Abels OfferingLATEST STATUS: We are in Aspen, CO Thursday for the annual Men's Conference at the Annabelle Inn. Looking forward to praising God in the mountains.

tal and acacia says:

peace filled, great vocals!

Judy says:

God has truly blessed Abel's Offering; what an offering to His people!
Keep the great songs coming! God is so good!

Bob Hendren says:

Great sound, I need to come back when I have more time.

Cherie Norquay says:

I love your song "Lift Up". Nice melody/harmony vocals and a message that speaks to me! Blessings to you!

Charlotte Hall says:

I want you to realize that it is not necessarily ONLY because your music sounds great...but because you do God's will in LIFTING UP God's children, in EVERYTHING you do daily for the Lord. Thanks for your ministry and may God continue to Bless you ALL in all aspects of your lives!!!

Cherie Norquay says:

Just listened to My Prayer on the Fan Faves page. Nice job.. I really like your song!

Cathy and Steve says:

We really like Rise Above and also Been Made Holy. Thank you for your uplifting music and powerful lyrics! Thank you for bringing more joy and peace to our world.

Doug Hallock says:

Hey you guys, I really like your music - very tight - great sounding band.

Tim says:

Like your music very much/1

Charlotte says:

Thank you for sharing your worship songs on the net....i am fasting for my mother who has a brain disease which the drs say is incurable..we know differntly!!!! Please hold her up during your pracitice as He has told me to worhsip Him in praise against this thing from hell...Blessings to you!!!!

Brandon Hixson says:

Wonderful music! Excellent vocal work! Thanks for sharing your music.

Sherri says:

Abels Offering is really awesome. I will be ordering there cd in the near future. I will also be listening on here more often. Have found some very up lifting and fulfilling music. I'm sure that many on here will go along ways all for the Glory of Our Lord.

hulya aydogan says:

amazing !!! I love it ..very nice song very good job

Karen Robertson (Gloryborn) says:

Great songs, guys! I especially like Rise Above. Beautiful album cover pic.

Angie Koleno says:

LOVE IT!!!! :D I have had to download 3 copies so far because I play the CD so often, I wear them out!!! :D

David Vrum says:

A great combination of toe tapping music with lyrics that really have something to say. I just love it.

elizabeth becker says:

refreshing, upllifting and awesome!

Don Moorad says:

Very Creative Group!

Matt says:

Whoa cool. This is my church's praise and worship team at my church. Cool to see them getting support like this. Dan is a really cool guy to talk to, and Ben hangs around during youth group.

Ann Rocha says:

I love this song "Been Made Holy" by Abel's Offering. A truth in worship - that we are made Holy because of our Lord Jesus Christ - this is also my testimony!!

Joe & Lynn says:

Wonderful original worship music. It's obvious that the band has a great love for Jesus Christ. Keep the CD's coming.

Charlie Crane says:

Sweden loves Abel's Offering. This band is going global. My Swedish students don't want to listen to anything else during their woodworking lessons. Keep up the good work!

rick schlagel says:

kewl stuff, 5 star..

Frank Hildebrand says:

Words that we long to hear someday in heaven, I’ll say on this side of eternity. “Well Done”

Jay says:

A great worship CD with a lot of uplifting songs. Some nice variation with reflective tracks as well. A clear focus on Christ.

cheryl weber says:

I listen to the cd in the car on the long drive home from work. It adds a sense of peace and calm to end of the day. The musical arrangement and vocals are wonderful.

Keren says:

Wow! Talk about a way to share your testimony! This CD is wonderful! I highly recommend this to anyone looking for excellent quality music to worship and praise God with.

Betsy Schweers says:

Abel's Offering has done it again with their new CD called TESTIMONY. (I also loved their LOOKIN' STRAIGHT AHEAD.) Each of these original praise and worship songs is a prayer to God. Look at the titles of the songs: "Lift Up," "As I Praise," "My Prayer," just to name a few. Some of the songs are upbeat (as in clap your hands!), some are more subdued. Daniel Chookaszian and Ben Snyder are truly gifted writers, musicians and singers. And I love the sweet sound of Rachel Olen in some of the songs. This is their testimony and profession of faith. They invite you to come to Jesus!

Dennis Browning says:

I just finished listening to the new Abel's Offering CD, Testimony. I was impressed with the songwriting and the arrangements. A very well played group of songs that glorify Jesus as we all should.

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