Christopher WrightLATEST STATUS: *very* grateful

Susan Starr says:

I'm looking for the beautiful version of "That I Might Gain Christ" that you did awhile back... I actually had a cassette with it, but misplaced it :(
Any possibility of an MP3 download? Or CD? Thank you!!!

Chris Lucas says:

Really enjoying your song "Abba Father"

Aaron Fluke says:

Congrats on your Top 20 song and hope it goes to the top! Great song!
...I heard you for the first time several years ago at an Andrew Peterson concert in Pottstown. My wife Ashley and I are here on IH - check out "Sometimes I Believe" on Fan Faves and other songs from our newest CD on our page.
God Bless ~ Aaron

Paul Smith says:

I cannot find your version of How Firm a Foundation... can you help?
I have heard it aired on KSGN 89.7 FM.
I hate to ask anything of you as I am sure you get more than enough of that.
Paul says:

loving what im hearing CHRISTOPHER---- have to get your tunes for my radio show.


Glenn Taylor says:

Hi Christopher, Good Morning I love your songs as a member of the worship team I wish you had a song book, so more of us could share your beautiful song of praise the way you intended them to sound or at lest close. I'm playing a few songs Mon. at our mens meeting Pray for me,your songs illistrate so clearly God's Love for us. Thank you Glenn

Karl Niederer says:

Great site!

Ann Polloni says:

What a lovely surprise to find your music this afternoon while working on-line on genealogy. A link to my nephew, Greg, MacKilligan, brought me to your website. God bless you as your share your message of hope and live in Jesus Christ through your music.

sona Kitabjian says:

I love the album No Show, which I used to have on cassette. I would love to buy it on CD or download some of the songs on my IPOD. Please bring it back!

Chris Stein says:

We met when I was an associate pastor and you played for our Sweethearts Dinner... this was around 2000. We did the artist 'swap' of our mutual CD's! I have to say I always loved 'Pocketful of Nails' & your live cut of 'As Long As I Have Breath'. It is so ALIVE! Thanks for keeping the ministry going!


Dana Tock says:

Hello Chris,

Is that a McPherson I see? I'm from Sparta, Wisconsin where those gorgeous guitars are made with love and precision. There's a very good chance that my friend Keith Clipperton, who works for the McPherson's at McPherson Guitars, may have worked on yours (if that's what it is - if it's not I'd be really surprised :)! Keith is also one of the producers of my album "Leap of Faith". The other producer is my friend James Abbott, who works in Advertising & A&R for Autumn Records and is the Keyboard Player and Music Director for Matt and Sherry McPherson's music ministries. I attend and volunteer at "CityPrayz" in La Crosse WI which is a monthly worship concert ministry of God through Matt and Sherry and their band. God is really moving in us - His people in the La Crosse, WI area! You could check out that ministry at .

I'm blessed by your music! Blessings to you, your family and ALL the ministries He calls you into for Him!!!

In Christ - For Christ - Because of Christ,

Sherri says:

Your music is a blessing. Christ centered and beautiful. Your sound reminds me of James Taylor. I think I like unfailing love the best.

tatti hutasangkas bammbamm5 says:

very good song you must veryverygood in the future .i must see you in the future. good luck man . i am thai people. see you in email.byebye.

Dan Cleaver says:

Chris I just love your music, it has drawed me closer to God--Keep up the good work

dave pettigrew says:


looks like an awesome trip to brazil & having the ability to help those people in the name of God was truly inspirational. So glad you shared those photos & videos with us....

I've been a fan since Creation East 05 & still find myself listening back to Pocketful of Nails as a reminder of everything....

All the best & all for Him,

Mary Buchan says:

Chris, I haven't talked to you in awhile and would like to reconnect. what is the best way to get in touch?

PEdro Pinheiro Damasio says:

I am from Brasil. And Chris, send me your email. I couldnt find it in your website! Miss you brother!! God bless you!

Steve Sawyer says:

We are having a community outreach music service July 28, 2007 2PM - 9PM in Quarryville Pa. and are asking if you would be interested in taking part? We have time slots open from 3:00 to 7:00 as of right now, and are looking for groups to perform for 1-2 hours. If you are interested, please reply prompt with suggetsed compensation amount. Thank you and God bless. Steve cell 717-278-0074

Chris Carder says:

Love you heart that flows through your lyrics and your sound. The passion is there with the truth. Can not beat that combo. God bless you brother. Chris Carder

Mareile Koenig says:

Chris, I have all of your CDs and love them. Your spirit, passion, and talent are inspirational! Thanks for sharing.

