABBI. If I win a free CD, I might be gifting it to you, since I already have a copy. GOD BLESS YOU, DREW!

Dustin Samuel says:

Drew - Found your song (Astro 1) on the Fan Faves and really enjoyed it. Very nice. Hope my vote helps in a much deserved move up to the top of the charts! I'm anxious to come back to your page and check out all your other songs. God's best!


Honoray says:

i m glad that you made it Drew, God is watchin' over you. i love your music and your touch on guitar.... bless you more.

Joel Buckner says:

Love the music man!

Sandie Dickey says:

Congrats on your"Best Gospel Jazz CD" nomination with Newsome. I popped into your link and gave you a listen. Mmmmmm - love some jazz. You really know how to get the mood going! Got online and voted for you! Best of luck!

Kyle Cantrell says:

Thanks so much! I've listened to your stuff as well, and watched videos! AMAZING!!! Our sound engineer at church plays Jazz in our auditorium while he works during the week. Now he's playing Drew!!!!

Harry Offutt says:

Thank you so much for your contribution and willingness to serve last weekend! Breaking bread on the road was good too, although next time we should find a different BK to eat at!

Les Worsham says:

Congrats on the award bro.
great meeting you at summit. You are the smoothest...


Della says:

Drew, Congrats on the Award! Your set was smokin'---guess that results from being HOT!! hahah. Really enjoyed meeting you, continue to go with God!

Bill Mallia says:

It was great to see you win the jazzy “Big M” award! I think you’ve earned that one, if for no other reason for your great servant’s heart. Thanks for the back up on the CIA acoustic stage and enjoy basking in the spotlight glow of your “re”award!

Bill Mallia
Indieheaven/Gospel Music Association/Left Shore Records Recording Artist
Christian Music That’s Garnished With A Smile And Served Under A Palm Tree!

Cathy Reynolds says:

I was so proud of you. You walk around and talk like you are just this beautiful ordinary guy and then you get up there and serve our MASTER like a lead sheep! You are amazing my friend. Keep up the good work and bless HIS sheep. In HIS love,
Cathy Reynolds

Kerensa Gray says:

Drew, Man! You are indeed the master of smooth! Always a joy to see you and I am looking forward to laying something down together soon. Maybe I'll pop down to Fred and sit in on a Sun morn when I get a weekend off! Be blessed.

Evie Haskell says:

Congrats, Drew! It was great hearing you Saturday night. You're a kick to watch and listen to!

Evie Haskell says:

Drew, You are an incredible talent!

Carrie Lyn says:

Your grooves make a great sound track for find the inner groove the Lord wishes us to know we have - for a soulful celebration with Him and those he intimately blesses us with. Play on . . .and never tire.

Carrie Lyn

Kerensa Gray says:

Lovin the new track Drew. It certainly made me smile :)

Steve Sensenig says:

Congrats on making it to the finals in Instrumental Artist of the Year. I really enjoy your music, and hope that someday we might get the opportunity to work together on something. Your encouragement on the network is second to none. Thanks for being here!

Anita Dudek says:

I like how this new video turned out! The effects are fun!

Becky Carey says:

Very cool music. I find it energizing and relaxing all at the same time. How do you do that? You gifts are Amazing! Like I have said before, your enthusiasm over on the boards is contagious and the constant encouragement you share is priceless! Thanks Drew!

May God bless you greatly as you serve others with your gifts!

Louis Ciavolella says:

digging "T minus 10"

Adriane Blanco says:

I really enjoy your song "Vision Quest". Keep up the kingdom work!
Adriane Blanco

Harry Offutt says:

Drew, West Bound is COOKING!! Can't wait for the new CD!!
You're "on a Mission" Dude!

anita ferrer says:

hi drew, are a rocket! votin for ya for the instrumental artist of the year! your guitar playing is so fluid & innovative...letting you know, your enthusiasm is cathing to us at indieheaven....

