Chris LucasLATEST STATUS: Parade of Homes Music is now available here on Indieheaven!

eric marquardt says:

Hi, my name is Eric Marquardt, I volunteer for 97.1 in Madison,
Wisconsin. The station wants to work with record labels and
independent artists to obtain new music. The station is wondering if
your company could help us out.
Eric Marquardt

Denise Pass says:

Hi Chris! So good to see you are still on here making amazing music! Finally returned home . . . it's been awhile.

Rocky M V says:

You 're amazing !! :D

tal and acacia says:

great guitar on this song!

MyKey K says:

Chris Lucas!!! Greatly Blessed & Highly Favored Guitarist / Songster Here!!!
'This Morning Song' performed live in concert was so refreshing / nicely done!
May God continue His blessing you my Key dear brother Chris, your sweetheart Sue, your amazinGirls Andie & BeautifuLindsey too!!!
In Jesus Almighty LovinGreatest Name. Amen!!!

Laura Principato says:

Hi Chris, I just downloaded your song "David Danced". Great guitar playing! I wrote one called "Dance Like David". Can't wait to get it recorded.
God bless!!

anita ivette ferrer says:

Hey Chris, I'm REALLY enjoying your AMAZING guitar playing. VERY inspiring & soothing. Exquisite craftsmanship. WONDERFUL. What a gift you have. Thanks for yourself!!!I

Drew Davidsen says:

Chris, the new CD is coming. Check out the title track. Special thanks to Paul Jackson Jr., and Chuck Loeb for playing on, "We 3 Stringz."

Michael Bowling says:

Hey Chris. I heard you were a big hit at our "Brewha" last Friday at Community of Grace. I'm the new Worship Team Leader there and have recently joined this site. Thanks for sharing your gift with us. God Bless.

Michael Bowling says: WOW!! Yeah, that about sums it up. You are blessed, and your music blessed my soul, thank you.

Raymond McKee says:

I am truly thankful to our heavenly Father for the awesome privilege of being able to purchase BOTH of your CD's with the intent to support you and your outstanding talent, and even more importantly to help encourage His Word in culture. I'm looking forward to the NEXT CD. Keep up the GREAT work!

Neil Patton says:

Chris! Just discovered "David Danced on FanFaves. Wonderful work, man! So glad to "meet" you here at IH.
Have a great weekend...

Mark Cable says:


Great to finally meet you in Nashville. I am enjoying your CD! Super guitar work. Man, you can PLAY guitar....I mean REALLY play.! Congrats on Acoustic Artist of the Year! It was well deserved. Oh yea, and one more thing...You can play!

Carrie Marshall says:

hey, Chris!
Good to meet you at the Summit, albeit briefly! Congrats on your award - your playing is amazing! I'm really enjoying listening to your tunes.


Della says:

Hey Chris! Congrats, congrats, congrats! I am so excited for you. You are deserving of this! Loved meeting you at the Summit. I'll be praying for you bro in all you do. Remember true heroes!

James Larsen says:


(I don't know if you remember me, but my family still attends Immanuel.) I just wanted to say Congratulations! on your award for Acoustic Artist of the Year. May God continue to bless your work!

Nathan Clark George says:

Chris, it was so good to see you again at the summit! Thanks so much for the comment, all the encouragement - and congrats on the award!!!

John Porter says:

Chris - I just got done listening to your tunes. Absolutely love your music! If we are ever in the same place again I would love to jam around with you on my fiddle if you would have me. Congratulations and may God bless you abundantly!

karen fisher says:

Hi...thanks so much for the encouraging comment for my song Gravity!
I've really enjoyed becoming a part of IH! :)

Flee (with The Sum) says:

Dude! Your stuff is Sah-Weeet!!
Great guitar work! I love the vibe!!! A little reminiscent of Don Ross for me. :)

MyKey K < > Jesus Musicianary / Holy Piano Pyro / Servan† <: ))>< says:

Grace and peace be un†o you my Key dear bro†her Chris Lucas from God our Fa†her and †he Lord Jesus Chris† who suffered, died and rose again for †he forgiveness of our sins.

Holy Superna†ural Gui†arman, i always Love hearing God's gui†ar s†rings playing you as i lis†en †o your CD recordings of†en. . .

"Sing †o him a new song; play skillfully, and shou† for joy.
For †he word of †he Lord is righ† and †rue; He is fai†hful in all he does."
- Psalm 33:3-4

We have †o ge†oge†her some†ime we bo†h ge†ime †o getoge†herecordinggrea†hingsuperna†urallyou!!!

