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Tiffani says:

Hey PC! :) Wow, I have seen you in forever! I love your new music, its great!
Miss you lots!

Stewart Pattison says:

Great Stuff. I appreciate the depth of Chris' lyrics as well as his music.

Tyler Jennings says:

Hey Chris! I saw you at my first youth rally in Ocean City, MD! You were awesome! It is SO good to know you're doing well, and to hear your music again. I lost my CD from there so I'm glad I could download it again. Falling Down was my favorite song then and it still is. Thanks for doing what you do and showing us all that faith really can move mountains. See ya later!

Tina says:

Hi Chris,
This is truly awesome !!!!!!! We are all so proud of the person you are ! Your life song and music is a beautiful gift from God that draws us close to Him. That's what He desires. Thanks, for your testimony to His power ! Keep giving it all you've got ! I'm spreading the word !!!!!!! Keep pouring out His music and we'll be listening !

God bless you and we love ya !!!!!!!!!!!

Tina says:

great to have another excellent singer/songwriter with us on Indieheaven!
I enjoyed your songs, good job!
Keep up the excellent faith-work!
Keith Mohr

Cruz says:

Chris, I'm just so amazed by just reading the testimonies of how faithful you are trusting God even in the hardest moment of your life. One would have easily given up and start doubting about God's healing power but stood firm and I believe grew stronger in Him. I'm sure your song speaks of most of the trying moments you went through. I'm so encouraged bro...keep up the good work He started in you!!!


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