Becky WrightLATEST STATUS: Speaking 4 retreat in KS Jan.22-23, OK City church 1/24, Evang. Conf. 1/25-26, AFRICA Feb. 7-27th! More:

Skylar Kaylyn says:

Hi Becky =) Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my page! It means a lot. Your music is very inspiring and personal to me and my family, as my mom (Summer) said in her comment. God bless in your ministry! ♥

Summer Whelchel says:

Becky - my daughter, Skylar Kaylyn and I just read your comment on her page. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words to her...we have been thrilled to join IndieHeaven and be surrounded by like-minded people who are all working towards the goal of serving our Lord through music. On a side note after listening to some of your great music, we adopted a foster child 6 1/2 years ago...though a hard journey, one through which we know God will continue to work miracles in her life and in ours! May God continue to bless you in your ministry!

Jo Piantine says:

How do I get a copy of the lrics for "I Have You Away."

Jennifer Benson says:

Love your songs!

Kithy says:

Beautiful new songs Becky. Wonderful job. Precious heart you have. <3

Gayla K.Stucky says:

What a beautiful voice! And the song ALWAYS BE MOM AND DAD is a great song ...Thanks for sharing would love to have the CD is it out yet?

Doug Hallock says:

Hey Becky,
I like your music - a lot! Great vocal - especially like your Rock Of Ages rendition.
Doug Hallock

Sherrie Eldridge says:

Becky, dear friend. God has so gifted you to sing His truths. I'm listening to the song your sister wrote and you sang with her. "When we go Home..."---I can't wait, can you? I still pray we can work together someday soon. Love, Sherrie

Keith Caldwell says:

Becky, I just loved the new song, "Act of Life". What a wonderful message in such a wonderfully written song. I absolutely loved the Moses story brought into the song. Genious! (This is why you win songwriter of the year!!!!!)

sandra Loyd says:

to all christans of music i know becky sings for our lord keep on spreading the gospel songs.

Clay Howell says:

You are TRULY an inspiration. Keith and I talk of you often and love what you do SO much. We brag about our Okie sister and what you are doing. We have just been given the opportunity to co-host an internet radio show together for the Texas Christian Songwriters Assoc. We will do 2 shows per month, 55 minutes in length. It will be songwriters from our organization promoting their stuff. Keith and I will pick it and give each songwriter/artist a brief moment to intro their song. I think it will be a great medium for songwriters. I really think it would be good if you contacted John Herschenberg who is our fearless leader, (you can add him as a friend on facebook) and get a chapter going in OK. It's really an awesome opportunity. Love ya and praise God for ya! Clay

Martin Uppendahl says:

A actual life powerful personal testimony in song.
- Very Good

Cynthia Ward says:

I am so touched by your music, I am now a grandma. time goes so quickly.

ruth sese says:

your song child of my heart how beautiful i lived in vanuatu for 4 years and addopteda beautiful baby girl her name gracy. from the grace of god she is now almost 6 we live inaustrlia thank u for the beautiful comfort of your worship

Pam Michaud says:

Becky, I just love your new adoption song, "Call Me Loved". I adopted my daughter at 10 days old. She is now 41 yrs old and is my only child left as my biologicial son passed away in his sleep at age 37. So my dear, as an Adoptive Mom I thank you for what you are doing for our children. PS I attended your concert in Maine last yr. and had a chance to talk to you. You sure have a full house now. God Bless. Please come back to Maine soon. With God's Blessings, Pam

Bob Getz says:


You have a wonderful and blessed talent. I am moving business wise into wealthier circles but not getting that way myself yet. I do hope to do something for you in a monetary way. I am building a list that I hope to use. I thank you for including me in your life.

God Bless,


jamie williams says:

when are you going to have more of the "Child of My heart" CD's available??

Stevvi Alexander says:

Hi Becky! I apologize for the late response but I was so glad to get your email! You are so sweet and I am so appreciative that you logged on to hear that last radio show. Isn't the greatest? Will you be attending the CIA Summit? I plan on being there and it would be great to meet and hang out a bit. Be blessed! Oh and BTW if you think about it check out the song I have on the fan faves chart. If you like it please vote! I need all the support I can get......Bye Becky and let me know if I can do anything to support your ministry!