Charlie and Ruth Patton says:

Hey Cousin! Did you hear that we are posibly relocating to a ministry in Papua New Guinea? Need to find a replacement for Charlie here at NTM Aviation, first. Would love to see you when we travel out east to share in churches. Remember that your songs encourage missionaries by drawing their eyes to Jesus in the midst of circumstances that would cause us to loose heart. Thanks. 'Its for You' still ministers to me in that. Thanks!

Linda Pollock says:

I have all of your CD's and enjoy all of them!

DeAnna Nicolaisen says:

Chris' music speaks to my heart. "You sat down" should get a grammy!

Greg MacKilligan says:

Chris, over the past few years your ministry has brought such a blessing to me and my family on a personal level and a special blessing as we serve at JAF together. Thank you!!!!

Rob Stanert says:

Always enjoy Chris' guitar playing. It looks too easy.

Rick Phillips says:

good stuff!

christine morby says:

glad to be a part of the 'system'

Mary Ann Sabo says:

Chris is such a gifted and talented artist. His worship and Praise music are so amazing!

Karl Niederer says:

Drawing from the deep well of his personal experiences as a man, husband, father, musician, and brother in Christ, Chris has used his gifting and talent to shape songs that touch the hearts of listeners personally and intimately, right where they live. "Window Man," "Even Me," "Keep Me Still," "The Love of a Father," and "As Long As I Have Breath" (to name only a few) speak to me over and over again about who and what I am before a Holy God. Praise and thanks to a gracious Lord for speaking so tenderly and powerfully to people through Chris's ministry!

Jill Farmer says:

Chris is my all time favorite singer/songwriter. Not only is he a gifted musician and vocalist, but he is able to create songs that resonate the gospel. I can't think of a song that he has written that did not affect me profoundly. Some lovingly convict me, some remind me of God's faithfulness, some remind me of eternity, some remind me of the cost. I am so looking forward to his next CD! I hope the well never runs dry! :-)

Dean Griffiths says:

Authentic worship with a sweet purity lost in a lot of music. Chris was one of the best at Creation 2005 to opening doors to enter the intimate presence of God!

Rena Carrano says:

As a old "tape table minder" I'm so happy to hear your tapes were a beg sellout! Praying with you.

Laurie Handzlik says:

We love the honesty and humor in Christopher's message of hope even in the painful situations of life here on earth! To God be the Glory!

Bob Crowley says:

What a gift!

Judy Bosco says:

Love seeing Chris when he comes to the Community of the Cross in Danbury CT.

Margo Grant says:

Always awesome! But it's the Spirit of Christ shining through.

joe braitling says:

continue to bless GOD with your music and testimony need prayers for wife rebecca still in pain after one full year after our fourth in five pain from scar tissue caused from infection from c-section i'm giving up newspapers and writing songs for and to god because of your inspiration of giving up sports watching to do same thank GOD for people like you joe braitling thanks for your prayers

Spencer Sweeting says:

Christopher, talking to you was awesome at the Lighted Path. Your musicianship was excellent. But your, that's the good stuff right there. Til we meet again, be God's bro!

Joyce Putiri says:

My family and I had the blessing of entering into deep worship at the Spruce Lake Reteat last week. Christopher's testimony has changed me forever. Amanda's life has indeed touched many lives including mine. Thanks Christopher for being faithful to the Lord.

Daniel Ziegler says:

I have enjoyed Chris' music ministry so much! I have seen God work though him so many times.

Melanie says:

You guys rock! God totally blessed this sight:0)

Remi Owoeye says:

Isaw the comment from but i have not heard how doi get the vcd.

Patsy Grecich says:

I just love your "Unnamed hymn" I need to know how to get a copy. I don"know what cd it's on. That song is just beautiful. God bless you.

john stafford-lewis says:

how can I buy the new CD. let me know I know the other are great thanks

The Brazelton's says:

Beautiful! I just heard you for the first time tonight and I'm hooked!

