sandrine mogeror says:

Praise god for your wonderful talent
Oh praise God
Oh praise God
yes the truth have to be restored in our hearts
so be still

mark stuckey says:

WOW!!!! really great album!


Dear Calandra
My name is Doc Dalton and I am the host of Outlaws 4 Christ a radio show that features Christian Independent Artists. In fact 99.9% of our guests are from IH and we are happy to be associated with them.

This is a very simple process and I can go in to this in greater detail once you respond if you are interested or not. I would like to do this interview within the next 5 10 days.

My e mail is: I hope to hear from you.

Blessings and Peace

Mike-Trinity Takeover says:

The music sounds very nice!

Julia says:

Well done on your music!
I just wanted to let you know that I'm a songwriter with some great songs you could use on your next recording if you're interested. Please email me at and let me know!! God bless and keep up the good work.

Gayla James says:

Hi Calandra, I met you on facebook and I also voted for you. Be blessed and be encouraged!

Marsha M. says:

Your music touches the hearts of God's people. It is uplifting and encouraging. It sparks hope to the hearer. Continue to follow the Lord in your lyrics. May God continue to richly bless you ~

Rebekah Macden says:

Ever since I got Calandra's CD I literally wake up almost every morning with one of her songs in my head! Her lyrics and style of music is one of a kind. Calandra, you are a pioneer in the music you create! It is SO refreshing to listen to Christian music that doesn't sound like every other Christian artist. I can't wait to see where God takes you and how He uses you! I love you!!

Taylor Jordan says:

Wow... Ms. Calandra, just wanted to let you know that I love your songs and each of them sounds very unique. "Fearless" is great! You have a very fresh Pop/R&B/Rock sound that I haven't heard before. I love it! Your instrumentals and beats are incredible as well! Be blessed and keep up the awsome work!

Kari Willson says:

I long for enjoyable, Christian music with a message. It's rare. Thank you, Calandra. Your music comes from the heart. It moved me to tears. I am so very proud of you for accomplishing the feat of creating quality, thought provoking, anointed music.

Charlotte Wedgeworth says:

I am so proud of my daughter, Calandra has been very serious about her music from the age of 4yrs. Coming into the world at 3lbs I knew God had his hand on her. My faith has been strong supporting her and I was not wrong: GOD HAS HIS HAND ON HER .......... Stay Strong Honey .... Mom Love Ya Much

Keith Mohr- President/Indieheaven says:

Great to have you with us on Indieheaven! Love your music. excellent job!
keep up the great faith-work! says:

Ive sat and listened to about 50 signed artist for reviews we write this last week. One one was interesting. Then, i put Calandras in.... expecting more of the same. What i found was hit after hit after hit. This is why she will be the Featured Artist of the Week on

This girl flat out has it! says:

I NEED YOU NOW--- i cant do it without you. i wont let go. ill be waiting for you. ----- not giving i wont let go


John lang says:

Powerful, sensitive and very clear voice ,Easy to follow along with my horns. Powerful messages as well .I really like the band too its all excellent.

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