Steve Thaemert says:

Hey, sweet... I can leave comments again!

Becky... I'm always a friend and fan!! Be blessed!!!


Dawn Curtis, Arkansas Adoption Coalition says:

Becky this is a great song. You have outdone yourself with this one. Great Job. Thank you for what you’re doing to help our cause.

Frances Drost says:

Hi Becky,

It's great to meet you! Thanks for introducing yourself. I see that you're from OK - I lived in Broken Arrow for a couple of years to attend Rhema - some of the best years of my life!!! I have relatives in OK too and I love the state. Hopefully we'll meet up somehow - maybe at the Summit? God's blessings to you and your ministry.


call me love is....... beautiful WOW good stuff BECKY

Trish Whitney says:

Becky, I love your new song. It's beautiful!
Your BFF in Kansas City
Trish Whitney

Rachel Keagy says:

Wow you guys, how amazing! So very often I have fear of moving forward but His power and strength always speak to me to move on ahead because He has it covered. You are in my prayers! I can't wait to be able to host you when you travel through TX sometime. :-) And thanks for voting for me :-) Blessings to you on the road! ~Rachel

Shannon Smith (The Imperials) says:

Becky, Just a quick note to officially thank you for all of your work in making our trip to Muskogee as success. You did great and we really appreciate everything you did. We enjoyed singing with you and really appreciated you sharing so effectively your heart and what the Lord has given you through your songs. The "Child of My Heart" song was particularly touching. Thanks again for sharing! Blessings! Shannon Smith (The Imperials)

Sharon Anthony says:

My family have been Very Blessed to know Becky Wright & her God given talent for writing, singing, and playing all for God's Glory, (not hers) that speaks 150% in her favor! When Becky wrote & recorded her award winning song, "Child of my Heart" with Tommy Brandt, she called to see if she could take a picture of our 2 children, ( we have adopted them) to use on her cover, of course we were excited & now when we go somewhere & the children see the CD they are excited. Our oldest, 8 knows the song by heart.

We have attended some of her concerts & Becky is so comfortable in front of people, the Light of Jesus shines brightly around her & everyone that is in attendance knows that they have been blessed. She also seems to know what songs she needs to sing as I have heard remarks like, "how did she know I was really hurting & that song really spoke to my heart." That's Becky!! God's Blessings, Anthony Family

Cathy Reynolds says:

Hey, Becky, I love your new song. It is so beautiful and mellow. I can hear your love for our SAVIOR in your voice. Did you write that? Take care my friend.
Cathy Reynolds

tricia zody says:

Becky, I was perusing Tommy Brandt's website and saw the promo of your duet on "Child of My Heart". So....I then went to your website and read that you recently signed a publishing contract. Congratulations! You truly are a gifted writer and I know God is going to expand your ministry far beyond your dreams. Blessings, Tricia

Kerensa Gray says:

Becky, I just wanted to stop by and let you know what a joy it was to finally meet you in person at the summit! I'll be working on dates and touching base real soon!

scott riggan says:

Hey Becky, just listening to and enjoying your music. You've got a gift for storytelling in song (I've just never been able to pull that off, personally)... :-) I'm going to be coming through Oklahoma in late June - got any venue suggestions for me? God bless, Scott

Lara Marriott says:

Hi Becky ~ I enjoyed listening to your songs. You are quite a songwriter. = ) Have fun opening for the Imperials. I got to see them in concert a while ago and they were awesome. Let us know how it went. God bless ~

Rachel Keagy says:

Hi Becky,
What a great new picture!!! Hey are you going to the summit this year?
I'm registered to go. I hope you are doing well.
Love and Hugs ~Rachel :)

della says:

Thanks for your kind and uplifting words! I am so honored. I really enjoy reading your informative and heartfelt posts on the boards. Congrats on your successes with your mission. You keep goin' girl! Hopefully we'll meet at the Summit! Can't wait to listen to your song with cello/pno./voice!