Jim Winder says:

I have been listening to this CD for 2 weeks now in my car. Every morning I am encouraged to be open to God's leading to share Jesus and not be ashamed of the Gospel. Chris has an annointed CD here that reaches me and challenges me to live out the faith born in me by God's grace. Thank you Chris for being an obedient artist. In a day when many artists in Christian music are vailing the message to make relationships and then share Jesus, you come right out in the light and say it with love. We need Jesus and we need to have the beautiful feet that brings the Gospel to the world.

joe & rebecca braitling says:

sorry we missed service for Amanda. your strong faith in Jesus Christ has inspired us to hang in there thru the trial of my wife, rebecca being in the hospital for 40 days and having to give up two of our four "lovelies". Thanks again for the inspiration you are with GOD'S songs joe Braitling

Kathy says:

Oh Chris...that service was the most beautiful tribute to Amanda, to you all as a family and to the Soverign Grace and endless love of our Lord and Saviour. We love you all so much my brother...praying for the peace that surpasses all understanding and great great comfort from the Comforter Himself, our gift of the Holy Spirit. "I will sing (and be reminded) of your unfailing love"... let Him clothe you in His love.... Kath

Joseph says:

Brother Chris, I've only just come to know of your ministry. Your strength in this time is to be acknowledged as Christ-like! It is amazing how our Father provides for us in times of need - and it's obvious the Lord is sustaining you now. I'm hurt by your pain yet rejoice (with you) for your daughters promotion to be with God. (Remember it's okay to feel sad for a time) You and Jeannie be well... says:

Chris,our deepest sympathies go out to your family at this time. Please know we are praying for you and we are holding you close to our hearts.

Larry Wright says:

Chris - I love you like a brother. Your songs have always touched my soul and made me realize the greatness of His holiness. While we grieve, I have no doubt Amanda is basking in His full glory. There are no more words, just prayers. - Larry

Ted says:

Chris, Keep singng on from everlasting to everlasting, and remember His "unfailing love" and remember that Amanda is now with our Precious Lord Jesus. Praying for you and mourning with you.Ted

Merrill Franklin says:

Chris, You, your family and your music have been such a great source of blessing and inspiration to our lives. Our hearts ache for you and Jean during this very difficult time. You are continuoulsly in our prayers and we pray that the Lord will uphold and, comfort you. May he hide you in the shadow of his wings. In the shadow of the Almighty, Merrill

keith says:

Christopher, my prayers go out to your family during this time.. We love you brother. Keith@indieheaven

Bryanna says:

I just got the CD in the mail today and it was def. worth the wait! Great work!!! :)

joe braitling says:

need your prayer for wife rebecca and family rebecca just got our of hospital after forty days from infection from c section only has seen and held her own baby (rhema jane faith) four or five times in 55 days also had to let some one else take care of our 17 month old too. rebecca still in much pain and requires constant caring for. need prayer for healing of pain and new strength so we can get our babies back and for finances. thanks everyone.

Mike Cooper says:

Go Chris, we love what you're doing!! Give a Jean a hug!! ;-)

joe braitling says:

praise god for the healing of amanda. need prayers for rebecca in hospital now 15 of last 16 days complication and infection from c secition new baby very healthy Rhema Jane Faith Braitling a praise god for infection leaving rebecca's blood stream. continue to bless god chris. this happening in my life is causing me to give up all of the world to devote all my time to the Lord and to give up my addition to the news in the form of newspapers and mags. thank you for your inspiration joe Braitling

joe & rebecca braitling says:

chris- you are truly incredible. by keeping you web site up to date you saved us a trip. we will be praying for your family tonite/ continue to bless god. joe braitling

joseph j braitling says:

we will be praying tonight for amanda's recovery and that the peace of god be with you & your family. hope to see you friday night in ocean grove, nj with our family continue to bless god and others joe & beckie braitling

joseph & rebecca braitling says:

continue to bless god send snail mail to j braitling p.o. box 4745 cherry hill, nj 08034

jaime says:


Steve Norton says:

Saw you at Titusville for the first time can only say it was GREAT!

Jeff D says:

I am so blessed being able to enjoy your music each Sunday at CFC. It is one of God's great blessings to me. I love your enthusiasm for our Lord Jesus and how that relationship you have with Him chokes me up each and every Sunday. Your music brings the Holy Spirit closer to my side then at any other time in my life. It is a very moving experience for me. Thanks from the heart. My "Nails" too, is almost worn out. I can't wait for the new CD!

Elisa says:

Hey bro, Scotch Plains was AWESOME! I fell more in love (with Jesus!!) as a result. The "Front Row" gang was the best -(Denny's buddies from SOTV!!) Thanks for your ministry. Anxiously awaiting the CD.

benhur khamrang says:

God bless,

Roy McMillan says:

Thanks for a great night of ministry at Evangel Church on 3/1. The duet with Lauren was really beautiful. Can't wait for the CD to be released!