<: ))>< ". . .praise Him wi†h †he s†rings. . ." - Psalm 150:4




Only by His amazing saving grace
w/ foReaLove in Jesus All †he Way!!!

"For no one can lay any founda†ion o†her †han †he one already laid, which is Jesus Chris†."
- 1 Corin†hians 3:11

Jesus ~ Savior ~ Lord ~ Mas†er King of Kings of †he Universe ~ Love ~ Peace ~ Joy ~ Vic†ory ~ God.



AMEN. <: ))>< IXOYE

Ilyse says:

Hi Chris -- glad to see you're doing so well on Indie Heaven!!
Praise God,

Mike Johnson says:

You know I thank God for your music and our friendship. Thanks for all you do at the Taste and See Christian Coffeehouse and for helping me so much in our worship. We all love you. Still praying for your success for the kingdom...can we order the Silver Eagle tour bus now?? Love you bro,

Mike Johnson
Taste and See

nathan clark george says:

Chris - just voted for you on the charts - One the Sea is very nice tune - good melody - good ideas - just really good!


Luke Austin Daugherty says:

Hey bro Chris, I really like "Heart Looking Backward". If i could play like you, I'd be the coolest guy in town. See you next year I hope. Love in Christ, Luke Austin Daugherty

Della says:

I've just been listening to some sophisticated and superior pickin'! I really dig your instrumentals and I love that your tunes are not predictable--must be that MM in comp kickin' in! Keep pickin' and grinnin' for Him!

Mark Cable says:

Chris, I've just been letting your page play this afternoon. LOVE all the acoustic guitar. Lots of variety. Cool chord progressions. VERY NICE and easy to listen to. No wonder you have more Plays than Views on your page!! I want to just let it run!! Keep it up!

Jean Watson says:

Hey Chris, I appreciate your talent and love your spirit!! What an awesome combination! May God continue to use you mightily! Bless you - Jean

Drew Davidsen says:

Nice dude! You rock in my book! Have an awesome day. Drew :-)

Joey Nicholson says:

hey Chris!

I love your guitar playing!

You're awesome!

Becky Wright says:

Hey, Chris! I could listen to you play that guitar all day! I could get a lot of dusting and vacuuming done along with "David Danced"-- but the neighbors might complain over the volume, lol! GREAT STUFF, bro!! Blessings, Becky Wright (your sister down south in Oklahoma) (and here on IH)

Michael Rose says:

I see from a concert schedule at Columbia Lakefront Festival, Columbia, MD, that Chris Lucas is one of four musicians perfrorming at the IndieHeaven Artist SpotLIGHT on July 21, 2007, 6-10 PM (Chris' set is scheduled for 7 PM.) Chris said he might again perform on MY side of the river--I enjoyed his previous appearance in Columbia.

Drew Davidsen says:

You made me work for this coment bro! Laeve your picture nextime so I get a nice link. LOL Brad and I playing Hendrix in a church. That's a neat thought! Chris, when I grow up I want to pick like you too. Have a nice day!

Harry Offutt says:

I really love your guitar playing man!
We WILL get you back to Maryland.

When I grow up, I'm gonna pick it like Chris!
(Sounds like a T-Shirt)

Drew Davidsen says:

Het bro, sorry I missed the show at the Lake Side Cafe' I was playing at Harrys Church. The vidoe that Rick sent around from youtube is awesome. You got skills bro! I feel blessed to be on the IH main page with you. Hope all is well. smooth jazz artist Drew Davidsen.

Michael Rose says:

I loved these samples. I looked forward to seeing and hearing you at the Lakeside Cafe in Columbia, MD, this Saturday, April 14. I first heard about you and your performance through Rick LaRocca. I hope to be able to be in the audience of your next performance of your Three Penny Cantata on April 29 at Christ Presbyterian Church in Richmond (I hope it's still on--their website does not list it; they have only their youth group meeting listed for the time--6 PM--you gave on your website!)

Michael Chacon says:

Dancing with David truely dances...

Flight Theory says:

Chris, your music is inspiring! As a guitarist, your music opens up new possibilities for my music.

Amy Gustafson says:

Stunning guitar work, Chris! Any friend of David Wilcox's is a friend of mine ;).

Kent Curtiss (IH) says:

Wonderful stuff, man! Great playing, great lyrics.