Dawn Reed says:


Although we have never actually met, I feel like I have known you all my life, just by our phone conversations. You are such a blessing to me. We have been going throught the adoption process for the last 2 1/2 years. The reality is setting in and and we are finally seeing the end of this journey and are about to begin a new one. God is so good! We will finalize on our son very soon. Through this process I have never ever lost faith that God will see this through and give me the strength I need to endure each day of unknowns. There have been days when I have felt so tired but when I talked with you, you always made me feel better. I could hear God's love, faith and amazing grace in your voice. I give all praise to God! You have helped me so much , you have given peace. When I needed to hear Gods love, I did when you spoke to me. You entered my life at just the right time! You are my friend and sister for the rest of my life. You are so gifted, your songs really are from the heart.

Rachel Keagy says:

Hey! Thanks so much for putting up with us this weekend. ;-) And I'm so glad it worked out for us to travel together. What a blessing. God is Good! Please know that I'm so glad to know you and I'm looking forward to watching your journey in all you do for Him.

Mitzi Bradley says:

Becky's personality and love for the Lord along with her music has been such an inspiration to my daughter and family. Her voice is so soothing when she sings. She sings with such conviction that you can't help but feel and hear the message that God has for you that day. Epesians 3:20 Triple AAA, Abudantly Above All, God has a plan and it so much better than our own. Keep singing and inspring others!!!

Jennifer Vickrey says:

Hi Becky!

Love Your Music!! You are very blessed!

Your Fellow Okie!
Jennifer Vickrey

Chris Carder says:

Hey Becky!

Just thought I would come by and say hello. How are you? You are a servant of encouragement and I jsut wanted to say hello when I came by your name again....(which happens often!) God bless you!

Steve Thaemert says:

Hi Becky, good to see - and hear - you are doing well.

Much love and blessings! :)

Matt says:

Thanks for leaving a comment on my page! I appreciate it. Thanks again.

Drew SPIDER Minshew says:

when an angel touches one and they speak their hearts in song and verse the whole world will know the truth . and will be set free, a small pebble rolling down hill can and will create a landslide . always be ready to be a pebble for GOD. simply beautifull songs . and so full of heart

chris lucas says:

Hey Becky - you sure have a lot of great music hear, and great singing too.
Keep blessing us!

Drew Davidsen says:

Becky- Thanks for dropping by my page! I love your new music. Nice production. How is it full-time?

Eddie Cavazos says:

Hi Becky,

Hope all is going well! Congratulations on your recent accomplishments! May God continue to bless your ministry in a wonderful way!

Laura & Eddie Cavazos

Joy Rose says:

When Becky sings she sounds like an angel. MAMAPALOOZA is proud to feature Becky as a Mom who with a powerful message, who inspires us all.
Joy Rose

Cyndie Short says:

Well, what can I say, words can't really express how awsome a singer and a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ that Becky really is. But I can try to tell you some things I know. Becky always gives of herself needlessly, not only to her family, but to her community. She is true fisher of men. She herself has had such tradgedy and loss, yet keeps on trudging though all
the muck and the mire to deliver Gods Word. She has been able to help
many huring people, by sharing her loss of her younger sister, Liz, a couple of years ago, by drowning. Her own needs are many, but you rarely hear about that. She is truly an inspiration to me and my daughter. We love you Becky. Keep Praising Him.
<>< Cyndie Short

Donald & Twila Shaw says:

Just wanted to comment on the kindness of Becky Wright. On September 21, 2006 we received a call that our little boy was waiting for his "forever home". He was three weeks old and had been left in hospital. We brought him home on September 26. What a beautiful and exciting day! We had planned to have him dedicated on April 15, 2007 and wanted to have a "special song" to go along with the slide show being presented of all the pictures of his journey so far! We heard the song "Child of My Heart" on Riverside Country and immediately knew it was the song we needed. It was as if it was written directly from our hearts. I contacted Becky through her website and we spoke on the phone, it was as if I was talking to an old friend - she immediately made arrangements to get the song to us for the day of Brennan's dedication! It has been so nice to deal with someone "so real"! We love the song and it sure made his dedication service special. It was perfect. Thank you Becky for being so kind to us. We look forward to more "Becky songs"! Keep writing from your heart.

Lisa Harris says:

Becky Wright--an inspiration. It is an honor to know such a wonderful and talented woman of God. To me, she has displayed a woman who is not afraid to step out of the routine of her daily life and take the time to touch others. Whether it be through the words of her songs or simply the testimony of her life in play each day, she is truly a blessing to all. I respect her sincere commitment to sharing the gospel around the world.

