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brotherdaniel says:

love your music you are my favorite female artist. i love by grace through faith is my favorite. thank you so much for sharing your gift. god bless

Arthur Payne says:

Hey Amie, I just bought your song as Long As I Live and will put it on our station. Do you want me to play the songs I have from your first cd ? Also, I am signing a new artist. She doesn't write so we may cover one of your songs in the future. Here's her link... When I bring her to KC do you want to do some shows with us ?

Arthur Payne says:

Hi Amie, long time no chat with. Hey, I am getting ready to re-launch KBAT Christian radio. I have found another platform and will start up-loading songs this week. The station this time will only be for the promotion and exposure of independent Christian artists. It will not be a reporting station and won't pay performance royalties but I will promote it to get listeners and hopefully help indie artists reach a wider audience. If it's ok I'd like to add both your albums to our playlist ? Please advise.

God Bless,


Jackie Williams says:

What a blessing! Danae has a beautiful voice, great songwriting talent, but event more importantly, the true "spirit" and "joy of the Lord!!!

Amber says:

This is amazing, Amie! You've done a wonderful job! Love your voice and your passion!

Haley says:

Amie is awesome! I love this cd!

Ali Carter says:

Amie! You just keep getting better and better. I love the new CD and seeing this reminded me of my favorite songs from your last CD, specifically One Bold Step and Walk With You. Your raw passion and inspirational faith are so encouraging. Listening to your music gives me such a feeling of peace and assurance in the Lord. Everything that you do points to Christ. It has always been that way. Keep following the Lord and pursueing this beautiful gift He has blessed you with. Hope to see you soon!

Pam says:

Amie its awesome. You just keep getting better.

Lana says:

Your music is SO Awesome Amie!!!! I can't wait to order my CD!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice and message with us - I am such a fan!!!!

Victoria Hill says:

Frau W, you sound so pretty!!!!

Heather Day says:

Amie, I so enjoyed listening to your music tonight!!! I've always loved your beautiful voice, but what impressed me more was how your heart and faith shines through! Blessings to you and your family as you live out your dreams.

Raven Brown says:

Oh my gosh! Frau W! I love your music. :)

Andrea Brubach says:

I always knew you were a REAL ANGEL!!! I have brought God closer to me recently and I am realizing that he has given me a gift of hearing your amazing voice once again. Keep up the marvelous work and I want to get in touch with you about coming to our church to sing. Love and miss you Amie...

Douglas Karl says:

We had AMIE (Martin) WEETHEE (Destiny 95-97) in concert at our church last night. God used her mightily to minister to our people. You need to have this up and coming singer/songwriter come to your church sometime. You'll be blessed. We love you Amie and Andy!

Andrea says:

Seeing you today for a short time made me miss you more! As always, I'm glad I can listen to your beautiful music, be encouraged and know your heart. You're great at expressing yourself through your music! Love you sis, so proud of you!!

Kerensa Gray says:

Amie, Just found you and I am really enjoying your voice and your heart. Continued blessings as you walk with Him!

David - 9th Hour says:


You live close to where and when are you playing out? Lot's going on around KC. I'm surprised we have haven't crossed paths somewhere before.

In His grip,


BUGC Choir! Writer: Ashley says:

Hey, Mrs. Weethee! We just want to say congrats and that we miss you! Of to high school now! God Bless!

Cathy Coquyt says:

Amie, I have never enjoyed cleaning a closet more than I did tonight since I was playing your CD while I worked. Your voice is beautiful. "Be Still My Soul" is my favorite. Blessings to you!

Yvonne Sexton says:

What a blessing! Thanks for sharing your talent and gifts with us!

Suzanne Forman says:

Amie, what an incredible work of art! So far my fav is "One Bold Step"! I keep listening to it over and over.... What an beautiful gift you've been blessed with:-)

Sara says:

Amie - This is awesome! I must have a copy. Thanks for sharing this link.

Steph says:

Frau W! We love you! The music sounds absolutely AMAZING!

Abby McCormick says:

Congrats Amie!! Great job!!!

Aimee says:

I thank God for nourishing my heart this morning through your music. Your heart shows His.

P. Guimond says:

Congrats Amie! Well done on completing this! You sound great - you always do. Good luck with reaching the masses!

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