Rachel Keagy says:

I'm really enjoying your song Astro 1. Been giving it a good word on the charts too. :-) I've got some new stuff that's got the jazzy influence. I should have it up this Feb after the mixing and mastering is finished. :-)
Blessings ~Rachel :)

Dave Krug says:

"Astro" sounds great! He did a great job on piano... sweet piano solo. Keep it up dude!

Zachary Allen says:

Hi Drew, Thanks for checking out my new songs. Love yours too! See you at the Summit!

Brandon Hixson says:

I love the tunes here!!!!!


Janelle Ross says:

Wow, I read your blog and was so excited for you! You have worked really hard and I am glad to hear that good things are happening, I pray that the Lord continues to bless your ministry!

j.d.allen says:

I love your playing very clean and soothing. I grew up listening to very broad base of music. Kenny Burrel, Jobin (spelling?) Hey check out my songwriting. I have always wanted to do a christian county jazz cd. God has given a great touch for the guitar. jd

Dana Tock says:

Hi Drew,

I thank the LORD for blessing me today through your music.

In Christ - For Christ - Because of Christ,

Mark Cable says:

FIRE and RAIN...oh, my!!! Very nice!!!! Love the effect on your guitar....FAT! (or, uh, HOT!) Great arrangement. Be encouraged, Drew....You're getting even better!

asburyparkangel, anita ferrer says:

hey drew,
back to your page again...that "introspective" is so sweet & haunting. what inspired you on that one? "long way home" has a good vibe too!

Becky Carey says:

Love your music and the contagious passion for your mission that you share over on the boards! I LOVE "Three Kings". I need a new Christmas CD for my collection, so get busy man...ok?

"What is the name of this song?" "It's Too Late" by one of my all time favorite female singer-songwriter's, Carole King. Most definately a very huge early inspiration of mine and this particular song was one of the first that I learned on guitar, but of course, it didn't sound anything like your version. Your talent is amazing and you personally are a blessing! God has great things in store for you and I can hardly wait to see it all unfold! It is already beginning!

anita ferrer says:

hey drew,
what soul, bro! sweet and sassy like caramel over a green apple. listened to all your tunes... very soothing and benson. why aren't you signed? did you know bob blumenthal is accepting submissions at Marselis music? let me know if you'd like the address. be well. you should be a jazz superstar!!!. thanks for your kind compliments about my stuff, chris, my ex boyfriend/guitarist is my hero and you're now my second guitar hero:). you also have a SWEET spirit, my friend...
asbury park angel
anita ferrer

eric brown - drummer says:

hey drew ... i love those songs ... nice touch ,,, and i cant wait to work with you ... man god bless you drew.... much love from your buddy eric brown - (rhythym hitz).

Mr. Blue says:

Hey man NICE music, love your style... You rock @ FCF too. Hey sorry I thought you were that car guy that one time ;)

Michael Hiskey says:

Drew's "Amazing" was chosen BY VOTERS as the number one song on Rockin' Ron's top ten at ten! (8-01-07) Just wanted to stop by and say congrats to you Drew and to encourage anyone reading this to give Drew a listen,... it's over the TOP!,... and is at the top of a lot of people's list including mine,....

Check 'im out!!!

Mark Cable says:

Drew, You added so much to the CD. Your playing was (to borrow a phrase from DD himself) "HOT". Thanks for your input on "Gray Skies...".

Dave Sadler says:

Great stuff Drew! Keep up the good work! Love the sound!


Stephen Bautista says:

Hey Drew, not only is your playing technically amazing, but the textures you paint are true artistry! It was great meeting you at CIA and I hope I get a chance to see you in action sometime.

Ken Lang says:

Drew - I love your grooves!!! Excellent guitar work!!!

Arron Franck says:

Any new music we can expect? Keep going with your jam. If you are ever in Seattle give me a ring, I would love to show you the town.
Goodluck and God speed,

Joe Rivers says:

Man this music is HOT!