Mandy Merchant says:

Your songs are very popular in our home! You have a good voice. {{{ I'm very proud of my Aunt Becky! }}} (BTW, I designed her website-hehe)

Emily Reynolds says:

Thanks for being a great, and wonderful aunt..God Bless you, Emily

Chris Carder says:

Hey Becky, 'This Day' is a great song. I likes it! God bless you.

Sanghun Kwak says:

I used to live with Becky and her family while studying abroad last year, 2006. I always felt happy with Becky because of her kindness and beautiful songs. She wrote the song "Momma Would Be Proud" about Jenny, her little niece who lost her mom when she was only two years old. I feel that Becky loves her sister in Heaven and her niece, Jenny a lot when I listen to the song. Every morning, I start my daily life with her songs. I set up my audio to play "This Day (Blessing)", her first song in her album "No Denying", automatically every morning. It wakes me up and makes me have a cheerful day without annoying sounds, unlike an alarm clock. Becky's songs became a part of my life. Whenver I come back home from my school, I play her songs and it makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. I can never forget Becky and her songs even in my home country, Korea. My mom also said, "Becky's songs are greatly impressive and her voice is like a heavenly sound."

Len Peele says:

Becky, Your songs are spiritually uplifting, emotionally charged and flowing with the message of God's love...You are truly gifted and called to serve him in a special way. Blessings to you!

Glorya Wilson says:

What a great friend! Thanks for being obedient to the call of God on your love. We love your music and play you often at the radio station Blessings

KNGR says:

We would like to encourage you fans of Becky Wright to go to www.kingcountry.orgfollow AGAPE FEST links and vote for her in FEMALE HORIZON Remember you must vote in all categories. All the artists are GREAT and need your votes. Looking forward to seeing Becky at Agape Fest 07.

chris carder says:

great voice and lyrics. God bless you, Becky!

Kenneith Perrin says:

Outstanding lyrics, voice & music!! What a great ministry! God's blessings on tomorrow's concert!!

David D says:

Nice work...very well crafted songs.

Von Bach says:

Becky, THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!! Whew, they mean so much to me. Just had to come on over and show some LOVE! I love your music, girl, keep working those blessed gifts!! GLORY!!!

Tim Lovell says:

Hi Becky Great site. You have some great songs.Keep up the good work.

Ben Smit says:

Great song !... sure a HIT ! Ben Smit The Edge The Netherlands

Kristyn Leigh says:

Becky Your songs are so true..keep on writing!

Sam Dougherty says:

Very powerfull writing and music. These songs are definately annointed. Keep it up!

Carolyn Haney says:

Becky, Your words are full of power. Thank you for giving us lyrics that speak the truth of Gods love and mercy. Your songs are healers and I feel it deep within my heart when I listen. God Bless you!

Evelyn Moffett says:

Becky, your songs ministered to me. You are truly an anointed gift from God.

Amy Graham says:

Susan thank you for your kind words! You rock!Blessings!

Katie Marie says:

I love your songs..the lyrics, the voice! God bless you and your ministry. -Katie Marie

Mitch Townley says:

Can't wait to write with you...thanks for the encouragement Mitch

lnda leake says:

really good music and lyrics ienjoy your sound keep praising him love your sound love frpm the brysn bone fan family god bless

Craig Whittaker says:

The pure desire to honor our Lord shines through your music! Great work and I know that many are being touched by your music and ministry. Press on!

Kerri Crocker says:

WOW! God is using you girl :-) What an honor to touch people's heart with the music God gave you! Many blessings to you and your ministry. I'd love to sing with ya sometime :-)

John Carlson says:

Sounds great Becky. What heart and emotion that comes through in your songs and that great "Oklahoma" voice of yours!

Chris Reynolds says:

I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful concert last night. It was a privilege to be able to participate. Your songs were a real blessing as well as your words on God's sovereignty, grace, and election. God chose us, God's plan is perfect and He is always in control.

Lisa Gregorio says:

"Child of My Heart" is only one of our family favorites. Adoption has made us a family and we have other family members and several friends that have adopted children as well. Keep up the Lord's work! Your music is wonderful!

