Cheri Showalter

Michele Beamer says:

I just listened to Unwrap the Gift 7 times in a row....I can't get enough of it....beautiful message! Love you Cheri!

Andrea for Prayer/Life says:

Love the lyrics to Unwrap the Gift !! great job getting across such an important topic at this time of year, Cheri,


Jacqueline Kimmet says:

Very nice Cheri. I especially like One Eye Open. -J.

Melissa Saulnier says:

Can we play your music on our radio show

Craig Bachman says:

Unwrap the gift - very nice - thanks Cheri. God bless your ministry.

Chris Lucas says:

REALLY enjoying your music. What a blessing!!

Paul Miller says:

I love the truth in the Chapter 2 song. How many of us live only in chapter one of our lives, when chapter two is full of the love of God for all who will read it? Great song!

Harry Offutt says:

I really like "Unwrap the Gift" Very nice sound, very nice words an harmonies.

Ruth Pope says:

I heard your song on indieheaven today and was touched by the words. May the Lord bless you in your service to Him.

Shawn Moulenbelt says:

This is Shawn from 7 Ways. We recently joined this site and have a song on the chart as well. I grew up with a country background, and I just heard Come Away for the first time: it's beautiful!

Aly/ ALBIE Entertainment says:

Cheri-I love what I'm hearing on 1 Eye Open on the Indie Heaven chart. Hope to meet you one day and see you perform. May God bless you abundantly!

Pete Kruse says:

This is Pete from Rufus Tree just saying I LOVE your sound. I gave you a 10 rating. Pete.

Randy Crocker says:

Great voice and music. I could listen to "1 Eye Open" over and over... God bless...

Kerri Crocker says:

Beautiful and so anointed! Blessings and favor to you on your journey's with our Lord and King!!

Becky Wright says:

Cheri- love the mysterious, ethereal melody & feel of the new song! It was GREAT to finally meet you at the Summit, and I'll be rating your song daily now (along with mine & several others I love, lol!) For His Glory, Becky

Brandon Hixson of Godfueled says:

Cheri, nice material! God bless you!

Michele Beamer says:

"God has tremendously blessed you with a beautiful voice. The message each of your songs bring is clearly the love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Love you, Cheri and can't wait 'til Tennessee!!"

Rosene Kurtz says:

You go Girl!! Blessings to you and your family!!!

Melissa Nissly says:

Great Job!! Keep singing for Him!

Julie Kemmerer says:

I love the way your songs are all directly related to Scripture. God has blessed you with the amazing gift of song!

Rev. Darryl E. Dech says:

Your CD songs inspire me and everyone around me. God has touched your heart with many messages and a special way to bring thoses messages to others - through your ministry of music. Your voice, text and music invites me to open the ears of my ears to listen to the heart of God. Your message and music go hand in hand. Thank you for the inspiration. This CD is the greatest!

Courtney Smith says:

Cheri ur an awesome singer and i would do anything to sing as good as u do!!! keep up the good work!!!!

Robin Weaver says:

Our family loves this CD. Elli always asks for "Hannah's Mommy". Can't wait for the next one!

Abigail Showalter says:

keep up the good work!

Melissa Nissly says:

Cheri you are a blessing and have touched so may lives. I'm praying for you

Mimi Mucher says:

Love the words, bright tempo and message.

Trudy Smith says:

Cheri's love for Jesus is shown on every song on this CD. Our family loves to listen to her music!

Gloria Kemmerer says:

Love the beat! Love the words! Catchy tune. Great reminder of God's never-ending love.

Sonia Hurst says:

Listening to it first thing in the morning you just know your day will be a good one!

Judith Cuddehe says:

This song makes me smile...very uplifting and beautiful!

Kirsten Sensenig says:

"great song" :-)



Marc Hostetler says:

I enjoy your music.

Anita Hostetler says:

I love the words to your songs; they bring glory to God.

Tonya Wenger says:

Just wonderful to listen to! Your voice is fantastic!

Lanessa Hess says:

Very Good

Lois Weaver says:


Lance Weaver says:

Amazing CD. Took it with me on a mission trip!

Richard Drumheller says:

Ps 57:7 My heart is steadfast, O God, my heart is steadfast; I will sing and make music.

Jonathan Hostetler says:

All your songs have an awesome Godly message behind them. Great job on every one of them!

michael guertin says:

very gifted sister in the Lord!

Ashley Joel Beamer says:

I never really told you how wonderful your album is Cheri. Look forward to more projects in the future.

Therese says:

WOW! Simply beautiful! So glad to call you one of our own! God bless!

Gregg Hart says:

Hey, looking forward to hearing some music! Come by and talk to us on the forums! Don't be afraid to ask any questions!

Alison Stevens@IH says:

Welcome! Nice website - hope to get to know you better on the BB's!

Keith@Indieheaven says:

Cheri, So great to have you with us!! Wishing you the very best!

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