Becky Wright says:

Drew, what a joy it was to meet you (although too briefly!) at the CIA Summit! I'm glad to call you my BROTHER!! Your music is top-notch, and glorifies our Creator God!! Becky

Harry Offutt says:

It was a pleasure working on your website and supporting your mission!

"Inspiring and empowering others to excellence through the joy of music"
What a great mission!

Chris Carder says:

Hey Drew,
Sweet Music brother! My dad was a jazz drummer and your music brings back some good memories. Keep rockin' my brother. God bless you.

Harry Offutt says:

Drew it has been so much fun watching you bloom as an artist. You are ready, willing, and able to go where called while being excellent at your craft!
That's HOT!

chris lucas says:

Hey Drew - the music sounds fabulous, man! So solid!! Are you and Brad playing All Along The Watchtower on the video? Ha!

Michael Hiskey (IH) says:

I LOVE the groove on "Straight Up"! That tune is just plain Smokin',... period. There's some really sweet efforts here all around bro,...

Ya'll check this guy out! ----> ***** <-----

Kerensa (of Soul'd) says:

DREW....You are AWSOME! God continues to shine through you .... let Him shine man! (btw, feeling the love, thanks!)

Joey Nicholson says:

hey Drew! I love your music...and thanks for the cd at the summit... It's awesome and you are too!

Arron Franck says:

Smooth jams. I am truly impressed with your skill sets. Great to hear from you after all these years. USS John Hancock was a fun time. You should chek this website "" to find more shipmates.
Later, Arron

Zachary Allen says:

Hi Drew,

Thanks for the comment on my page. I never really listened to jazz before, but I like your music a lot. Hope to see you again soon!

Zachary Allen

Weathered Soul says:

Great to hear someone stick to who they are in music. Love the playing.

Weathered Soul

The Project says:

Hey Man,
Thanks for the comments and support. Your music is the type I would sit and relax to and focus on what life is about. It is soooooo relaxing.

Tyler Montgomery says:

Hey man, I love your sound. Great smooth feel and beautyful grooves. I've gotta get a cd. I've always been really into jazz because i play sax to. This has been a real blessing.

Jerimae says:

Hey man- Smooooth! Good to hear you also.

Andy Hood says:


I've been listening to your music all day in my office! I have to honestly say that I've never really listened to jazz before today and I am really impressed! Love the tone and the feel of your music! God Bless, Andy Hood

Michael O'Brien says:

Yes Man!! You got it bro. Love the sound...

Barney Villarreal says:

Got one of your CD's. Very sweet, my friend... very sweet...

Barney Villarreal says:

Thanks for the comments on my music. I so appreciate it. I LOVE yours, man. Saweeet! I hope to really get involved here so it's nice to hear from people like you.

Craig Whittaker says:

Really enjoyed meeting you at the Summit! The talent God has blessed you with is really amazing! The guitar work is smooth as silk my brother!
Show them Jesus,

John Carlson says:

Drew . . . totally diggin the podcasts . . . you're a riot! Great stuff. Keep it comin! And totally groovin' on the CD - thanks for sharin' with me at the Summit! You got the whole deal happenin' bro - keep it up!

- John Carlson/Sax

Nathan George says:

Drew - very nice guitar work!



Joyce Spalding says:

I love smooth jazz and happy to be able to get purchase your cd. Thanks!

David King says:

I'd give it 11 if I could. Great playing and even better arrangements. Little Wing is marvellous and the Celtic tinges to Vision Quest are lovely. Moves effortlessly between acoustic and electric guitar - and the sax weaves in and out of the melodies unobtrusively. Great stuff Drew.

Terry Webster says:

Awesome!!! I am a huge fan of Jazz...let me know if you ever need a flugel horn...I would love to serve with you!

csongor huba says:

Hy Drew, Your CD is very cool.I very like it.The sound is super.Congratulations.You are a talented guitarist.Yes! Csongor Huba Hungary

Captain Richie says:


Keith@ Indieheaven says:

Drew.. your new music sounds HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! Love it.. Very impressive!