Connie Strange says:

Good to hear from you! Yes, it was a pleasur to meet you last year. May God continue to bless you in your mission.

Stacy McFarland says:

God uses your earthly voice to speak to my heart! Thank you for obeying His call on your life!

Asami Molina says:

Your concert was 'AWESOME', not in the term that teens would use, but I really felt reverence and presence of the Lord in the concert. I could not believe many people did not stay, and yet, it was exactly the God's Planning that I didn't have to worry about others so that I could receive full message that He has spoken through you. I was fully blessed that day, and love and joy remain in my heart.

Brad Wilson says:

Becky, I just wanted you to know that as usual, your new song is a winner! You have such a gift and I'm thrilled to share that gift with my radio audience. It makes the show sound better!! You are a MAJOR talent. Keep it up. I know that it can get very tough doing God's work...but the light at the end of the tunnel is worth it! The great thing is along the way you and your wonderful voice hit a chord in people that re-assures them of a higher power they can always depend on. You Da Woman!! Sincerely, Brad

Tony Curtis says:

As I closed my eyes to listen to your singing, your words really spoke to me.

Kimberly Delker says:

You touched our touched our children...thank you

Noah Delker says:

You're music is the best

Nick Delker says:

I like your music. You made me smile.

Ryan Hirschy says:

Keep up the great work! God has definately blessed your ministry..

Robert Smith says:

Great sound Becky love your voice.

Sunny Mays says:

You have a very rich voice. (IH artist)

Drew Davidsen says:

Thanks for the rate. That's cool about your Hubby. Your music sounds great. Drew

Aya Moriwaki says:

I love your song and yourself. Thank you for everything.

Michiko Saiki says:

I love your voice very much! I want to be a singer like you!! Thank you.

Lim Joo Hee says:

I was happy to hear your song!!! you sing very well^^ I like that~ I really enjoyed your song last evening ^^

youn jung choi says:

I enjoyed your concert!It was great!and I want to see your concert again. ^^

Tracy Stambaugh says:

Oh my goodness! "While It Is Day" is so powerful! I know these songs are straight from the throne of God! Keep up HIS good work!

Michael Hiskey says:

Thank you for your support and for giving of yourself! Way cool,...

Bryan Bone says:

It sure is a small world! Your music is great. Keep spreading the word!

Cathy Reynolds says:

Becky,what a beautiful full resinate voice! GOD Bless

sharla reynolds says:

wonderful, revitalizing, refreshing!

David Morrill says:

Sounds great, Becky! You have quite a talent, keep praising Jesus!

Daniel Welch says:

Thank You for Your support, it means a whole lot coming from another musician and vocalist. Keep in touch. God bless You!!!

Charles Bergman says:

As the Christian foster parents of Hannah, we thank you for your inspirational music. Hannah is a blessing to many and your song will touch many more lives for Christ. Thank you and God Bless You.

Bree Noble says:

Hey Becky. Nice voice. Heard from my great friend Liz that you have an awesome song on yoru album called "The Blessing"? Is it available for listening online? Congrats on the Tv appearance!

Jermaine Donaldson says:

Thanks a million for the comments and the welcome to IH. You know I got the pleasure of listening to your music and I wish I had "I Give Thanks" @ my wedding!!! (smile)

Jennifer Shaw says:

Becky, thanks for your welcome to IH! Im so glad you liked my song, and I really enjoyed checking out your music - how God is using you!

Dale J Mayer says:

Becky, what a wonderful blessing you are. Your songs are fresh and touching... and beautifully done. I especially like 'Friends Like You'. May God continue to bless your labor of love for Him.

Josh Talbert says:

This is my mother, and I can't say enough how proud of her I am. Her music, I know, has touched and related to a lot of lives from people all over the world that listen; myself included. Way to go mom!!!!

Angela Bryant-Brown says:

Becky, Your music and voice are a blessing! I am honored by your compliment. Know that I am praying for you. Your Sis.In Christ!

Jon Polson says:

Voted for your' tune just now, sounds great, & congrats on the awards! God bless you Friend!

Sharon Anthony& Family says:

We are so excited for your album & YOU to be on the charts HIGH!! God has & is Blessing! Amen! Love You!