Susan Anderson says:


Bizzy Bender says:

love your guitar work! Just plain ole smokin`!

Ardith Springer says:

The first time I was blessed to hear one of your songs was when a friend of mine, Meade, gave me a copy of the Floating Folk Festival Cd with "Waterline". I played it over and over. I'm hoping more and more people will get the chance to hear your music and be as blessed as I was.Doubly blessed when I learned that you are a Christian too.

sam bowen says:

The whole world should hear Chris's music!!!! His music is "kicking the darkness till it bleeds daylight" (Bruce Cockburn).

Denise Dovel says:

Hey Chris! Wonderful voice and songs. We need to try to meet sometime! I think I played at the same coffeehouse as you, (Taste and See) and go to church in Chesterfield. Keep ministering to Jesus! In His Grip, Denise Dovel

Connie Scott says:

Wow- great guitar work - love it! Keep praising the Lord!

Drew Davidsen says:

You sound like Tommy Emanual. Great finger style. Rock on!

Laura Principato says:

I closed my eyes and pictured David dancing when I listened to track 9. Did anyone tell you that you sound like another great singer/songwriter/ guitarist - Paul Simon? Keep up the great music and the ministry. I enjoy chatting with you on the message boards. God bless!!


this is great!.. so melodic, -loved "cool beans"

Jeff Jaquith - (White Stone) says:

"David Danced" - Awesome!

Danny from mile7 says:

Chris- I love your stuff, man. Your unique views on life, love, and Christianity shine through. Keep up the good work, man!

hank m. says:

Really unique songs! I can really dig on the guitar chops!

Marti Collier says:

Saw you at the conference, you music is awsome!!!!

Lyle Thomas says:

I don't even know these guys that Chris is compared to, because I don't even listen to anything like this. But I listen to Chris!

Bryan Bailey says:

Bro. you definitely got some chops. May God continue to bless you as you pour it out for Him. I'm from Richmond, so the next time i am in town i will have to check your schedule and hopeuflly come and see you live. Blessings.

G Maida says:

Like those famous amps in spinal tap Mr. Lucas is an eleven, with Taylor made sounds this side of Heaven. 4's a Croude with this guy around, new G chords abounding in his merry sound.

Tony Miles says:

Woah! Nice -real nice. Some of it reminds be a bit of Leo Kottke-but you sing way better!

Robbie Hunt / oneoften says:

Great Great guitar!! Great songs and vocals also!!!

John Boyles says:

Whoa, this guys rocks! Well, not exactly rocks, but rolls with excellent, inventive fingerpicking and songwriting. You must record more, your fans demand it!!

Mark Steven Brocke says:

Hey Chris, excellent music, I'm loving listening to "At the speed of life" - Excellent musicianship, arrangments, everything! Your lyrics delve deep below the surface and really make me think. Keep up the good work and God bless your ministry!

Rick Phillips says:

Great guitar work! wonderful!

Tom Abernethy says:

If you want to muse on some lyrics that take you to a new level of deeper thinking, enjoy yourself. Especially check out "On The Sea" on "At The Speed Of Life." If you've gone through trouble, God will talk to you through that song.

Lance Ayers says:

Wow, really amazing music! I love your style and technique

Lowell Adams says:

Track number three's refrain ask,what is the soul of man. That's easy. It is what is coming out of your hands and voice and resonates with my spirit. Sorry for being so dramatic, but this is real art that truely brings glory to God. Keep Serving,

Zac Collins says:

Watching Chris burn up the frets is an experience in itself only to be rivaled by his great lyrics. Best of all, Chris turns all the praise upward!

Jim Lowery says:

I'm Minister of Music at Chris' church and (without payment of ANY kind!) am very glad to commend him to anyone. He is a Christian of great faith, a musician of amazing skill and talent, a song writer of vision, and a human being of deep integrity. Several musicians at Immanuel Baptist Church have "open mic" privileges- and Chris, being a man under authority, is one of those at the head of the list! If you ever get to hear him perform "Three Penny Cantata" live, RUN to the venue. You'll not be disappointed, and you won't leave unchallenged spiritually or musically.

Willie Cee says:

Amazing acoustic stuff, man - Hanging on the Wind: a most ethereal prayer picture. Whole lotta chops here, we praise God for it!!

MyKey K says:

Chris Lucas has six strings of COOL BEANS for all to enjoy as his fingers dance throughout this land and ON THE SEA!

Keith@ Indieheaven says:

Chris, great having you with us! We wish you all the very bst!

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