Tom Scalmato says:

I'm a 60yr old man that plays drums for a hobbie &I can't wait to buy your cd.Awsom!

sheli noel says:

LOVE JAZZ! Wow! You're awesome! Love the smooth tunes! Thanks for the comment!

Music Man says:

Fantastic. I love your sound and style.

Kenneith Perrin says:

Outstanding grooves, Drew! Your sound is really refreshing!

Dave Evans says:

Wow! Drew, you got it! Love "Full Circle". Fantastic guitar work. Keep it up, Dave Evans

Terri Shamar says:

This is the best christian jazz I've ever heard! Thank you for your smooth sound. Very, very nice. Blessings to you!

Doc Adams says:

Love your sound! Great to have Christian Jazz. You're amazing!

Debbie Rice says:

Awesome Drew! I love the 'Drews News' feature! Great sound & production here. You are Blessed!!

Harry Offutt says:

Drew, You just keep making it happen! Great guitar, Great production, Great Smooth Jazz! Keep it up!

David from 9th Hour says:

Drew...I was listening to the radio charts at work today. I had to stop multi-tasking and click back to the radio chart window to see how was making that awesome jazz sound! Great stuff man. Glory to the King!

Ted Miller, Jr says:

Radical! Drew D, Dude! Praise the Lord! THANKS for stopping by the CMC Yahoo group. You are really JAZZING the place up a bit. That’s the Spirit! Full Circle (and all the rest) is/are very light and uplifting, refreshing, like you just stepped out of the Jordan! Blessings of Our Lord, Jesus! --- TedtheRabbi

Denise Dovel says:

Great music! Congrats on your nomination!

Mark (flight theory) says:

Nice Hendrix cover.. I really like the solo work and the variation on sound texture... Nice work and good arrangement... Great guitar skills too!

Jeremie Murfin (ideofunk) says:

You've got great tone! I like how your playing is understated but very well done, it makes your listener want to hear more. Nice work!

Alicia Baker says:

E xcellent, excellent,excellent work!!!Keep on playing!!!!!

Elizabeth Her says:

Always praise the Lord. You're Awesome Lee!!!

Randy Goldenberg says:

Drew I feel so blessed that the Lord has lead you to share the talents He has given you here at FCF church --I hope we have many years serving Christ together !!

Karen M. Kennedy says:

NICE SOUND DREW!!!! I am really enjoying "The Journey" right now! Your music just uplifts me! Blessings!

Bobby Bush says:

Hi Drew, Nice tracks! Thanks for visiting our site here at IH. Groove is where it's at brother so thanks for being there with it! Check out our website which has more info about us. The new CD features a number of smooth jazz and contemporary jazz players, with arrangements by yours truly. Peace! May the Lord continue to bless your ministry brother! In Christ... Bobby Bush H.M.M.

Janelle Ross says:

What you can do with that guitar is amazing! May God continue to bless your ministry!

Rick Bogart says:

Drew!! You are truly a God annointed talent and a pleasure to be around! Keep Keeping on, more people need to hear your great music!!

Ric Holloway 3inOne says:

Great album Drew. Thanks for directing me to your site... I love it. May God bless you richly.

Michael Hiskey says:

This would be like, one of the best "drivin'-in-your-car" CD's. I listened to "A Good Life" about six times. It's freakin' hypnotic! Killer stuff Drew!

Bob Evans says:

Looking forward to playing your music on

Alicia Baker says:

love your music! Keep on going

Bryan from Mended Vessels says:

Love the groove. Harmonies are nice. Rock On.

danny from mile7 says:

I love the quirky, laid-back style of your songs!