Donna Conklin says:

Your Ministry and witness has been an amazing blessing in my life. The Live Recording concert, at Evangel Church was so uplifting. Awesome!!!!

Connie Alexantonakis says:

We were blessed by your music and had a great time at Evangel Chapel, Scotch Plains. Thanks be to our Savior, Jesus!

Aaron Fluke (Solace) says:

Wonderful job opening for Andrew Peterson on the 22nd - the concert was such a blessing and so worth the almost 3 hour trip! I'm looking forward to hearing your CD and to meeting up with you someday soon. Keep it up!

Karin Calabrese says:

you were a blessing at Spruce Lake thank you !!!!

Dan Weber says:

Chris, I have never met you and I only heard you one time a couple of years ago when I was a student at Wheaton College. I love your music, it has really blessed me. Someday I would love to be able to book you for a show.

Bob McCarty says:

It's amazing how you can know someone without really knowing them! These are so awesome! I can't believe that I've not heard these before! What can I do to help spread the word about this music?

Chris A. Wright says:

Hey Chris! I'm still floating after your worship service in Concord, NH Sunday. And not just because we share the same name and the only Savior. You have an incredible gift that really shines on "Pocketful", but is downright blinding in person. Thank you for answering the call. -Chris

Rick Shafer says:

Besides the great sounds, I am impressed by the depth of Chris' lyrics - a depth that betrays his personal life and his intimate walk with Jesus.

jason stuart says:

I have never heard your music, at least I don't think I have. I was just browsing the internet looking for music ministries because I write christian songs and everybody I have shared my writings with like what I have written and they tell me that I should get published or something. I found you when I punched in I am looking for someone who will look and listen at what I have written. I write from experience and my experience with Jesus has been an awesome!!! experience!!! In JESUS WONDERFUL NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roberto Gomez says:

wow thats a really sweet ur music is pretty nice and i have to say that "as long as i have jesus" is wayyyyy sweet thanx for ur music and may god keep blessing u

Sib Charles says:

WOW is all we at Joni and Friends have to say- your music was awesome. Your gift of leading people into worship is amazing- people were led into the presence of the KING. Thank you for not only sharing your music with us, but also your heart and your own personal story. The Lord Jesus blessed your music, and lives were changed through it...

Colyn says:

Pocket Full of Nails rocks. It's a song I wish our band had done! There is no doubt your heart is in it. You're about to make a sale! :)

Joel says:

I thought I'd also recommend this incredible artist. I struggle to think of an album that has more greatly impacted my spiritual walk/struggle than Pocketful of Nails.A purchase you will not regret!

Sharon says:

Christopher, So sorry to wake up in Montana to the news of Amanda. We were behind you decision to go home to your family 100%. It was fun getting to know you & Ben and our prayers with be with your whole family. Until we meet again... The Seeley's

Keith says:

Chris, We'll be keeping your family in our prayers, and especially for your daughter Amanda. Your music has been a real blessing to so many, and I know the Lord has you in His hands.

Katie says:

Chris is a great musician...I can't wait to get his cd and go to a concert :)

Karl says:

Although Chris Wright's skillful musicianship and artistry as a songwriter combine to make his recordings and live performances first rate, his music is not a "performance," but a deeply sincere expression of worship of the God of the Universe, which we are invited to join. God has blessed Chris with a remarkable gift and a touching testimony. I agree with Kathy . . . he is the "Window Man."

Ann Kolb says:

My husband and I first saw Chris at Spruce Lake over Memorial Day..we bought both CD's...I almost have them worn out. His music is so uplifting that I find myself looking into the face of Christ each time I listen...thanks Chris!!!

Ted and Kathy says:

We would encourage everyone to add both My Father's World and Pocketful of Nails to their CDcollection...they will bless you tremendously and that's a promise!

Kathy says:

The rating would have been 100 if it would allow me...Chris is a tribute to Christ-likeness...he is transparent (window man!)and encouraging. He writes what my heart feels - he has a way of identifying the core of our souls so clearly that we can claim his music for our own when we sing along and worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You MUST get both will be blessed beyond measure, promise! <><

Jeremy Tuel says:

Chris is a great friend and an even greater lead worshiper. His album, Pocketful of Nails, is one of my favorites. Definitely give him a listen!

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