Ralph Jefferse says:

hey Becky! an Okie, eh? cool..hey, thanks for your comment. Love your song and doing the rating thing. I'm going to be close your area, Marble City, OK, in a week or so on a youth mission trip...

Denise Dovel says:

Hey Becky - I'm voting for you, sistah! Thanks for your encouragement, too! By the way, I am in Russia adopting our new son right now! God Bless!

Ron Curtis says:

Hey Becky your song "While it is day" should in my opinion be a lot higher on the charts then what it is presently. A great song with a great message for us all. I think we sometimes get caught up in our music and ourselves that we forget about ministering to those in need and especailly the lost souls. Great song. I thank God that He has given you a gift to write and sing His praises. Blessings, Ron Curtis "Devoted to lifting up Christ one song at a time."

Eddie Cavazos says:

Becky, thank you so much for your note and for your vote! "While it is Day" is simply awesome! What a catchy melody and feel-good song with a voice to match! God Bless!

Malcolm Cumming says:

I have listened to a number of Indie artists and find that either the song or the voice lack something. You, Becky, have both a great voice and terrific songs with a strong message. Good luck for the future I'm sure we will hear much more about you.

Tammi Perry says:

Wow! Your songs are incredible. I enter right into the throne room of God. God bless you and your talent.

hank wright says:

Great new music. wow. This is taking off like an eagle. When can we buy your new project?

Liz Cox says:

Becky, I can't tell you how much it means to me to see the way God is using you to touch hearts and LITERALLY change lives. You're the real deal, girl! Don't ever change!

Bill Andersen says:

Becky, your powerful music and inspired lyrics are reflections of the depth of your love for Christ, your convictions and the light within your heart. God bless you and your ministry!

Steve Thaemert (Precious Red) says:

Becky, nice meeting you at the Summit... can't wait to hear the new music! I love your heart, thank you for sharing it.

Kay Taylor says:

Becky, Thank you so much for your wonderful song "Child of My Heart" It really touches my heart. God bless you and your ministry.

common destiny says:

Becky, thanks for your comments and rating! God Bless, common destiny

Mike Cowan says:

Soaring vocals, spacious, and lyrics grounded in the Word! Loved it. thanks for the's mine! ~mike (kudzu)

terri henson says:

i love it

Angel Marie says:

I love NO Denying and go to the INdie board every day to vote for you. You are very talented and you music touches my soul ( as a former singer , turned poet) Thank you for sharing your heart!

Matthew MacPhail says:

Hi Becky! Matt from News At Eleven here...thanks for checking us out. Thanks for the vote & we'll do the same!

Mike Sharpe says:

Becky Wright presented a "mini" concert last night at our church's revival. She is AWESOME with a capital A. This beautiful lady has a special gift from God and she touched my heart in a very special way.

Bradley S. Cobb says:

Thanks for voting for me on the Radio Chart. I have been voting for you as well! Your music is a real blessing.

Lisa Crum says:

Wonderful singing voice, Becky. I liked the entire lineup of sampler songs...can't wait to hear your new album when it comes out. Godspeed!

Ron Curtis says:

Hi Becky, I really like your music alot. "I'm pray'n for you is a great song and I really like "Momma would be proud." Great voice. Keep blessing us with your music. ron

Craig Ledford says:

I have truly enjoyed listening to your songs. My download speed is 24 kbps. That's slow! It was worth the wait to listen to you sing! May God bless you!

Donna Aylor says:

A voice that resonates to the heart with each of Becky's songs.She truly knows how to convey the emotion through her melodies and message.A powerful voice that deserves to be heard! Bravo

Jim Black says:

Becky's heart comes through in her music, moving the listener to the heart of God. I look forward to her new project!

Sally Mayo says:

I'am very proud of you Becky. You are going to make it.

Jeff Eaton says:

Becky, you rock, girl! See ya at CIA Summit!

Maleah Pace says:

"Child of My Heart" is indeed a beautiful song! Truely a gift to all who have loved a child not their own. I intend to invite others to hear it.

Glenn & Jeanne Peterson says:

Just listened to No Denying and it really blessed us. Also "Child of My Heart" is so powerful. His blessings....

Sharon Montgomery says:

I have kept foster children and the words in "Child of My Heart" are just what these poor children need to hear. It is an annointed song!

cyndie short says:

Great work Becky!!!