Becky Wright says:

David, such TRUTH in your song on the chart! Thanks for sharing your gift! Love the testimony about where you were BAPTIZED, too! Cool! (My hubby was a Navy Chaplain during that time, and served during the Gulf War, too!) Blessings! Becky Wright

Wesley Waldron says:

Hi Drew, I just checked out your website too. "After Church" was cool. I liked all of them, really. Nice grooves. Go man.

dave krug says:




Drew Davidsen says:

I love this site! What a blessing it is to be on here with such a wide range of talent. D

Austin Jarrett says:

Great Job! Keep going.

Drew Jarrett says:

Really liked your song 'Grace'! and the poicture with the quitar

Joseph Oznot says:

Good Job! I'm looking forward to the new cd!!!

Kyle Dixon says:

Drew is my guitar teacher and he is very very

Kerri Crocker says:

Welcome and blessings to you! Thanks for being a vessel for the KING!!!

Emma Heffron says:

Drew, not only are you an excellent teacher but also an excellent artist!!!

Dave Krug says:

Awesome man!!! I like the song "mo luv"

Austin Davidsen says:

Alright Drew!!!... Way to looks like you have arrived!

Melani J says:

Hey Drew, I love this one. Keep up the good work!

Rick LaRocca says:

Welcome to Indieheaven Drew. To coin a phrase, "it takes a village raise an indie". I've discovered that the Holy Spirit does indeed preside over us here.

Bill & Marie Geer says:

Easy listening & a glory to the Lord. Thanks for sharing your gift.

Mathew Lane says:

Nicely done, bro.

Jorge Ayala says:

WoW! Great charts that are wonderfully put together!

John Lane says:

Mr. Davidsen is the next Joe Satriani Superstar.

Maggie Neely says:

You and your music are Amazing!

David Stein says:

Absolutely Awesome!!

Heather Donahue says:


Dawn Hohl says:

Really enjoyed your music (Maggie Neely recommended that I visit your site). Great to have a local talent!

Eric Washington says:

Keep up the good work! It's good to see you're in pursuit of your dreams. May you achieve all that God has for you.

Shirley Kanno says:

Realy Smooth!!

Ellen Schneider says:

I loved this interpretation, It is going into my favorites!!!

John Sullivan says:

excellent music from a very talented guitarist and musician.

lani bersch says:

Nice Work Andrew. You do us proud.

kirk kness says:

Incredible !

Vaughn Vigil says:

Easy to listen to. Great at work.

Richard Walton says:

Drew is the most creative musician I know and it's a blessing to work with him. All of his songs are top-notch. This man uses the gifts that God gave him for His glory!!

Cassandra Orem says:

Way to go Drew. I am proud to say, "I knew you when..." Put me on your mailing list- I want your CDs...

richard brightbill says:

Good Luck ... May Grace be with you

andrew neely says:

BOY ROCKS, he's worked very hard for ever on his music. way to go drew, proud to call you my friend, keep the music comming,WB.:) ,ANDREW

Courtney Banks says:

Fantastic! I'd love an autographed copy of the album!

Pastor Rick Leineweber says:

Drew Davidsen is a gifted musician who has written and performed songs to support the themes of several different ministry initiatives here at Grace Fellowship Church. Drew's music is always authentic and from his heart. I've always sensed that he is first and foremost looking for the applause of heaven. Keep up the God honoring work Drew!

Dave Krug says:

Keep it up! I like your song- "Mellow Rain"- more edge and pop to the mix- as one of the last people said. Keep practicing those lydian and augmented scales. :)

ariana neely says:

thats good. can i have a copy of the cd

Neal Cowan says:

I love your song. Well done Neal (Kudzu Dad) Cowan

R H says:

Very creative, well-balanced, nicely produced. I feel it needs edge, though.

Terry Jarratt says:

As always, superb!

Tecla Heuring says:

Wonderfully creative!

Harry Offutt says:

Hey Drew! Great to see your stuff here. You are a master of the guitar!

Anita Dudek says:

I love it!

Keith@ Indieheaven says:

Great having you with us..I wish you all the best!

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