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  Slater ArmstrongLATEST STATUS: Working to establish Joining Our Voices as a non-profit; seeking funding for finishing personal project + new Sudan project +

Hugo Larrea says:

Nice, different, attractive, unique!!

Margaret Maxwell says:

Very nice website

Luke says:

Nice meeting you at CIA! Love this music!

Martin Adu says:

What a lovely blend of Acoustics and African melodies. You're a blessing. may the Lord prosper your mission work.

Tane' Miller says:

Hi Slater, What a blessing to hear your music! Love the album, and love what you do for Him!! I've been serving in full time missions for 18 years and am so honored to hear what you do!!! Praying for you!
Blessings, Tane'



Mark Trevithick says:

I met Slater at a benefit for the persecuted people of the Sudan. He was very engaging with his stories of how God is using him and the work he is doing in and for the Sudanese.

I purchased his CD not knowing what it would sound like, and oh what a wonderful surprise it was. His production of the music is masterful with a unique Paul Simonesque quality to the music and intricate timings of musicians and the Sudanes youth choirs on background vocals.

If you're tired of the hum drum same old stuff in "Christian" music, or even if you're not, I highly recommend Slater's CD "Even In Sorrow". It is a work of art.

Mike Westendorf says:

Love your voice, easy to listen to and enriches the words you are singing. God's blessings as you proclaim His Grace!

Eulampius Frederick says:

I think we could add Bruce Springsteen (Streets of Philadelphia) to the list of Sounds Like. I also mistook Armstrong's voice for Fernando Ortega (When Its All Been Said and Done).

Manon B. Canada says:

Slater, thank you for Intimate Worship with David Kauffman and Tony Melendez. A friend of mine introduced me to the CD and I was hooked the first time I heard it. So, I was in a hurry to buy it. At the beginning, I have listened to those songs every evening with speakers on my ears, and you know what? I have cried for about 30 days. I know that the Holy Spirit ministered to me through your songs, music and voice. The Lord has indeed given you a great gift. So, keep on, following His path.

Perk says:

Woomf told me you were all over the web. Good to see you again.

Ralph J Escalante says:

What a music Warrior for the LORD . We have been searching ,and searching endlessly for a split trax of "When it's all been said and done and can not find anywhere .Is it available ?. Blessings &"In His Grip" R.J.e

Deby Dearman says:

You Rock! Love your music, love your voice and you!

Terry Koehler says:

What a fantastic CD! I wake up in the middle of the night singing these songs!

Karen Walton says:

Love it! We miss you so much at Christ Anglican, Mobile!

Mary Ann Armstrong says:

How can I find you on the radio? All my friends love your cd but want to hear you on the radio!

Laura Principato says:

"Jesus is Lord, even in sorrow. Let Him be praised" So true! Amen!

ishag kuku says:

I want listen to nuba chirstain songs

Becky Wright says:

Slater, what a calling and anointing on your life! God bless you for the vision/mission of giving a voice to His persecuted people! I am truly inspired!! (Our former pastor is in Indonesia now in full-time missions, so I understand the vision and the call!!) Your IH sister, Becky Wright (P.S.- gave your song a high rating!!)

Kim Krenik says:

Wow, just got my Even in Sorrow CD and I am soooo inspired! This is the absolute BEST Christian CD I have ever heard. Thanks for making something so excellent and filled with the Spirit of our living God. I am getting a few more for my friends!

Isabel DeTringo says:

Just returned a month ago from Yei and Maridi on a missionary tour. It was my second visit with a people I (and God) love. I brought my CD 'Even in Sorrow" and 2 portable CD players w/speakers. While at Maridi many of the people remembered your visit and were so excited to hear the CD. I left both copies and players. When I left everyone was singing and sent their regards. I received my first copy as a gift from a member of a church where I was talking about Sudan and prayer. Thank you for your wonderful work. It is soooo moving especially after you have been there and met the people and truly embrace the gift they are. We have much to learn from them. God is truly alive and moving within these communities. Christianity has risen from 15% to 70% in these areas. We must remember to support the people in So. Sudan in all ways. God is watching us....

Marty Jones says:

God Bless you and your ministry. Your music is a great blessing. You truly have a heart for God and his people. I also love your music on "Intimate Worship" that you recorded with David Kauffman and Tony Melendez.

tony miles says:

love it.

Bob Mader says:

Slater, you rock dude. Bring your new wife over to the farm and soon!

Joe Walters says:

I love Your sound. You are a truly annointed worship leader. Every time I eghar your sound clips I get goosebumps. It just reminds me that there is something higher than us and that we should all join together and worship as one people. I noly wish you had the whole songs on this site. I love it!

Jay Warrick says:

Awesome, my friend. Looking forward to what's next. Blessings to you and your new bride.

Patrick Smith says:

Slater... great site! We listen to your CD all the time. Praise God for your ministry. See you in Baton Rouge.

Leah Clark @ IH says:

Welcome to IH, Slater! Come visit us on the IH Bulletin Boards!

Keith@Indieheaven says:

Slater, welcome to Indieheaven! Wishing you all the very best!

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