Tammi Cabral says:

WOW! Girl you did it! Remember me? Peggs United Methodist Church; teenage girls that loved the Lord and wanted to sing for him? You were gifted with the voice, we just loved being around you as your light shined bright with His love. I am SO PROUD of you! I knew God had a plan for your life and I am so glad you followed Him down lifes path. God Bless you girl, and please remember this... I have always through all these years, prayed for you and my prayers have been answered! In His Service, Tammi

Mark Ivins says:

Sounds great! "No Denying" you are using your talent to glorify God! Keep up the good work! Mark - Fellow IH artist

Sharian Montford says:

Never met you but your spirit sips threw the emails.Thanks for helping me. So with that God is blessing you mightily for taking out a moment of your time. Your voice and songs are that of the angels singing and glorifying God.Be Blessed.

Cliff Short says:

Beautiful and heart felt song.

Steve Parsons says:

You're a brave, thought-provoking writer Becky... Great stuff.

Yvonne Perkins (IH) says:

Just listen to "Child of my Heart" love it. I'm a counselor for adoptive/guardianship family and this song gives me a new tool in working with my families to help them understand "child of my heart" Your bio speaks volume of your love for our savior. Thanks for your comment & rating

Kim Krenik says:

Becky, thanks for your comment - and your rating! Hey, you are quite a powerful writer, and no doubt you have walked through much which reflects in the depth of your songs. Maybe we will get to sing together one day - or co-write!! Blessings!!!

Derrick Long says:

Keep up the Good Work

Chas Miller says:

Becky, thanks for visiting our site, NarroPath and your kind rating. Came by to visit and really enjoyed your music. Loved the production too. Keep up the great work and may God bless.

alice roberts says:

Becky, What a beautiful song. God bless you and your ministry.

John Daubert says:

Hi Becky! Beautiful song there. Nice male/female vocal combo. Meaningful to have both parents represented. Good luck!

Pat Brown says:

Becky You are still as great as you was in Proctor, Ok when we came to church with Wendy and Delorris. Go Becky!!!!!!

Kay Henry says:

Good luck

Sandy Vite says:

Becky - You sound awesome!!! We're praying for you here!

Jeff Pedigo says:

Becky, you are a great voice for a powerful song! Keep chasing your dreams that is the only way to catch them.

Sher Bergman says:

What a joyful song-- she inspired us too

Beki Rhein says:

Our daughter is adopted so this song has a very special meaning to us! It's wonderful! Best Wishes!!

Sue Galdamez says:

Great! Best wishes Becky!

Patsy Shepherd says:

Becky, you're a great writer, and I support you 100%

Lem Pratt says:

Becky, what is there to sayn that has not been said by others who have been touched by your music. #1 songs!

Carolyn Mendel says:

Yeh! Becky! I am proud of you and for you.I finally am able to get in and place an order for your CD

John Hewett says:

Thank you, Becky, for this song. It has truly touched my adoptive family's heart. God bless you!

Steve Zuwala says:

I too am with Lamon Records. I was at the CCMA's too. I met Tommy Brandt (very nice guy). Continued Success.. Lamon Records is the best producer od Couuntry/Country gospel music in the industry. You'll do good by them!

Thomas Flanery says:

Hey Becky you are an angel, great songs and an even greater person. Keep up the good work.

Cari Crittenden says:

As a foster parent, it is a wonderful feeling to know that someone has put my love for my "kids" into words. Thank you for "child of my heart".

Heather Reynolds says:

luv it all Becky! God Bless!

Janet Short says:

An inspirational, God-honoring message in every song. Timely, upbeat music. Lyrics that admonish and edify the church.

Katrina Ladd says:

Your voice and the message in your music is powerful.

Cyndie McClellan says:

Becky, Your songs are an inspiration and have beautiful voice.Great Work!!!!!

Lisa Luethje says:

Becky, I wish you the best in everything you do for the Honor and Glory of the Lord. I have been such an inspiration to me.

Deb Rempel says:

Fresh lyrics, Becky, great sound! uplifting, crisp, very nice work!!!

Dee Patterson says:

Becky, I know God has great things in store for you!

Keith@ Indieheaven says:

Great having you with us Becky! We wish you all the very best in all you do!

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